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In the winter of 1975, on the tracks of the two provinces, the trains were running as usual. What is different in normal times is that in the third carriage are a group of educated youths who have a dream of construction to jump in the production teams.
    Most of them come from one place and are between 14 and 20 years old. Because the ages are almost the same, a few of them have already started to chat. They are full of vision for the future. The only confusion is that they don’t know they will be Where to arrange.

    It's just that there is a girl in a military green shirt in the corner who is out of touch with the surroundings. She holds a military water bottle in her arms and looks around curiously, looking at the rapidly receding scenery from the window, her eyes widened in surprise, and then she is afraid that others will find out. He looked back like he looked back.

    After a while, the girl found that no one was looking at herself, and secretly raised her head, but found that the window had become blurred. The girl stretched out her hand, wiped the window carefully, and watched the scenery outside the window appear again, smiling with satisfaction.

    Only the next moment the girl frowned suddenly and rubbed her forehead.

    "Jianing, if you feel uncomfortable, you can sleep for a while, and I will wake you up when you are there," the woman next to her said worriedly.
"Okay." Jianing, the girl who just looked at the window, nodded slowly, closed her eyes with the water bottle in her arms, but she didn't sleep, thinking about what happened in the past two days in her heart.

    From being arranged to be married to Beibei, a white cat who had been raised for more than ten years the night before, she could talk, and she had to take herself away, and then she woke up this morning and was sent to the car.
Yesterday, according to Beibei's method, she was ready to go to sleep. After waking up, she found that she had reached a strange place, and there were more memories that did not belong to her in her mind. It's just that these memories are scattered, and only a few people have a clearer impression.
The gentle eldest brother, loving parents, often bullies her second sister, this is all the people this body knows. Beibei told her that this was her previous life, and she was a fool.
Just before she knew her home, her mother ran in in a panic, saying that her name was on the list of going to the mountains and the countryside this year.
  Jianing didn't participate in the next thing. She stood in the room, staring blankly at her mother while scolding the second sister Chen Jialing while helping herself to pack her clothes, and then dragged herself to explain repeatedly.
"Jianing, work with the captain when you arrive. Don't talk to others after work. Lock the door at night."
  "You don't open the door at night when someone tells you. Don't open the door at night. If you are hungry, bear with me. Mom will Ask your dad to find a way to pick you up and just be wronged for a few days."
  "Don't open the door!"
    At the time, she was so dizzy that Jianing could only nod her head. His mother said a lot, but finally sighed at her.
Jianing just wanted to tell the other party that she could understand, but she opened her mouth to find that she couldn't speak, but her mother left, and then took a small cloth bag and stuffed it into her arms, telling her not to give it to anyone.
  The eldest brother came over with his clothes and asked his mother to change it for him. Before Jianing had figured out what the educated youth they were talking about was, he was already sent to the car.
"Jianing, follow Liu Yunyun, what are you doing, do you know? Big brother will find a way to pick you up."
This is the last thing the big brother said to himself.
  Jianing wanted to answer, but couldn't speak. When she found out that she could speak, she was already on the train.
    Thinking of this, Jianing held the kettle in his arms tightly, the elder brother said, and soon came over to pick him up.
    Using this to comfort myself, the dizziness felt a little lighter. I just felt the continuous shaking of the car body and the occasional rubbing sound, which made
    Jianing feel even more uncomfortable.
    A feeling of tiredness came, and Jianing fell asleep before he could think.
    "Chen Feng, how long has Jianing slept? How do I feel that I haven't woken up since I got into the car." Liu Yunyun asked Chen Feng on the opposite side.
    "Jianing was young and she was called up suddenly. She must be a little uncomfortable. Let her sleep more." The male educated youth opposite said. After speaking, he looked at the sleeping girl while others were not paying attention. The opponent's eyelashes moved, and he immediately retracted his eyes like a needle.
    "But will my legs numb after too long? Alas, Chen Feng and Jianing are too unlucky. It was obviously her sister who was angry with the family, and finally remembered Jianing's name." Liu Yunyun said, thinking that she was sleeping. Jianing was very sympathetic. I heard that I have never been wronged since I was a child, and I don't know if I will cry when I will get off the car.
    Jianing is the younger sister of her high school classmate Chen Jiarong. Chen Jiarong's second sister, Chen Jialing, scared her family by running away from home. She was scared before signing up and filled in her little sister's name.
    Chen Jiarong's family only found out in the morning. When they knew, things had been settled. Chen Jiarong originally wanted to go for her sister, but couldn't change her name.
    The other party had no choice but to take care of his sister by himself, and promised to give himself five yuan a month for hard work.
    Thinking of this, Liu Yunyun has a hint of envy, and she is very favored at home, but even so, she only has twenty yuan in her bag, which is already more than half of the money left in her family. The eldest brother and the second brother have just got married and are in the hands of their parents. There is no excess money.
    And even if they have money, they will keep it at home. Educated youths like themselves will have to rely on themselves to support themselves in the future. She dare to say that no one in the car has more than one hundred money in his hands. There are people who don't have a penny in their hands. It's not common for them to do this.
    But she saw Chen Jiarong gave Jianing two hundred yuan, which was a person's salary for a whole year.
    It's just that this won't change Jianing's next destiny. Liu Yunyun sighed, Chen Jiarong's request, he didn't know how much he could help, what if the two couldn't be together? Even if she wanted the five dollars very much, if she were not together, she would have thought for nothing.
    "I'm at the station, get out of the car." Several people next to him picked up their luggage and rushed down. Liu Yunyun, who was sitting on the edge of the aisle, carefully stepped aside and sat down.
    "Jianing, wake up, we are in the place." The other party slept so comfortably that she couldn't bear to disturb her, but no, she didn't get off the car now, so she would sit in the station after a while.
    "Huh?" Jianing felt someone calling herself, and opened her eyes from her sleep. She hasn't slept so comfortably for a long time, so she moved lazily, "Sister Yunyun, what's the matter?"
    I heard her voice. , Liu Yunyun sighed in his heart, and he could tell by the way he spoke. He was spoiled at home, and I don’t know if he can hold it back when he arrives in the production team.
    "We have arrived at the station. We are going down now. We will not be able to catch up with the pick-up car when we are late." And we will sit at the back of the car when it is too late. I heard that the back of the car is the most upside-down.
    They were not the first batch of educated youth who went to the mountains and the countryside, so they could find a lot of news. The letter written by her cousin explained a lot of things.
    Don't confront the people who picked them up when you go down, and make a good relationship with the captain of the production brigade. When you first started working, don't complain even if you don't. Liu Yunyun remembers everything.
    But even so, Liu Yunyun felt that she could not take good care of Jianing. Chen Jiarong’s family took care of her too well. However, seeing the other person’s face with red marks from sleeping, Liu Yunyun thought to herself, if she had such a younger sister. , She also spoiled.
    But now it’s
    not a question of being spoiled, and I’m getting off the car, Liu Yunyun said again: "Jianing, shall we go down?"
    "Okay." My brother explained that everything should be listened to by her. Jianing was not familiar with this place, so he decided Follow the other person, nodded and picked up the things on the seat, which was cleaned up by her mother and brother.
    "Jianing, let me take things for you." Chen Feng saw that she was carrying a bag that was bigger than herself, and wanted to go and help her carry it.
    "No, thank you." Jianing refused and shook her head, with a trace of precaution in her eyes, but she didn't let the other party notice. Pulling the things in her hands to her, the men and women are not kissed, and she is not familiar with each other. My mother said, stay away from others.
    Chen Feng was not annoyed when he was rejected, carrying his luggage behind them, and seeing someone squeeze his hand to Jianing to block it.
    Jianing followed Liu Yunyun to the front and didn't know what was going on. There were a lot of people here. If you didn't pay attention, you would be squeezed aside. So Jianing was very careful, but even so, he still smashed.
    The other party was a young man, running down rampage, hitting many people along the way. Jianing was just one of them. After the other party got down, there was a curse next to him.
    Regardless of the painful arm, Jianing held the water bottle in her arms tightly. She paid so much attention to the things in her arms, not only because it was given by her brother, but also because there was a seemingly redundant button on the water bottle, which was Bei Shelly changed.
    Before getting into the car, Beibei told herself that because of the forced transformation of time and space, her mana was not enough to be invisible. Now she can only become a decorative object to stay by her side. When they complete the task, the mana will be restored to be invisible, and then they can hide. stand up.
    For fear of being discovered by others, Jianing covered the things in her arms with her sleeves, but even so, she felt that someone around her was looking at herself curiously.
    Not knowing that others were envious of her military water bottle, thinking that someone had discovered an abnormality, Jianing took two steps forward and used Liu Yunyun to block herself. The next moment, feeling that the eyes falling on him were much less, Jianing breathed a sigh of relief.
    She didn't know the way, so she went wherever Liu Yunyun went, followed the other side to turn left and right, and finally reached a place with a few people, Liu Yunyun in front stopped, and Jianing also stopped.
    "Here, it should be gathered here. Let's wait here." Liu Yunyun flipped through the paper in his hand. This is the map of the station that his cousin drew for her. Thanks to this thing, they can walk so fast. to here.
    Jianing heard her talk about the place, put down the big bag in her hand, and walked all the way, her hand started to hurt a long time ago, but she was afraid of being found out by others, so she didn't dare to speak. Now she can rest.
    After putting down the things, check the military kettle in his arms. Good, Jianing relieved and started looking for Beibei.
    For fear of being discovered, Beibei has only a little button after it becomes a button, which is convenient to cover up, but it is too small and a little hard to find.
    "Babe?" She looked around and couldn't find it. While no one was looking here, Jianing yelled in a low voice, but she yelled it three or four times, but the milky voice in the milk never appeared.
    The author has something to say: secretly opened a new article! The story of Squeaky Bag x Big Bad Wolf, I hope you will like it!
    There are a few pre-collected columns, and those who are interested can go to the column to have a look.     Pre-receipt
    1: I was
still participating in the Fairy Demon War a moment ago, and I was born a moment later. Yan Ling's whole person was not well.
    Then I found that the breath next door was a bit familiar... Is the
    Demon Venerable also?
    Can she chase after she is here? Yan Ling, a foot
    pedal, to then fight!
    The next moment I heard the surprised sound of my mother.
    "Oh, my girl's little feet are really strong."
    Yan Ling:......
    Yan family daughter-in-law gave birth to the sixth child. The three-generation single-passed Yan old man was so happy that the scars on his face were invisible, Mrs. Yan Going around to exchange brown sugar for the daughter-in-law.
    The family was pampered until one year old, and the little granddaughter who had just learned to walk went to fight with the child next door.
    Yan Ling, who was held in her arms by Mrs. Yan, was speechless. She couldn't think of her generation's great ability, and now she can't walk well.
    Pre-harvest 2:
    Deng Tao is a peach tree spirit, who has worked hard for thousands of years, waiting to become immortal in one fell swoop after crossing the catastrophe.
    Unexpectedly, as soon as she was about to be cultivated, a thunder slashed her into the 70s. Not to mention that he became a milk doll, and his true anger was ninety-nine percent.
    The wheat in Deng’s Village matured overnight, and the true qi could never be recovered.
    Deng Tao: I have something to say.
    Forced to accept reality, Deng Tao planned to practice for another thousand years. It was unexpected that when she was eighteen, Deng Tao knew that she had a baby fiancé who had been in the army for six years, and his life and death was unknown.
    Deng Tao thought he had escaped, but he didn't expect that the man would come to the door on the third day.
    Man: Marry me, separate families after marriage, live in two places, don't have children, don't do housework, and don't go to the land.
    Deng Tao, who is afraid that someone will disturb her practice after getting married: It's just what I want.
    After the marriage, Deng Tao looked forward to it, hoping that the other party would return to the army, but the man took out two train tickets before he left.
    Deng Tao: What about separation?
    Man: Good boy, I'm not here during the day.

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