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Cj came over really late on Christmas, but I didn't say anything. When I peeped the hickeys on his neck, that's when I said something.

I asked him a lot of questions and he vaguely answered them, I kept looking at him like he was an idiot if I was honest.

He left not too long after that.

Now, we're here, two days after Christmas, not talking.

He's such a petty boy, I never knew hat he can be so bitch-made.

We started to text, and I was trying to figure out why he was acting so suspicious, if he's talking to Logan again I'm going to beat his ass.

He was legit crying over her, and I haven't seen that boy cry over anyone, he shed one tear over me, and I know he faked it just so I wouldn't be mad at him.

I was watching people on YouTube, coming across a few storytimes. Maybe I should do this, but I don't know how I feel about hate comments and stuff, I would black on any and everyone.

That's when I got another message from Cj.

Why are you getting so tight? Chill son ..

Don't tell me to chill .. bitch

Nah I am gonna tell you to chill
Why does it matter who I talk to????
You ain't want me
And the girl is someone you don't know

That's besides the point
You said we don't keep secrets
Thot .

How is this a secret?
I done told you that I'm talking to someone
How is this keeping secrets???????
Stop with the fuckshit Mani ..
Did you lose your virginity ?

I screwed my face up at the phone and quickly texted him no. He responded with an "oh okay, just making sure"

Making sure what?
That I didn't fuck Jah?
WhY dOeS iT mAtTeR wHo I tAlK tO?

Because, I need to know who I'm beating up
Don't think I'm acting like this for no reason
I just heard a lot of things about him
He's not a saint Mani..


Of course

Look at this cute saint 😉

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Look at this cute saint 😉.

Whatever son
But no, we didn't fuck
I'm going to soon tho
This picture is cute too ❤️.

Thanks 😚
And pause
You must want to get slapped.

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