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I started to freak out as soon as I got into the house.

It was him.

What the fuck.

The smile, the laugh, everything.

That man could've slit my throat for not doing anything sexual to him. When the precinct called me saying I would have to pursue the case, meaning they wanted to dig deeper into the events, I declined.

I didn't let my sister know because she would say the opposite, but I didn't want to deal with it, I didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to prove my point.

The both of us knew what happened, and I was trying to forget about it as best as I could.

My heart just kept beating, that same skinny nigga who just wanted pussy for a day.

Like what type of mess, all I can do is shake my head. I blame myself a bit though, if I even brought this up to my father, he would yell at me on some "you should've to beat him up" nonsense.

How would I have done that if I thought that boy was going to kill me?!

Am I being overdramatic?

Hell no, sexual assault is a real thing.

I shook off any more thoughts of the incident and went to my room.

I felt like I had to tell someone, the shit was crazy.

I just remember him saying something about Ski, that cannot be his name though.

I started doing some searching on Jahseh's Instagram, going to his followers and looking up those three letters.

I fucking found him.

This skinny boy was about to rape me, I should get his ass.

A bunch of thoughts went through my head on how I should get this boy dead. I was just astounded by the information I found out.

I locked my phone and took a couple deep breaths,

I'm not going to do anything.

The next morning I got up a little earlier than usual, having to go in work an hour early because new sneakers of high demand always release on Saturday.

I Left my hair in its wash and go state as I slid on my footlocker work shirt, my black leggings and my black huaraches.

I grabbed my purse which packed last night with my phone and I headed out of my room. I fed our pets and left, everyone else in the house still being asleep.

I got in the car and started going on my way.

I saw a lot of people littering around footlocker, waiting for them to open. I said hello to my co-workers and we opened the store, doing the usual.

Speaking to customers, giving them proper sizes, telling them prices, ringing them up, etc.

A couple hours later it was time for me to go on my break, and right on time, Cj walked into the store.

I heard a long 'yo' when he walked in with one of his friends. I smiled and finished what I had to do, clocking out for about 45 minutes.

"Can you get me a job here? That girl you work with is bad." His friend asks as we walk around.

I told him no straight up, that wasn't the first time someone asked me about that.

His friend left to go meet up with another girl and we found seats in the food court.

We were having a normal conversation when my phone vibrated about three times on the table.

"Who's that?" Cj asked, when I was about to pick up my phone, he picked it up first, rolling his eyes and giving the phone back.

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