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Imani came over to my house at about 3 in the morning. She fucking ran here, she didn't bring her phone, she didn't even have her coat on, I was lucky enough she even wore shoes on her feet.

I guess she saw my room light was on, so she started chucking shit at my window. When I heard that I quickly grabbed my gun and looked outside my window, when I saw it was her I put my gun back on safety and dropped it on my bed, running downstairs.

I opened my door and I saw the tears on her face. I pulled her into my embrace as I felt the tears start to seep through my shirt.

She didn't exactly tell me what was going on until we were laying down together. She called Lisette off my phone and told her that she was here, asking if she could pick her up in the morning. I insisted on bringing her but she just kept saying no, so I let her be.

Basically, in my eyes, she told me that her father wanted some new pussy.

When it came to other people's relationships, even parents, the logic was all the same. My friends who cheated on their females before, all cheated because they felt as if they were going to get something better. They felt as if their companion was worn out and used to an extent.

Me? That was never my mindset, I like being with the same person, I like feeling comfortable. I hate starting over, and I hate having to deal with the whole process.

She stopped crying after I made her take a hot shower. It was like 34 degrees outside and her dumbass decided to run here with no coat.

This ain't Florida baby.

I watched her as she played with my two cats, my dog was in Aiden's room. I loved how she was so passionate about aiding to animals. I kind of feel bad for eating animals in front of her.

Or fucking her like one.

I smirked at my thoughts as I went back to editing one of my songs on my computer. I was so focused that I didn't even realize she fell asleep. One of my cats was sleeping on her stomach while the other was in the inside of her bent arm.

I love her so much.

I wonder if she has any allergies.

I didn't want to wake her so I put my attention back to my music. I actually got a call after I drove away from her house after that little incident, it was from some record label company shit that wanted to look into my music or whatever.

Yeah, they can look.

I didn't really take that call too serious, I just let it be. I wasn't worried about that right now.

I also did a couple deals today, one of them could've ended up dangerous though. Stokeley was in the car with me and I was dealing with someone he supposedly had some type of beef with, I don't know.

He got a bit rowdy but I told him to shut the fuck up so I can make this money, he can argue and bicker with him for however long he wanted after I make this cash.

Stokeley was also acting a bit off when I started talking about Imani, he had this certain type of smile on his face, and when I asked why was he being all weird, he started to talk about her sister.

"Man, you know her sister has a boyfriend!"

"At the moment no she doesn't, she cheated on him." He said with wide eyes.

"With who? You're lying. She's in love with that Cj jit." I said, shaking my head.

"Rakim ain't tell you? Vro, our boy Rocky smashed man." Stokeley said, laughing.

"You're shitting me bro, did he even have sex with Cj-"

"Nope." Stokeley said, smiling again, popping his syllables.

We both started laughing, and then he continued.

"But you know he's not any better, I saw him with Logan again the other day." He said, shaking his head.

"That bitch is everywhere. You know I thought she lived in Florida? She didn't though, it just so happened to be a long ass 'vacation'." I said, shaking my head at the memory of our short "relationship"

"At least you know who to go to for some good head. Do you think she stayed that long for you?" Stokeley said, laughing and opening a bag of chips.

"You know I wouldn't even go back to her for a rebound, not after how Imani fought her, imagine if she tried to do some fuckshit like that to me?" I said laughing. "And she probably did stay for me, crazy bitch." I added.

"This is just some next level shit, the shit that's on t.v." Ski said, shaking his head and picking up a bottle of water.

"And you know what else, did I fucking tell you how that Trippie nigga decided to fucking tell her that I was a wife beater? I should fuck his lil ass up." I said, getting a little angry.

"You're little too-"

"Don't fuck with me, Ski." I said, turning my head to him. He quickly put his hand up in defense.

I looked away from my computer and sighed. I shook the memory of tonight from my bain and looked at the empty space on my bed that was next to Imani.

That's where I should be.

When she got out of the shower and she did her little cute routine or whatever, I just loved how she looked in my shirt and boxers. I gave her ones that were too small for me so I know that they would fit her better.

She's so beautiful, I hope I'm not causing her pain, because, for one of the first times in my life, I'm actually not being hurt from this relationship.

I carefully picked my two cats up from her and placed him in my computer chair, one of their favorite spots in my room.

I turned off my lights and went under the covers with her.

After a couple seconds, she rolled over to be closer to me. As she faced me I was able to point out her facial features. I gently kissed her lips and I felt her kiss me back, but only a little, knowing she was still half asleep.

I pulled her into me as she got comfortable laying on my chest, I felt at ease, and she will too, soon.

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