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   In the afternoon, the two went to work together. Jianing first looked around and found that Old Man Qin was not there. He hesitated and asked Duan Mingming: "Obviously, do you know where the captain went?"
    "The captain didn't come here this afternoon. "Duan Mingming didn't know what she was going to do. He looked around and found that she really hadn't come over. "Jianing, you have something to do with the captain? Shanggong can just tell the third captain." Duan Mingming thought Jianing was worried about remembering. Work points.
    "I'll talk to the captain about one thing." Jianing looked at it again and found that she was really not there.
    "He should have gone there," Duan Mingming thought for a while, "It seems that I said something in the morning that I don't worry about the land on the east side. Should we work first and look for it when we get off work? You tell me when you are at home. I'll be fine. At that time, I just called the captain at home."
    Jianing shook his head and didn't tell Duan Mingming that he was afraid of being heard by Qin Wei. In the end, he found that he couldn't find anyone, so he could only give up temporarily, thinking about getting off the job. Time to tell him.
    The work of the past two days is watering. A few people work in a group. Some people carry the water. Others are waiting for the water to come over. It’s easier at first. When the bucket is tilted, it falls to the ground, but The farther forward the watering is, the harder it is, and it takes two people to lift the bucket to the middle.
    No Jianing had studied behind Duan Mingming for a while, before he started to lift the bucket and walk in the middle, Old Man Qin had already turned from the other side.
    "Chen Zhiqing's feet are not good, don't carry water," Old Man Qin said after walking over and pointing at Jianing, "Pour out the bucket of water and go to the front to see if there is any clean grass." This work should have been watering. It was time to watch, but Old Man Qin knew that these educated youths would be messed up just by watering, and it would be impossible for them to pull the weeds by the way. It would be better to arrange for them to do this alone.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded. She has just started to learn to water, and she does everything the same.
    "If your feet hurt, remember to say it." Old man Qin was a little worried. He always felt that these children from the city were spoiled and uncomfortable. They would not get better in ten and a half months. There are not many people who get better so quickly, afraid that she will live. Two days after crying for foot pain.
    Jianing nodded and found that she and Old Man Qin were the only people around. Duan Mingming, who was just beside her, was carrying the bucket to the other side because there was no water in the bucket in his hand. This was a good time to remind Old Man Qin.
    But Ning is tangled, she did not know how at the beginning of the last hesitated and said ︰ 'Captain, if heavy rain, is not it does not need watering. " "
    Heavy rain is not water, but not even think about a good thing , This kind of world cannot rain heavily." Old man Qin thought she was pretty good at first, and he was satisfied. He didn't expect to hear her saying that it was raining heavily when she was about to leave.
    "But I heard that rain will soak the ground of rotten food, so why not now receive food? In case of rain not to pity?"
    "Ground vegetables are not grown up, and then a long ten days half The month’s harvest is just right. What's wrong, I want to eat vegetables?" Old man Qin felt he had guessed that there is no need to water the water in heavy rain. It’s hard work. Except for the two days of resting my foot, I came over to work obediently all the time. He coughed and said, "I will dig two cabbages for you when I get off work in the afternoon." Give me other things. No, cabbage can manage enough.
    "There's still food at home." Jianing shook her head, feeling a little disappointed, and she said that no one believed it was raining now.
    Old man Qin felt that she was polite: "Okay, work hard, and what you want to eat when you work hard." He made up his mind and dug two cabbages when he was going home.
    Jianing didn’t know, because she reminded him that he never missed cabbage to eat since then. When he found that the other party didn’t believe it, he gave up. Until he got home from work and took out the jade pendant in the house, Jianing discovered the seventh task. It has been completed, but the eighth task is to help the Xinghuacun brigade prepare for rain.
    Seeing the task on the jade pendant, Jianing looked blank. Old man Qin didn't believe her, how could she keep out the rain?
    What Jianing didn't know was that her entanglement was quickly resolved.
    The first thing Old Man Qin did when he got home was to shave out a few big cabbage at the door with a hoe.
    "There are still a few cabbages in the house that I haven't eaten. What are you doing now?" Lady Qin heard the movement at the door, thinking that someone was stealing the vegetables from her house, and went out in a hurry, but she didn't expect to see the old man planing the cabbage.
    "Go in and say." Old man Qin reported three Chinese cabbage into the yard, and said as he walked, "The next door Chen Zhiqing, today is heavy rain, and the vegetables should be soaked again. I guess I want to eat the vegetables, sorry. Said, thinking about plucking a few and sending it to her, two people can't eat much, three cabbage can eat for several days."
    "Then I will clean the cabbage outside and send it to her." When I heard that it was Chen Zhiqing next door, he didn't complain about old man Qin digging vegetables, but he smiled when he thought of the words just now, "How did my child come up with it? How can it rain heavily in winter."
    "It's just young," When you think about it, you come out." Old man Qin shook his head. Others would not make this excuse if they wanted to eat food. He was fake.
    As soon as the plan was written in the room, Qin Wei, who had discussed with the old man Qin, came up with it. Hearing the heavy rain, he raised his head and glanced at the sky, his eyes darkened, and after a while, he would come back to his senses, and suddenly felt something wrong.
    "Father, mother, who said it will rain heavily?" He hadn't paid attention to the weather in the past two days, and he was not confident that it would rain, but he could feel something wrong when he reminded him.
    "The little educated youth next door." After speaking, the old man Qin remembered to talk in the yard, and he could hear him next door. It also makes people feel less annoying.
    "Father, let's collect the vegetables tomorrow." Qin Wei thought for a while and finally said.
    "This is only the beginning of November. What kind of food?" Possession Qin glanced at her son, "Now I say how much less I can eat, and besides, the work in the field is still busy."
    "I feel like it's going to rain." Qin Wei looked up. Looked and said.
    "It's raining?" Old man Qin was taken aback. He was talking about it as a joke. He didn't expect his son to take it seriously. "Lao San, did you say it casually, or did you really see it?"
    "It looks like the sky." Qin Wei rubbed his forehead, "It's quite heavy rain." What no one knows is that he can occasionally see what happened a few days later, but it is very troublesome, and the time he can see is not Certainly, when Old Man Qin said that it was raining heavily, a puddle suddenly appeared in front of him, and the place seemed to be at the entrance of the village.
    It's just that the places he can see are things that he will see with his own eyes in a few days. Qin Wei can't understand, if it rains heavily, what will he do at the entrance of the village?
    "That..." Old man Qin began to hesitate this time. If one person said that he would be a joke, but two of them had never seen it before, and they both talked about it, it wouldn't work.
    "Why don't you stop for one day tomorrow and let people collect all the vegetables at home?" Old man Qin said after taking a cigarette. The heavy rain in winter is a big deal. It is not a trivial matter to catch a cold and heat accidentally, especially for children. There are bad brains, if everyone is not prepared, and it rains suddenly the day after tomorrow, it will be troublesome.
    "When you think about it, you will come out. Who will believe you when you say it like this? Then I will have to complain again." Po Qin didn't believe what the father and son were talking about. How could it be raining on a sunny day these days, everyone in the brigade I want to go home and rest as soon as I have been busy these few days. I am definitely not willing to delay for a day or two.
    "The vegetables in the field have to be harvested early and late, and it is not enough to eat early. It is not enough to eat." Old man Qin changed his statement, he still believed in his son.
    "Then you tell me from house to house, I won't be busy for you." Possession Qin couldn't persuade her, so she put everything away and went back to the house to cook.
    "I didn't ask you to help." Old man Qin said, and finally took a few puffs of the cigarette in his hand, and went to find the secretary and the other captains with his hands behind his back.
    The secretary of the brigade is not familiar with farm work, so he generally doesn't care about these matters, but it is impossible for the old man Qin not to tell him about the big thing that will stop work for one day tomorrow.
    The secretary attaches great importance to Old Man Qin's idea in farming. Hearing that it might rain, he directly agreed.
    It's just that the party secretary is easy to talk, but the members are not easy to talk about here. Old man Qin thought about it all the way, and finally went directly to the brigade and shouted loudly.
    Suddenly I heard the captain calling the whole team to go to a meeting. Jianing and Duan Mingming who were serving the meal were both stunned. Finally, Duan Mingming let go of their hands: "Jianing, let's go over and listen, just in case. Don't miss the important thing."
    "Okay." Jianing put down the bowl in his hand. The two of them had just cooked the meal. They wanted to eat directly in the kitchen, but they were called over.
    The place where they live in the brigade is not far away. When some people go there, a few people are scattered on the road also go there, some of them still hold Wowotou in their hands, and more of them are holding children.
    It was the first time that Jianing saw so many children come out, and she glanced curiously.
    "Obviously, why are there so many children?" Jianing saw this scene for the first time. There were many pregnant concubines in the palace, but few were born smoothly. At most two or three princes were born a year.
    Those children are all by their mothers and they are well protected. Jianing can occasionally stumble up once, but the children are taken away after one or two glances. This is the first time that someone has taken so many children out.
    "Every family has several children. Now when I come out for a meeting, I can't hold them. They will fight at home." Duan Mingming told her, "I was at home when I was a child, and I will be beaten tomorrow when I was younger."
    "We Hurry up, every family came here like this." Duan Mingming saw that the front was almost here, and many people were standing at the gate of the brigade and hurriedly pulled her over.
    Jianing followed her and found a place to stand down. It was just that there were a few people holding the children next to him, and Jianing looked at it several times.
    "Jianing, do you have no children in your family?" Duan Mingming asked seeing her so curious about children.
    Jianing shook his head. Her brother had just got engaged and she was the youngest in the family.
    "It's great." Duan Mingming was a little envious. "There are too many children, and it's hard to be entangled." Her two cousins ​​and three children feel that their brains are blown up at home every day.
    Jianing originally wanted to ask her why she was so difficult. The next moment a child who had just stood well in front suddenly sat on the ground, rolling and crying. Jianing, who thought the child was cute, took a step back.

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