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"I'm tired of your shit! Do you not care about our family?" Her mother yelled as she paced up and down the living room as her father was sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

"Cat got your tongue? Huh?" She said, hitting the side of his head.

"Don't touch me, Shanelle." He stated while standing up and walking to the kitchen.

"Where's my Modelo?" He asked, noticing his beer wasn't in the fridge anymore.

Little did they know 14-year-old Imani was sitting at the top of the steps, drinking the golden beer with her pink bendy straw, silently crying listening to their argument.

"I didn't touch your fucking beer. That's all you do anyway, you like drinking away our problems? Imani's mother yelled.

"Just shut the fuck up Shanelle, I told you it was a mistake-"

"Cheating on me was a mistake? 3 times? With the same woman?" Shanelle asked, getting louder and louder after each question.

Imani's hear sank and when she felt too much sadness, she would take a sip, so she was basically drinking the whole time.

"Don't act like you're a saint either! You fucked that man from your last job! You sat there and told everyone that you were leaving your last job to go to a new one to get a raise, how do they think you got that raise? 'Working hard'? Bullshit. You sucked that man's dick so he can transfer you-"

There was a loud smack that figuratively shook the whole house.

"Don't you ever speak of me in that way again." Imani's mother yelled, her voice gaining a base she didn't have before.

There was another hitting noise, and then Imani's mother's screech, Imani knew her father hit her back.

She finished the beer.

She pulled out the small vodka bottle.

The noises became more prominent, their arguing was nonstop, so she enjoyed the burn that went down her throat.

It was dumb of Imani to leave three empty bottles at the top step, but she didn't care.

A couple of minutes later, when Imani was in her room with her headphones on, she was able to hear glass break. She snatched the headphones off her head.

"And all you fucking do is drink, find a different fucking hobby!" Shanelle yelled, slamming their bedroom door.

The front door slammed and the house was back to being quiet.

"Oh fuck,"I said, sitting up from my bed.

I had sweat running down the side of my head, I didn't know why I kept having dreams like this.


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