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I hate doing this shit.

I was doing my nightly runs as a delivery man, meeting customers certain locations.

I had to keep selling, that regular job type shit wasn't the wave for me. I wasn't capable of doing that.

There were certain days I just didn't want to interact with anyone unless it was strictly quick business.

Last time I spoke to Imani was on Tuesday, it's Friday now.

I don't ever mean t grow distant from certain people I show interest in, but I want to see if she cares.

She hasn't tried to reach out to me yet, but we like one another's post still, if I don't see her in my Snapchat views I feel some type of way.

Tuesday was just something that was out of my control. From me being caught up on a huge sale, to me having to rough that ex-boyfriend of hers up, it was just too much.

You know how hard it was to hide about 7,000 dollars in my pockets?

I was a little frightened at the thought of me having to actually fight the kid and anyone see the amount of money I had.

The broads back in Florida used to love fucking me, not just because of the bomb dick, but because of all the bread I had.

They used to want to fuck on my green.

Speaking of sex, when Imani told me she was a virgin, I couldn't help but want to call it quits.

But that made me want her even more if I was being honest.

First of all, she's beautiful to me, she has the natural beauty I've been looking for. Her brown skin and her beautiful curls, I love it all.

I was never afraid of love, but I was frightened of who I was loving. No one is perfect, of course, I know that, but loving a snake is some next level shit.

That's the same as committing suicide, but you're only killing your heart because the aftermath is a huge problem.

I don't think every girl is the same, but I didn't bother looking for different because it's trial and error, and I'm trying to leave my darkness behind.

It creeps up on me time to time though.

I bought my speaker from the store the other day, probably the best and worst thing that happened to that house ever since I moved in.

Blasting my music at 2 o'clock in the morning was my happy place, but my little brother Aiden would wake up, knocking asking for me to turn it down.

He would be knocking for about an hour though.


I was driving around when I was passing Imani's block to do one last delivery.

I was about to open up my messages to text her to come outside, but instead, I threw my phone into the driver's seat and kept driving.

I saw the young man waiting outside for me on the curb. I patted my right side to make sure I had my strap, I've heard crazy things happen on drop-offs and I'm no pussy, so let's see if he'll try me.

The guy held out a 20 dollar bill and I gave him two dime bags.

"G'looks," He said, thanking me and walking back across the street. I sped off the block and I kept thinking about this girl man.

That's when I got a phone call.

"Yo," I answered, waiting for any type of sentence.

"I miss you, daddy." She said flirtatiously.

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