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Everything was going well during my shift. A new pair of sneakers came out and the mall is filled with kids, Spring break also started, which means a lot more kids, and that also means a lot of more boys trying to talk to me. I've already gone through 3 instances so far, and it's only 1:00 in the afternoon.

My break is soon but I would just go to the food court and come back down, only because Jahseh is in the studio.

I only had about 15 more minutes, but it felt like an hour because of how much work I had to do, doing customer service isn't that easy. Also, more people from my social media kept coming to the footlocker location I worked at, so now I tried to look better for work. Before, I used to look all types of crazy, but now, I try to flex my bun.

I was greeting people in the kid's section, telling them the type of deals we have regarding certain styles of shoes.

And tell me why I see fucking Stokeley walk in with a girl. Don't get me wrong, she's pretty, but why does he always have to pop up?

I mentally rolled my eyes and recited my script, pointing to the certain styles of shoes that were on sale for the youth sizes.

The girl smiled at me, asking if the shoes I had on were in stock. I nodded and pointed to the back wall. I told her that another employee would be with her to find her size, smiling in the process. She smiled back, saying thank you and walking to the back section.

I've been going through that all day because I'm wearing the new 4's that came out this morning, it's surprisingly helping with sales though.

When she walked away, I was expecting Stokeley to go with her, but he sat the and told her that he had more questions.

What fucking questions?

"Anyways, I love the shoes, you know, I was never a big Jordan fan, what do you suggest my first pair be?" He asked, sticking his hands in his pockets.

I wanted to tell him to fuck himself, but I also have to remember I'm on the job, and I'm one of the best employees here, so I'd rather not mess that up.

"Try some Retro 5's, the red suede ones are in stock." I answered, smiling.

"Oh okay, it would be a tragedy if I didn't get them, right?" He asked, raising his eyebrows and looking towards the Jordan wall in the men's section.

"Uh, sure?" I answered, questioning his meaning.

"Can you take care of this for me, I would rather you sell me my first pair. Size 10." He said, turning his face back to me, smiling. His eyes looked daunting. I dropped my smile and nodded, walking to the back.

His little girlfriend was laughing with one of my cute co-workers that just started here. Instead of flirting with the new boy, come get your fucking boyfriend.

When I came back, he was sitting down on one of the benches. I came to him, taking the tissue paper out the shoe and un-tying it, pulling the tongue out a bit so it would be easier for him to put it on.

He pushed his skinny body up after he laced them on. He smiled in the mirror and genuinely looked happy.

"Anyways, how does it look? Is it perfect?" He asked, turning to me once again.

Why is he acting and speaking so weird? He's getting on my last nerve and these 15 minutes are going by antagonizingly slow.

"Fix your face, I'm just trying to get a shot at a new style, maybe you can initiate it."He slyly stated, sitting back down and sliding the shoe off.

I rolled my eyes and put back on my smile.

"Is it easy for these to get messed up? Do I have to be super careful if I wear these outside?" He asked me.

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