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He was waiting outside my house, 10 minutes until Christmas day.

Let's rewind to earlier today.

So earlier today, I'm doing my regular routine, I get to work.

Tell me why I see Jahseh walk, well, speed walk right past my store, trying to hide his shopping bags.

I laughed at him and kept doing my job when in reality I was freaking out too. I didn't know what to get him at all. When you buy someone something and they already have their own money to buy it on their own, you need to think of something more thoughtful.

I looked around at shoes, he wouldn't really care about these, if I'm being honest, we went to the store together and he wore dark brown bear animal slippers.

He matched my bright green alligator ones though.

I smiled at our memories and kept putting tags on the Nike leggings.

By the end of my shift, I had a certain clue about what I wanted to give him.

I had to get home.

I got in my car and called up a Cj, not hearing from him in about a week.

"So, you've been going ghost on me?" He asked.

"No one has been going ghost on you son, you just act like you don't know anybody," I said with a bit of attitude. This boy can be so petty at times, not caring that Christmas is tomorrow. Try and keep a jolly spirit, bitch.

Our conversation went okay, telling him he has to come over tomorrow so he can get his gift.

When I went into the house, my father gave me the key, saying he picked up from Uncle Ernie around two.

Now, about this letter, I'm writing.

I was just going to give him his gift, tell him I love you and that's it. But, I don't think he realizes how much he means to me as well.

When he took me out for our anniversary, he poured his heart out to me.

I'm not that great on staying on topic for too long, so, I'm writing how I feel out.

I turned on my laptop, typing in my password to open it. That's when I shook my head and closed it, grabbing a fine point blue ink pen and some copy paper. I planned out what I was going to say first.

That's when I was writing, about two pages of just pouring my feelings out, I did exactly what he did the night of our anniversary.

You could even see my teardrops, making some parts of the ink run a little.

I taped the key to the bottom, folding the paper and putting it in the envelope, taping the envelope shut.

Taking a deep breath and doing another time check, I've been contemplating and writing for about two hours straight. So many balled up pieces of paper were around me.

I decided to print a picture of us and put it on the front of the envelope. Even though he hates taking pictures, he actually smiled in this one.

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