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It's been two weeks since I've physically seen Jahseh, but we've kept in contact every day.

I was back at my job, annoyed because I had to open the store, at 10 am.

The only reason why I was so upset was because I stayed up until 5 am on FaceTime with him, which meant I was really tired.

about two hours passed since I was in the store and I was doing pretty well with sales, a lot of kids coming in to spend all the money they got from family and friends because of the holidays.

My 30-minute break was coming up soon, which is where I would just scroll on my phone.

After I was done helping a customer, I walked to the front, greeting people as they came inside.

"Hey, Imani." A male voice said. I turned around and instantly rolled my eyes.

"Hi Elijah," I said dryly but smiling.

He said he was here to pick up some new shoes that came out last weekend.

"You're talking about the ones you have on now?" I asked, looking at him like he was dumb.

If you're making an excuse to come to my job to see me, at least choose a different shoe.

He laughed from embarrassment and walked over to the Nike section.

I followed him after he waved me over, pretending like he wanted help because I was just going to leave him there and mind my business.

I also have to remember that he is a customer and I have to treat them with 'respect'.

I groaned at the thought, he needs to learn a thing or two about respect.

I walked over and stood in front of him.

"You're in the kid's section-"

"Look, I've been thinking about us lately and-"

"There is no 'us', so what are you trying to do here?" I asked, crossing my arms.

"There could be." He said, looking down.

What the fuck is he talking about?

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked, genuinely

"I want us back baby, I see how you and that X nigga are and I know deep down you want-"

"Uh-uh, nah, we not doing this," I said, cutting him off and shaking my head. "You're not gonna fess me up right now."

"How am I gonna get you upset from telling the truth, you don't want to hear the truth?"

"These are your opinions though, don't fucking play with me." I said with attitude, and I'm not going to blame this on my period because its almost over.

That's when he grabbed my hands gently.

"Please, give me another chance." He pleaded.

I never snatched my hands so fast from someone in my life.

"Boy don't touch me." I said, screwing my face up.

"Look, I know you're upset, but hear me out." He pleaded, I just stayed quiet.

"Anyways, so, when we first broke it off, I was so lonely baby, you don't understand-" he then cut himself off quickly, changing the subject quickly, but I'm not understanding why.

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