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We were on our way back home and I was happy but sad. I had a little too much fun this whole week.

And I know if I wasn't on birth control I would probably be pregnant right now.

Jahseh was driving this time, we were also driving at around 1 am because there's no traffic at this time, I learned this from my dad.

Oh god, I forgot I had a certain situation going on at home.

I groaned and Jahseh averted his attention to me, placing his hand on my inner thigh, "What's wrong baby?"

"Can I go to your house? Like I'll drop my shit at mine and go to yours? I'm not ready to face my parents and their issues." I said, speaking a little fast.

"Of course you can, but, I feel like you're going to grow tired of me." He said, paying attention to the road.

"Shut up, I could never," I said, leaning back in the chair.

I saw a smile creep upon his lips. We had small conversations the whole way home. He even told me stories about him and Ski in jail.

I do not like that boy, I always feel like he's up to something troubling or some shit. I remember back at the hotel, we were all going to the pool, but I forgot something in my room, so I told everyone I would be back.

I was in the elevator, and I had a long way up because I was coming from the basement to the 30th floor.

I wasn't in the elevator by myself though.

"Wassup, Imani?" Stokeley said, smiling, showing his silver grillz. I shyly waved back, not really wanting to speak to him.

"Mani, you know you can talk to me-"

"That's a nickname only people who care about me can say."

"I do care about you, baby," Stokeley said while walking over to me.

I moved back but I couldn't go that far. I took a couple of steps and my back hit the wall.

"You know, that night was just a test to see how strong you were. When you decided to beat up Logan, I saw how strong you were. We can be unstoppable baby, but, my best friend is your lover. I get it." He said, walking out the elevator on floor 24.

I took a deep breath and looked around.

"And he started to spazz out!" Jahseh continued his story laughing, I laughed with him.

I didn't even know what the fuck he was talking about.

About an hour later, we pulled up to my house. I told him to wait in the car but he insisted that he helped me. Lisette's car wasn't here so I guess we beat her, she owes me my money.

When we walked in, I stepped on glass. What the fuck. They have to stop throwing shit because we have animals.

"Yo, what the fuck-"

"My mom most likely, can you just take that to my room? I'm gonna clean this." I asked while walking to the kitchen to get the broom and the dustpan.

As I was sweeping, I heard a scream come from upstairs, so I dropped whatever and ran up the steps. I can't skip steps though, my legs aren't that long and I feel like I would fall.

"Jahseh what happened- Mom, why are you sleeping in my room?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows with confusion.

Jahseh's back was facing the bed, not wanting to look at her, his face was also a bit red with embarrassment.

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