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"Lisette, do we really have to go shopping-"

"Bitch?! Are you crazy? Of course, we have to. We ran through a lot of our party clothes already, and I'm trying to look cute for my man, you should too!" She exclaimed as she turned into the mall parking lot.

I didn't know exactly what I should wear, but I know I just wanted to look cute, I guess. I wasn't going to be dancing much, only because Jahseh gets really overprotective when it comes down to things like that.

We both got out of the car and proceeded to walk inside the semi-crowded mall. It wasn't that bad because it's only 11 am. The mall only opened an hour ago so the wave of people didn't come in yet.

We stopped at a couple of stores to see what they had to offer, and it wasn't much. Yes, I did pick up some cute things, but I may have to go to the second floor because these stores just weren't cutting it for me.

Of course, Lisette already found what she wanted to wear, this always happens! But, she also buys multiple things because she'll a lot of things that she likes, and she'll forget about the already planned outfit in her hand.

Anyway, what should I wear?

I walked into a store that was pretty big, and I already saw a nice selection of bodysuits, so why not look around?

I split off from Lisette, going towards the section that had a large section of bottoms. I instantly fell in love with those ripped Bermuda shorts I see a bunch of girls wearing on social media, so I pick up a pair.

I might as well wear these, they're comfortable but still give me a great shape. I shopped around and found cute shirts that I could wear with these I guess.

"No, hell no, put these down." Lisette scolded from behind me.

"Why? These aren't cute?" I asked, holding the pair of shorts up.

"Okay, they're cute, but what the fuck? We're going to a party and you're trying to look like you're going to six flags?" She asked. She gave set two outfits in my arms.

"We're gonna go to the dressing room, come on." She said and I lazily followed behind her.

I tried on the outfit I picked up and I thought it was really cute. Even if I don't wear it out tonight, I'm wearing this some day.

I then picked up the jumpsuit out the bag and slipped it on.

This shit is kind of tight, I'm not even going to hold you, it's cute though.

"Let me see! You always take so long!" Lissette whined from her dressing room, which was across from mine.

"Let me see! You always take so long!" Lissette whined from her dressing room, which was across from mine

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I stepped out and of course, it was an automatic yes. I rolled my eyes at her and walked back into the room. After I tried on the rest of my clothes, we walked up to the register, paid, and we were out of there.

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