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It was new year's eve... eve?

Basically, its two days before new year's day and I'm actually about to get a Brazilian wax.

For the first time,

In my life.

Lisette was driving, and I was rambling on in the car about how they were going to rip my vagina off.

"I hope you know, by the time this over, I'm going to have no coochie." I said, practically yelling.

"Oh shut up, you and I both know you're going to have a coochie." She said, laughing while turning into the parking lot of the waxing place.

Just to give a short rundown on how this went down, I was screaming for about 15 minutes straight.

Every rip of the hard wax was a tear in my heart and in my fucking vagina.

On the way home I was the sourest bitch, I didn't text anyone back, I had the illest attitude.

All Lisette did was record me and laugh when we stopped to get food.

"Lisette! It's not funny!" I said whining, while she zoomed in on my face.

We started to eat in the car, listening to the music playing on the radio.

"Oh shit, we're still going to that New Years party in the city right?" I asked with some of my grilled cheese in my mouth.

"Yeah, we need to go dress shopping." She said, taking a sip of her water.

"Why dresses? Why can't a wear a sexy spandex cat woman suit?" I asked. She looked at me as if I was crazy and I reassured her that I was kidding.

"But you do know everyone is going to be at this party right? Everyone is trying to outshine one another with their clothes," She rolled her eyes, but then continued,

"So we need to look great. Especially since your boyfriend will be there." She said, eyeing me to watch my response.

"Honestly, I'm trying to look good because whenever I'm around him I legit look like a bum," I said, shaking my head.

"Well, today, we're going to try and find something sexy, because you steer away from clothes that show a lot." She said, finishing her food.

I thought about it for a quick second, and she wasn't wrong.

I loved summer, don't get me wrong, being half naked is fun, but during winter, I can legit look like a sack of potatoes and blame it on the decrease of temperature.

We went to main street to look at a couple boutiques, trying to find dresses that would make us look stellar.

We were in the fourth store I believe, and a lot of these dresses were very uh, revealing? Yeah, revealing was the perfect word.

Lisette found her dress a long time ago, probably at the second store I think she bought it, it looked beautiful on her.

For me, it was pretty hard, having a smaller chest and a bigger rear, I was struggling. I couldn't get them tailored because a lot of places said the dresses would be ready the day after New Years.

She put about six dresses in my arms, dropping the seventh one on top, walking me to the dressing room, which was pretty spacey.

We weren't the only girls in here, looking for a last minute New Years Dress.

At this specific party were going to, its kind of, I don't even know how to put it, but, extra and sexy is key.

I tried on the first two and after I showed Lisette, I put them back on the hangers, saying I hated them.

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