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I'm really getting sick and fucking tired of this job at footlocker, they always call me in at the worst moments.

I had to fucking cancel my dick appointment for this shit. I also can't sit there and tell my manager I can't come in, because watch them pull some shit telling me I can't come back.

They put me in the kid's section and I was met with a lot of female teenagers who have small feet.

"I don't want a sneaker too boyish though." The kinky-haired girl said to me.

"Well, the huaraches have so girlier colorways, so do the air max 95s." I replied.

"Those look super clean!" She gasped, wide-eyed, picking up a pair of Air Max 95s in a special colorway.

"These are cute, what size do you want them?" I asked, giving her a smile.

"7y?" She suggested. I nodded and walked to the back. I found her size and walked back to the outside area, finding the girl sitting down with her right shoe off.

I took the tissue paper out of the shoe and handed the unlaced sneaker to her.

All I can think about is how great Jahseh would look in between my thighs-

"I love these! I'm getting them." She said, quickly sliding the shoe off her foot.

"I nodded and took the shoe, putting it back in the box and putting them on the counter where the cashier was.

I gave her a smile and went to the break room. I want to go home so bad. This is one of the moments I wished I was like, a scammer or a drug dealer or something. It's only when my check comes I shut up and stop complaining.

None of my co-workers were in there because the floor of the men's section was busy today, so that's where a lot of them were situated.

I pulled out my phone to text my boyfriend since he has been the only person on my mind today.

Baby ?

Hey lil baby
You miss me?????

Of course I do

Why it matter?
U not finna come see me
"U gOt WoRk"

You're so annoying
You know I didn't want to come in today..

So why did u?
Lmk 🧐

Can you stop being petty?

No one is being petty
I'm just sayin

You're so fucking aggravating
One day I'm going to rock you in your shit
And you're going to be so tight
Word to my dead

Must be out
Yo fucking

I'm just letting you know..
One day, I swear I'm going to catch you off guard.
And you're going to be so astonished
I swear on my life
Because you fucking do too much
I always support you in everything you do
But now when I need to go to work you're upset?

Okay nah
I was supposed to get some bomb ass kitty
And u asking me why I'm upset?
I need some good good fym
Hell yeah imma be upset

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