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I wasn't going to no Pompano for a fucking show on Saturday.

I was still going to Florida, but I was going for business.

Right now I was in Ski's basement with the guys Wifi, Craig, Richard (Robb), and my son KiD. I was on FaceTime with Tank.

"So, what did you tell your girl?" Wifi asked me.

"I told her we had a small show, some shit for the fans or whatever." I answered, clearing my throat.

"Wait, so what exactly are we going to Florida for?" KiD asked, I facepalmed myself.

"I need to fucking speak to the twins, they were one of the people that were with Coolie last." I said, taking a drag from my cigarette.

"Hell no!" Ski yelled. I was about to throw his skinny ass away in a minute.

"Why not?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

"Are we trying to solve his murder right now? is this real life? We can deadass all die out there." Ski spoke, going to the fridge to get something to drink.

"Vro! Come on! That's our county, nothing is going to happen to us over there!" I reasoned, we needed to go.

"X, I don't know man, it's gotten pretty rough out here, Lauderhill is no joke." Tank said on the phone. I just rolled my eyes.

"I have shit in my aunt's basement, we can be strapped." I said, taking another drag.

"Bro, this isn't 2014, we're not unstoppable anymore. How niggas sat there and killed the baby, Coolie wasn't even involved with this gang shit man." Robb added, shaking his head.

The room went silent, that was still a fresh wound for us. Just remembering that Coolie is gone got me angry.

"We're going." I simply stated, blowing out some smoke and ashing my cig off.

"When we go, if we go, what's the first stop?" Craig asked.

"There is no 'if' and the Johnson's crib-"

"Are you out of your mind? You know Quan is always posted with his niggas-"

"I don't give a fuck about that headass nigga Quan, he could eat a dick!" I said, slamming my fist on the table.

"Chill son." Ski said under his breath to me. I focused on my breathing and calmed down.

"I hope ya'll know when ya'll are done prancing around Florida for two days and come back up to New York, shit is not gonna go down well." Tank said.

"Fuck do you mean by that?" Wifi asked. He seemed a little off edge, I know he didn't want anything to happen to us.

"You remember Tico? Yeah, well his younger brother Jordan turned into some crazy wannabe mafia retard. Some people are saying he planned Coolie's death, but we honestly don't know. Did they have beef?" Tank asked.

"OH SHIT, do ya'll remember that one night we were at Publix that one night and they were just about to close, and we were in there on some 'we'll only take about 15 minutes' type shit?" KiD yelled. We all nodded our heads.

"You don't remember the fight that happened in the parking lot after we stole? Both Jordan and Tico were there, and they got arrested for having an unlicensed gun on them? They were trying to make Coolie take it because they wouldn't have suspected him, but we all dipped off." Trunks explained.

"You're trying to tell me they justified killing Coolie over a gun charge?" Ski asked.

"You're trying to tell me they justified killing Coolie over a gun charge?" Ski asked

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