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It was now the beginning of March and Jahseh and I have been great, well in my head.

Two weeks ago during that little incident in my kitchen, he was acting really suspicious and it was a little too much for me. Ever since then, he never brought any of that up.

But he's been looking really tired lately.

When my shift ended, which was around 3 pm, he said he was going to pick me up from work, so I made sure I still looked as cute as I could in this Footlocker referee shirt.

I walked to his car and opened the passenger side, getting in. I gave him a kiss and greeted him.

"How was your day-"

"Were going somewhere tonight, okay?" He said, cutting me off.

I nodded my head and put my sunglasses on. He started speeding down the freeway with his hand gripping my thigh, we didn't even go to his house, he went straight to mine.

Speaking of my house, a lot has been happening. My father moved out, surprising right? He has this house that isn't too far from ours, it was just as nice too. He seems a bit happier, but my mom is in distress.

I wasn't really sure why though, besides the whole divorce thing, she was well over financially stable.

My sister and Cj are on a break once again, but this time, Cj decided to try and get one of Lisette's college friends, he's such a dumbass.

We both walked into my house and as soon as I closed the door, Jahseh pushed my back against it.

"Can Daddy get a bit of play time?" He asked, moving my hair out of my face. I nodded my head.

"Words baby, you know I'm all about communication."

"Yes, Jah- Daddy." I smiled. He took my hand and we walked up the stairs.

Let's just say, after about 10 minutes, we were both panting and sweaty messes. We weren't even undressed completely and we didn't even have sex in a bed, we were in my doorway.

I'm pretty sure he took a lot of his frustration out on me because I have never in my life have had sex that rough.

While we were both in the shower, I kept asking him questions about tonight.

"Where exactly are we going?"

"A little get together Cj is having." He said calmly turning me around to face him so my back can get the soap rinsed off.

Jahseh always has this stink demeanor. It looks like he's always angry or in deep thought when sometimes he is a legit airhead. He was also always gently with me, well, besides you know, that.

I leaned up and gave him a kiss. I was about to pull away but he deepened it, putting one of his hands behind my neck, his thumb caressing my jaw.

It was like every day I just kept falling for him, it was like there was no end.

"Whatever happens in the future, just promise me you'll always love me." He said. His voice was raspier than usual, he picked up the habit of smoking again, it sounds like he had a screaming match or something. It was cute, but I didn't like it one bit, he was hurting himself.

I replied with an okay, giving him another kiss, then turning to shut the water off. I stepped out and he was still staring at me. I threw a towel at his face and he laughed, like, a genuine laugh.

I haven't heard that since his friend passed, I feel so fucking bad. I'm glad I'm at least clearing his headspace for the time being.

But, when he tells me things like what he said in the shower, I can't help but get scared, what the fuck is he foreshadowing?

This is not cute, at all.

And since when did he fuck with Cj?

I did my moisturizing routine, throwing my hair into a messy bun while Jahseh was on the bed, scrolling through my phone.

"When did you take these pictures?" He asked, showing me the phone screen.

It was my nudes.

"Hey, don't look at those!" I laughed trying to grab my phone. He pulled it away from me and I rolled my eyes, walking away. I put on one of my new panties and I turned to look at him.

Of course, he was looking.

I rolled my eyes and put on my playlist that only consisted of his songs. Gxd Damn started to play and I waited for the beat to drop, putting on my bra and a white crop top that had crosses in the front, making my itty butty titties look nice.

"God damn, tryna have the ice on my dick, If I'm not comin' for your mother then I'm coming for your bitch!" I said, sticking out my tongue and dancing.

Jahseh was just smiling at me with amusement as I slid on some Nike pro shorts, only because I knew we weren't leaving yet.

He pulled out his phone and started to record me, so why not put on a show?

I put on my shades and started to rap towards the end of Stokeley's verse. "Mani got the money, it's green, yes. Daddy puts his dick in between, yes!" I said, biting my lip and Jahseh started to cry out in laughter.

"That's exactly why I love you." Jahseh said as another song came on. I blew him a kiss and he caught it, putting it to his lips.

"Oh this my shit!" I screamed, turning my speaker up when I realized Fxck came on.

I was giving this nigga concerts, I kept singing because I saw the smile coming on his face. He took my phone and paused the music.

"You actually like my music? You never really speak on it." He said while sitting up a little bit.

"I don't speak on a lot of things, but yeah, XXXTENTACION'S music is great, I really wish I could meet him in person though." I fangirled. He chuckled and he sat all the way up, his face getting a little more serious.

"Speaking of tentacion, I have a concert in Pompano Beach this weekend, I'll be back Monday morning tho-"

"Baby, it's fine, you know I have no problem with you going off and doing your thing, I would never hold you back. Just promise me you'll stay safe, okay?" I said, walking towards him.

He nodded and gave me a kiss. I loved his lips so much. And his eyes, they're beautiful-

"Jahseh, you know you're beautiful, right?" I asked. He shook his head no.

"The only beautiful one in this room right now is you." He said.

"Well, I beg to differ." I said, crossing my arms. He smiled at me, showing off his grillz to me. He also had me take his braids out for him because he said his head was itching him. I carefully unraveled his locs and put some oil on his scalp. This one smelled like fruit, but it was to moisturize and help ease with itching.

He let his wavy locs hang as he put on a tight long sleeve white Nike shirt, similar to what you would wear when you work out.

"I like this." I said, pointing at his shirt. He thanked me and slid on some Adidas pants, carefully putting on his White air forces.

A pet peeve of mine was deliberate cross-dressing. I don't know, I only like sometimes, but, Jah looked cute so I wasn't going to say anything.

His purple locs popped more when he wore light colors, I loved it. He put on the gold chain I got him.

"Um, who are you looking good for?" I asked, looking for a pair of ripped jeans.

"I'm looking good for you, duh." He said, going into my closet to pull out my air forces, putting the box next to me.

"Who said I wanted to match with you?" I asked, putting on my socks and then my sneakers.

"I did, now let's go, you're meeting my friends.


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