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"Fuck, yes!" The blonde moaned in my ear.

I loved it, it induced me. I pulled on her hair to give me better access to her neck as I left large and noticeable marks, loving the look on her tan skin.

I love Boca Raton broads.

I slipped off her shirt as I ran my hands over her soft skin, her breasts being cupped in my hands. I pushed her back on my bed and unbuckled her shorts, sliding them down and looking into her eyes.

I crawled up to her and latched my mouth onto one of her nipples, feeling her chest rise at the sensation and her pelvis thrust up to try and come in contact with mine.

I pushed her hips down as I whispered in her ear.

"Patience my love."

I started to play with her sensitivity through her underwear, watching her be in agony beneath me, smirking at what I can't wait to do to her.

As I was grabbing the condom from my bedside table's draw, I heard a band as I watched my uncle and three men walk in. I stood up and place the condom in the back pocket of my jeans, not even worried about the naked female who is now exposed to 5 men.

"Wheres the rent, Onfroy?" My Uncle scolded me.

He let me stay in a nice apartment on the shore of Boca Raton, where the tenants love him for his generosity. He told me I only had to pay half of the usual price because I was in a predicament and I was family, but I may not have given him some green in four months.

"You're going to get your money-" He angrily cut me off.

"When?" He questioned, yelling and stepping towards me.

"All you fucking do is worry about the fast life, that how you've been living, huh?" I was about to object but he kept going on.

"I called Cleo and-"

"You did what?" I looked at him with wide eyes.

"I'm getting you the fuck out of here. All you do is bring sluts here, party all night, you blast your music so loud I get complaints every day. Do you want an eviction notice? I'm not your father, nigga." He angrily spat at me.

I stared at him with a blank stare, then, I felt red overpower me.

"Who are you talking to?" I snarled as I walked towards him, and before I knew it, I was in a fight with my five foot three uncle.

I felt a blow in my right cheek but when you're in a moment like this, you don't feel pain, you feel invincible.

I wish I was invincible.

I was laying on the ground as my uncle lightly kicked my foot.

"You have two hours to get out of here, and the bitch you brought pissed on your sheets."

I groaned as I watched them walk out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him.

I want to murder him right now. And my bitch is gone.

"Fuck!" I punched the floorboard beside me and slowly got up, turning to look in the mirror.

I screwed my face up and fixed a few of my locs that were pulled out of my ponytail.

I packed pretty fast, having two duffle bags and a Jansport, I was done. I can't believe that fuck nigga is really kicking me out.

Now where imma go?

I sat around for a while knowing I couldn't crash with anyone here, mainly because I don't fuck with anyone here, and it's not like they're happy go lucky with me either.

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