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I knocked on the door, waiting a couple more seconds.

"Who is it?" I heard a female voice yell from the other side.

"Guess." I said, smirking.

She cracked the door open and looked at me. Her eyes widened as she opened the door all the way.

"X? What are you, oh my god, hey." She smiled, giving me a hug. She was looking bad. B A D. Damn she got thick too.

Fuck, Imani, I have Imani, forget what I just said.

She let everyone in, but I know she was skeptical about why we were here. Ski pulled out one of the dining chairs and I pushed her down into the seat.

"Where's Jamani and Jamari?" Craig asked, watching her every move.

"Look, if you're here about Coolie, I'm sorry, he was our friend too but what does this have to do with them-"

"Where the fuck are the twins Khôi?" KiD yelled, pulling up a chair and sitting in front of her. Her eyes started to water when she saw him and I just looked away. I looked around in their living room, they weren't there.

"They knew we were coming, didn't they." Richard asked, crossing his arms. I didn't hear anything after that, so I walked back into the room pulling Khôi up by her shirt.

"Baby, where's Jordan?"

"I-I don't know, I haven't seen him in a wh-"

"DO NOT LIE TO ME!" I yelled, making her jump.

"They're all at Anastasia's house in Lauderhill." She said, giving up the fight she was trying to put up with me.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek "you look good baby."

We all walked out of her house, jumping back in the van.

"Bro, what the fuck is up with you? You should've hit the bitch-"

"Yo, don't talk about her like that. She was my ex-Jawn and she's Imani's cousin, I can't do much to her." I said, shrugging.

It was about a 20-minute drive to Ana's house, and during that whole drive, we were loading up guns.

We weren't really planning on doing anything, but you have to be safe. Everyone in Florida has guns, and don't get me started on this ghetto ass county.

We pulled up to Ana's house and I wasted no time, hopping out of the car. There was a little party going on, so I just opened the door.

I looked around at the small groups of people. Some girls started looking at Ski and I, I just waved and kept it pushing.

We walked to the back porch, remembering that's where all the shit is either talked about or where most shit goes down.

I slid open the door and everyone's heads turned mighty fast. Anastasia looked at me and rolled her eyes, going back to counting money.

"Khôi's dumbass told ya'll what the facts were today, didn't she?" Anastasia asked, not looking up from her racks.

"Where're the twins?" Ski asked. She gave no answer.

After about a minute of the two of us watch her count 100s, I spoke up, "Where's Jordan?"

"If you're trying to sit here and cause shit with them I suggest you leave because-"

"They were the last ones with Coolie before he got shot up north, we just want to talk them." Ski said, cutting Ana off. She turned to us and she was still pretty like I remembered. She had a couple bruises of her face, which I just disregarded because she was always fighting. Her long dreadlocks were in a cute bun and her baby hairs were on fleek (Imani got me sounding like her dumbass I miss her so fucking much what the fuck, I should be about ready to go to sleep with her right now), her skin was a light brown, and all these girls just have a lot of body.

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