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I woke up at around 7, feeling Jahseh's big ass head in the crook of my neck. I swiftly got from under him and went to the bathroom, only getting up to pee and brush my teeth.

I was still tired and had a minor headache from the small number of shots I took.

Jahseh came inside the bathroom, smiling at me, hugging me from behind.

"The birthday girl left me." He said, placing kisses all over my neck and face. I have a feeling he was up before me or something because his breath smelled like he brushed his teeth.

I smiled and turned to face him, giving him a proper hug. He planted kisses on my lips, telling me happy birthday between every kiss. I told him thank you about a million times and I just smiled.

I ran his hand up and down my back, sliding his hands under my shirt, he felt that I had no underwear on me and raised his eyebrows.

"Ohhhhhhhh, you think you're slick." He said, smirking. I smacked his hand and walked out of the bathroom, feeling a little more awake and a little more excited.

I laid back down and called for Jahseh to come back. He came back after about 3 minutes, carrying pink handcuffs.

I sat up immediately and eyed him.

"Where'd you get those from?" I asked, watching him play with the handcuffs with his fingers.

"Doesn't matter, do you want to play now or later?"

"Both," I said with a smirk, sitting up against the headboard. He walked over to the other side and laid down next to me, going under the covers. I scooted over to him and wrapped my hands around his neck.

"Baby, you're just going to leave me hanging?" I asked, whispering in his ear.

He turned his head and looked into my eyes, speaking after looking at me for a couple seconds.

"I will destroy you, you sure you don't want to wait?" He asked. He knew my answer when I started to palm his morning wood through his pants.

He raised his eyebrows at my suggestive action and pulled my body on top of his.

"I also liked that little stunt you pulled in the shower," He added, pulling my neck down to give me kisses on my neck. He faintly started to grind on me, as I bit my lip, breaking eye contact.

When he sucked on my neck, I let out a small moan, closing my eyes. I felt his lips inch back up to mine, slowly kissing me. I felt his tongue press on my bottom lip and I lightly parted them, slowly french kissing him.

He slid his hands up the big t-shirt I was wearing, slapping my left cheek, making me moan in his mouth. His hands inched up my back and slowly took my shirt off, leaving me completely naked.

He sat me up straight and eyed my torso, licking his lips. He ran his hands up my sides and it seems like he was in deep thought. His eyes met mine and he attacked my lips, flipping us over.

Things started moving quickly and his boxers were flung to the floor and he quickly picked up the pink handcuffs. He looked at me and stopped, waiting for me to say something. All I did was nod my head for reassurance.

He chained the handcuffs to the headboard so I could be restrained.

"If you want to be unchained, just let me know, okay?" He told me and I nodded my head.


He smirked and dipped his head under the covers, I hated how I couldn't see exactly what he was doing.

I felt my legs spread and his warm tongue move up and down my slit. I took a deep breath in and bit on my lip. That's when I felt him stop.

"Imani, you know how I feel about you silencing yourself, let me hear you." He growled, sticking his head up from the covers. I nodded my head and he furrowed his eyebrows.

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