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It was Friday, a week after our argument and we haven't texted.

Not once.

And he watched everything I did, liked everything I posted.

I even made a youtube channel with three new videos. He posted my link for people to subscribe and watch, but you can't talk to me?

Why are we both so stubborn?

It was Friday night and I knew he was free tonight.

My period was also long gone.

Don't sit here and try to judge me either.

Maybe I should wait until next week since that would be his birthday weekend.

Let me actually try to have a conversation with my man before I make a plan on when we're going to fuck.

I went to go charge my camera, seeing it was still on the tripod. I legit made videos of nonsense, I don't know why people watched it.

I got a lot of positive feedback though, but I doubt I'm gonna continue, I'll use this camera for pictures if I don't want to continue talking in front of a camera.

It was 9:30 and I was going through the snap, posting cute videos of myself and making sure my views were looking good.

After about 5 minutes of attempting to take cute videos, I refreshed my snap and saw all the stories of all these people I had on snap update.

I clicked the first two and saw 'MAKE OUT HILL - XXX' was up next, so I clicked on it.

{Wattpad made me delete the fucking picture, but it was a cute photo w his print -Jan 12, 2020}

I saw a cute picture of him, it was old though, but still cute. It only lasted two seconds, so I went backward, held it, and took a screenshot.

He's so cute, I want to kill him though.

For one, the picture is a thirst trap. It's cute to post thirst traps on snap now?

Two, how can he post but not talk to me?

The next snap was of him and that Ski nigga, dressed up a little, in Jahseh's house.

Where were they goi- oh what the fuck?

He was at a club, there were a lot of people there, including his group of friends.

He always claimed he had none, but the group I was seeing had a healthy amount of people.

I clicked on the next snap and dropped my phone.

"Add me @LoganLovesU 💋" the caption read.

This big headed ass bitch was on my man's snap?


Yeah, nah.

I went forward and I started to scream in laughter, her and Jahseh than made a snap together, both smiling and bopping their heads to the music playing in the background.

I'll fling her head off, she must not know how I get down.

Yeah, she's finna get it, real talk.

My brain started wandering, not knowing what the fuck the fuck to do.

I actually teared up a little, I was overwhelmed with emotions, and in moments like this, I feel like I cannot control my actions.

I become impulsive.

That's not good, not good at all.

The next morning I was up around 8, the usual time I wake up on Saturdays (give or take about 30 minutes) unlike a lot of people.

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