Epilogue - Part One: Awake

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I felt a certain shock in my whole body, so painful it made me jump out of my sleep.

My breathing was so unsteady, every time I took a deep breath in, I felt my chest cave in and dispel deadly coughs.

I tried to sit up but I felt paralyzed, I couldn't move anything, not even my eyeballs. All I could do was cough and stare at the white ceiling.

I heard alot of commotion around me as my throat started to get hot, I started to spit up blood, which freaked me out.

I wanted to scream but my body felt like lightning was striking my chest and all of my pressure points and major joints.

I was injected with something and the pain went away in a couple of seconds, which eased my body's shaking.

I was then reclined upwards to a 45° angle. My breathing was getting back to normal when a Caucasian lady walked up to my bedside.

I'm guessing she was a nurse because she checked my vitals after they did my resuscitation. When she grabbed onto my arm I winced because it was a bit forceful.

After she cleaned up my face and my chest, anoxygen mask was put over the lower half of my face. Fresh oxygen was being pumped into my lungs which helped me breathe normally.

I felt myself being able to control my body. My five senses were coming back in full effect so, I started to carefully use them.

First I started to clench my fists, relaxing my hand after holding the first for about ten seconds.

I kept exercise in different parts of my body, all the way down to wiggling my toes.

A middle eastern doctor walked into my room, enthusiastically greeting me with a bright smile.

"Imani Delroy! How are you?" She asked me.

I held up a thumbs down and laughed.

" I have a couple quick questions for you, okay?" She asked me.

I simply nodded my head yes as I moved the oxygen mask from my face.

"What state do we live in?"

"New- New York." I answered weakly.

She kept asking me generic questions, but when she asked me what day it was, I blanked out.

"Uh, I'm not sure." I answered her.

"Do you remember or know why you're in the hospital right now?" The doctors asked me.

I shook my head no and a sad look came on her face.

"When you first arrived here about three days ago-"

"Three days?" I asked her in awe.

"Yes honey, three days ago, you went to a party and really tragic things happened. You were apart of that situation so now you are situated here." She told me calmly.

"Has anyone come to see me?" I asked her.

"Who hasn't come to see you?" She laughed.

She didn't want to tell me what happened at the party, she told me she would rather my sister tell me. She came everyday to see me at 3 o' clock, it was almost that time anyway.

What the doctor did tell me was that I had bad alcohol poisoning, and a bullet skidded me on my right shoulder. My legs were bruised still, but not as faint.

I didn't see my face until Lissette came though.

When Lissette walked into the room, screams and tears of joy filled her, I'm guessing they didn't tell her that I woke up.

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