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It was Wednesday night I believe, and I was getting dragged to a party. I liked parties, don't get me wrong, but I just came from my job and I was really aggy.

But, it wasn't only Lisette dragging me, Jahseh was too.

His friends and family that flew in left today, and he wanted to party. I didn't understand logic, but I just agreed. I actually have never gone out with him to a party, I might even have a drink today.

Oh shit, will they even let me? I'm still 18. I shook the thoughts out my head and slid on my dress.

You see, it's a couple days until February and this winter all I did was show skin, knowing I was fucking cold.

I looked at my dress in the mirror, yelling and asking Lisette if she was ready. She walked in wearing a grey two-piece, which was a short fitted skirt with a fitted long sleeve crop top.

I wore short and strapless black dress and a red lip, I was feeling myself, maybe a little too much.

I put on my jewelry and told her I ready, grabbing my heels and my clutch.

We got into the cab, greeting the old man who looked cute and wrinkly.

I laughed at my thoughts and texted Jahseh saying I was on my way, he was already there, the two of us were always late.

"How's you and Cj? I haven't heard much of him." I said, looking at my messages with him.

"He got mad at me because I made a couple videos with Rakim, all he did was hug me in it." She said defensively.

"But you know how Cj gets, he's very overprotective." I said while she nodded her head, agreeing with me.

"You know Rakim is going to be there tonight, right?" She asked, trying to see if I knew.

"I didn't know that, don't do anything stupid. I know he's cute and all but you have a man already-"

"I don't even know if he wants me like he claims he does, he always goes on and on about how infatuated he is with me, but he stays in other bitch's likes and comments, especially Logan." She said with anger and bit of sadness.

"Logan? You don't think they're-"

"Girl, that's what I don't know, but if that's the case she should expect to get her ass beat again. Cj too. I know he's your best friend and all, but he's acting like a dumbass." She said with annoyance.

She wasn't wrong though, he was another person who was very stubborn. He didn't like to be turned down/told no. He also doesn't like being wrong, I mean, who does, but he takes it so bad its crazy.

I didn't really know what to tell her, but I didn't have to, pulling up to the club, we thanked the man and walked up to the door.

There was no line, which was a little weird.

"Overcapacity ladies." The bouncer said.

"We have seats in there for us." Lisette said, and I just looked at him. He said something else so I just opened the door.

He put a hand in front of me and I looked at it, looking at him with disgust. He didn't try that hard to keep me out, because a few seconds later, we were inside.

"He took that 10 dollar bill really fast."

"Bitch you paid him?" I said with surprise, she didn't have to do that.

I brushed it off, not caring because it wasnt my money. The both of us sat down at the bar, I asked for something fruity while Lisette asked for some type of sour mix.

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