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"You're what?" Jason's eyes widen.

"I cant be here anymore, it's a huge inconvenience," I said calmly. He's been asking me the same question for the past 5 minutes, and I've been here for five minutes.

"How is this an inconvenience? People from three out of five boroughs come here because we have the best service and bartenders." He exclaims.

"Let's not forget I'm 18-"

"How can I ever forget, every time you're scheduled for a shift I hope you bring your fake i.d."

I shook my head, walking past him and out the door.

I thought I was going to be fine, honestly, I did. I didn't understand why I wasn't though.

I haven't seen that man ever again, if I have to walk home I walk on the main streets now, and I convinced Jason to start giving me earlier shifts. Well, that was before I quit.

I didn't show up to work in a week without a phone call, no explanations given. So I know he was even angrier that I'm bailing on him.

It's not like he was my man or anything, he's worried about the wrong.

I walked to my new car and stepped in, putting on my seatbelt and starting up the engine. I put on my soca playlist and started to head home, singing lyrics and moving my head to the beat.

My music was interrupted by a phone call from my sister, so I pressed the green answer button.

"Hey Lisetteeeee," I said playfully.

"Hey girl, you did it?" She asked.

"Gave in the leave today, I'm out of there," I said smiling, now I won't ever have to go back on that side.

"You have plans for this lovely Friday night?" She asked me, knowing she was being a smartass because I have only one other friend beside her, and I cant drag him out with me anywhere.

"I'm going to therapy right now, but later is a no, why? What's the word?" I said, waiting to hear what type of party this would be.

"Donte's 18th birthday bash."

"High School Donte?" I asked, "I have seen him in forever!" I exclaimed.

"Right?" She said, agreeing with me.

It's not a formal type of birthday bash, it's the type where you go there looking semi-cute, but, after thirty minutes, the bacchanal starts.

"I'm in that." I finally say, I mean, what else am I going to do? I just quit a job, I'm free until I can find another.

I hung up the phone after saying our goodbye's, she told me to be ready by 7:30, and I take a while to get ready, so I don't blame her.

I pulled into the driveway of the psychotherapy center and went in for my scheduled session with Mrs.Lane.

We spoke for about an hour and I realized I really couldn't do this. She steady made me talk about the same incident when I was trying to push it in the back of my mind to heal.

I called up CJ as soon as I got out the room.

"Yo son, I'm never coming back in this shit boy," I said as I started to sign my name out.

"Because! I have been telling her I didn't want to pursue that type of conversation anymore, and shawty doesn't listen. So now look, I'm dead not coming back." I said shrugging my shoulders.

I know I can be stubborn at times, but I'm just so aggravated.

"Oh, and that reminds me, do you want to go to Donte's party tonight?" I said, and I received a no immediately, laughing at my failed attempt.

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