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Today is my baby's birthday, and I was going to go pick up his cake.

I told him happy birthday when he first woke up, while we were on the phone together. He fell asleep earlier than what I expected and woke up later than I expected. His little brother actually ran in his room and woke him up.

I know he was aggravated for being woken up out of his sleep, but that was overrun with happiness, seeing his brother's toothy smile. When he picked up the phone I was in the kitchen, telling him happy birthday, telling him to check his messages for his paragraph.

His little get together already started, he always talked shit about him not knowing anyone and all that jazz, but, when I tell you people literally took flights just to see him, and I mean family, friends, everyone.

So much for having no one caring about you.

That also met I was meeting his family, not just the two people I was used to, but his cousins, aunts, his friends, a handful of well-known people.

I don't know, I was just overwhelmed.

I pulled up to the bakery, hoping they got the cake to look nice.

It was a two-tier cake with icing only, all that fondant shit wasn't necessary.

Shit, I'm the one that likes baking, I should've made it.

Nah, too much pressure.

I got out of my car, locking it behind me and walking inside.

I spoke to the owner of the place, smiling when he showed me the work the bakers had done. The cake was a two-tier rectangular cake with white icing with blue and yellow accents, his name written in black with one of his mom's favorite pictures on it.

That's the one she showed everyone, he was smiling, showing his pearly whites.

I carefully put the cake in my trunk, hoping that nothing will smudge or go out of place because of the disgusting roads I had to drive on.

I already had on my outfit which consisted of light wash ripped jeans, My Chex Skate vans with a white crop top, a black leather jacket thrown on top.

As I drove down the streets, I was getting a little nervous. I was never really that great being around large groups of people.

I was almost at my house, calling Lisette to tell her to come outside. She was going to go, but then she realized she didn't want to go by herself.

She got in the car and I made a U-turn, heading to Jahseh's house.

When I first got there, I realized that there were more vehicles out front than usual, meaning one of these people took my parking spot. I groaned and drove a little more down the block, finding a park.

I carried the cake carefully down the block, having to take more strides because of my short legs.

Lisette opened the door for me as I walked in the house, no making much of an entrance. There were people littered all over the floor plan of the house. Some people noticed me walk in but didn't say anything, just continuing on with their conversations.

I walked into the kitchen, being met with Jahseh and two other boys. His face lit up when he saw me.

"Happy Birthday baby." I said smiling and giving him a hug. He planted a sweet kiss on my lips. He turned around and introduced me to two boys, but I knew exactly who one of them were.

"These are my bros Gazzy and Rakim." He introduces me to them. I waved and said hello, being as polite as possible.

"So this is 'lil baby' huh?" The Gazzy boy asked, well, confirmed.

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