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    I couldn't sit still thinking about this old lady Qin, and I wished to talk to someone now. It's just that the old man in the family is not at home, and her son doesn't care about everything, and Po Qin, who can't find anyone to discuss, sighs.
    "Auntie, do you really want to come over?" Duan Mingming's heart sank when she heard Pozie Qin's sigh, and Jianing, who was paying attention to Qin Wei next to her, also turned her head, his ears moved, and he was listening.
    Granny Qin smiled after seeing the reaction of the two of them: "No, I asked during the day. Everyone feels that they don’t worry about who they live in. After all, there has been such a thing, so all arrangements have been made. The male educated youth in the educated youth academy will move tomorrow. Go out and live in the two houses down the mountain. The female educated youths live in the educated youth academy."
    After speaking, I was afraid that the two might misunderstand them, and then mentioned about them: "You are used to living here, two girls' house, things Quite a lot, don’t move around in the cold weather, so you can be more relaxed there.”
    Duan Mingming didn’t expect much when he came. I didn’t expect Granny Qin to say that. I was so happy that I didn’t know what to say. Thanks to Jianing.
    Jianing followed up and said two sentences, but the voice was not loud, because the line of sight behind him was too strong.
    Fortunately, Old Man Qin was not at home, and Qin Wei did not stay in the house much, so he poured water and went out directly.
    Seeing Qin Wei going out from the back, Jianing breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Qin Wei was there, even if the other party didn't say a word, she felt pressured.
    "You two don't have to worry about nowhere to live. You just live next door. It won't work. I watched to separate the other side, or you can move here when the hottest third is over." Old lady Qin thought about it. Someone said that what I wanted was to let the two live there forever, but after a wrong thought, even if his son Chen Zhiqing could not live there before and after marriage.
    As for the other Possess Qin, she hasn't considered it yet, after all, she hasn't written the eight characters yet.
    No one expected things to come so quickly. Knowing that the two of them could continue to live here, and there were no outsiders, the two returned home happily, but suddenly discovered something was wrong in the middle of the night.
    There was movement next door, and the sound was from Jianing. Duan Mingming was shocked when he thought of what he had heard in the past two days. He quickly lit a candle and walked in with a stick. After opening the door, he found that there was no one else in the house, only Jianing. Own.
    Jianing was sick and groaned uncomfortably on the bed. Duan Mingming reached out and tried her forehead. It was hot and hot, and there was no medicine in her hand. When she came, she didn't expect to have medicine. To do it, you can only go to the next door and call someone.     Before
    going to bed, Granny Qin was
still talking about the child with the old man. In the middle of the night, when she heard the movement, she thought she had misheard, and when she woke up completely, she immediately put on her clothes and came out.
    "Educated Duan, what's the matter? What's the matter?" Mother Qin was even more worried when she heard the voice of only one person.
    "Jianing has a fever, her face is hot, I can't wake up, auntie, come and have a look." Duan Mingming really can't help it, she called Jianing for a long time and just hummed and ignored people, plus I heard that She was even more worried after she had a fever and burned her brain.
    "Fever Duan Ming? I'll come here." As soon as Lady Qin couldn't calm down, she immediately called to the old man to open the door. As soon as she shouted, she saw her son coming out of the house. Just about to speak, the other side walked to the door a few steps. Opening the door, Po Qin swallowed back what she wanted to say.
    It seemed that I was really relieved. I didn't worry about anything at all. Mother Qin thought, went to the house and took out the wine secretly hidden by the old man.
    After Qin Wei opened the door, he immediately walked out. After walking a few steps, he remembered that without his mother, he could not do anything on his own. It might not be certain whether the other party would open the door for himself. Moreover, the family was all around. Standing at the door waiting for Po Qin to come out.
    Granny Qin didn’t linger, she took her wine out and immediately called someone to go: “Let’s go, go and see, don’t have anything wrong.” Fever is not a trivial matter. It can kill people if it is not serious, and it can burn even if it is not serious. Bad guys.
    "Mother, I'll carry you on my back." It was dark, and even if the rain stopped for two days, the road was still slippery. Po Qin was too old to walk by herself. Qin Wei was worried.
    "No, how many times have you walked this road, can you still make a mistake?" Po Qin refused to let him carry it, but in the end she still couldn't hold her son. She watched the third son squat in front of her and did not refuse.
    "The third child, this girl is delicate and tender, don't be upset, or you will say that no mother will stand by your side." Knowing the son's temperament, Chen Zhiqing is still like a child over there, and Mrs. Qin is afraid of his son waiting. She knew that her son could not follow in this footsteps.
    "I know." Qin Wei didn't want to mess around. It was the wife he wanted to marry and was used to spoil him. It was too late for pain, so how could it be messed up?
    "That's okay, Chen Zhi's youth is still young. You can wait for another year or a half, but you can make a decision early so that people won't be preempted." Old lady Qin knew that her son had listened, and continued to nag. There was no one on the road in the middle of the night. Only the mother and the son said things that were hard to say, "The money you used to get married was not saved for you. After you get married, the family money will be given to your daughter-in-law
    . When will your parents be able to work for a few more years? When you two can stand up, you will separate again."
    Originally, Po Qin's idea was to separate which son to marry, but the boss and the second were separated, and the remaining young son couldn't bear it. It may be that his son has been a soldier outside for a few years, even if he comes back, he still cares about him and wants to put him in front of him. It may also be that the person his son is fond of is like a child, and he is not at ease. After much deliberation, Po Qin came up with a bunch of reasons for not dividing the family.
    After much deliberation, she still couldn't bear it. In the end, Po Qin simply didn't find a reason. She just didn't want to separate her family and what happened? Anyway, I will live in two yards with my daughter-in-law in the future. Even if we don't separate the family, we won't stick together all the time. If we get along well, we should get close.
    As for money, although all the money saved for the younger son was spent on the younger son, Granny Qin still felt that she owed the younger son. The first two sons spent a lot of money to get married, and part of it was the younger son’s salary. The youngest son gets married, and if the two elder brothers are not allowed to compensate, no one will say anything if parents give more?
    Qin Wei paused, but she didn’t expect her mother to say this. She was silent for a while, and then she spoke when she was about to reach the place: "Mother, I don’t need your father’s money. Good day."
    "Okay, mother knows that the third child has the ability, so she just waits to enjoy the blessing." Old lady Qin smiled.
    A month ago, Qin Wei would not have thought that he would still comfort people like this, but this feeling is not bad at all, but it is still important to Jianing now. Thinking of this, Qin Wei's pace is a little faster.
    "Slow down." Mother Qin was startled, knowing that her son felt sorry for Chen Zhiqing, but she didn't expect her son to be so anxious. There was water and ice on the road in the middle of the night, in case she fell into trouble.
    "It's okay." When the two talked to the door, Qin Wei put down his mother and immediately started knocking on the door.
    "Who?" Duan Mingming in the yard asked very vigilantly.
    "I, Qin Wei."
    Hearing Qin Wei's voice, Duan Mingming breathed a sigh of relief, but it would not work for him to come in alone. Although he was there, Duan Mingming was not at ease: "Aunt Qin is there?"
    " Yes , I’m here.” Mother Qin understood what was going on after a little thought. Although she sometimes felt that the educated youth was a little bit more minded, most of the time it was kind. .
    They are obviously a segment, this opened the door, shut the door again after ︰ people come in, "aunt, you enter
    to look at." Only shouted Qin Old Woman.
    "I'll go and see, the third child, go to the main room for a while." After all, reluctant to let her son get cold in the yard, Mrs. Qin said.
    Qin Wei agreed, but didn't go to the main room and looked at the backs of the two people, wanting to take a look from the gap, but it was cold, and the two opened the door a little bit and closed it immediately, fearing that Jianing, who was already ill, would see the wind.
    Qin Wei's wish fell through. He listened to the movement in the courtyard, but the room was quiet. From time to time, I could hear Granny Qin and Duan Mingming say a few words, but Jianing didn't hear a word.
    In the yard waiting for ten minutes, Qin Wei some help, and to the house shouted ︰ "Mother, how?"
    "No big deal, is affected by the wind, I would let Mama wine, so tomorrow Besides.” Po Qin looked at Jianing, but she was not sure whether it was serious or not. She was afraid that her son would rush in if it was serious. If she was the only one, it would be fine. Duan Zhiqing was here, so she saw that it was difficult to explain.
    Granny Qin didn't know that Duan Mingming knew what happened a few days ago, so she wanted to help her son keep it secret.
    Duan Mingming didn't know that Po Qin had seen Qin Wei's thoughts, so she wanted to help Jianing to conceal it. Although Po Qin likes Jianing now, her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are natural enemies.
    The two of them had their own careful thoughts, and neither of them saw the other's guilty conscience. They entered the room and closed the door. Both of them were relieved.
    Granny Qin lifted the quilt and looked at it, and touched Jianing's head. Now she couldn't take her out. No matter whether it was used or not, she could only try the earthen method first.
    It's just that it's too cold, even if the kang is on fire, Po Qin can only pour wine on the towel, then lift the quilt and wipe it on Jianing's armpit.
    Jianing was stupefied and only felt uncomfortable everywhere on her body. Her head hurts so much that she couldn't open her eyes. She vaguely heard someone calling herself, and wanted to promise that she couldn't say it.
    Afterwards, it was quiet and no one spoke. Jianing was still uncomfortable. After a while, he felt that someone came in again. Someone lifted his quilt, but immediately covered it. After a while, something cold came in and wiped it on his body and suddenly became sober.
    "Jianing? Awake?" Lady Qin wiped, feeling the person on the kang moved a little, a surprise, as long as I can wake up, I am most afraid of staying asleep.
    "Auntie?" Jianing was sure that she was right, but how could Granny Qin be in her house? Wasn't she sleeping just now, Jianing thought, always feeling something was wrong, trying to shake her head but lacking energy.
    "Don't move, tell your aunt if you feel uncomfortable." Mother Qin quickly pressed her to prevent her from moving, her head is still hot, not well.
    Jianing felt that she was uncomfortable anywhere, except that she was in front of Mrs. Qin who had known her for a few days, not her family, and she shook her head slightly and said nothing.
    Granny Qin couldn't tell, and didn't force her to take the towel off her head, and put it on again after dipping it in some wine.
    "If you don't want to say it, don't say it, I will pour you some water, drink plenty of water, and just cover up your sweat."

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