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   A few people returned to the village. Jianing was very quiet along the way. When they arrived home, they put down their things, sat in the house silently, and did not feel happy in the morning at all.
    At first, Duan Mingming thought she was tired, so he put the little chicken cubs in the corner and let them be with the puppy cubs. They were not big anyway and were not afraid of fighting. After putting it away, I went to the kitchen and took a look. I thought about what I would eat at noon before returning to the house. Only when I came back to the house I saw that the people hadn’t come out yet. I was a little anxious. I shouted into the house at the door: "Jianing, why don’t you come out? Let’s eat. After dinner, go to the next door to help." I live in someone's house, so I have to help.
    "Here's here." Jianing was stunned, and finally decided to let the flow go. Hearing the sound, he hurried out and nodded when he heard Duan Mingming's intention, and locked the door next door.
    "The captain helped us so much, help us with some work today." Duan Mingming explained.
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded and agreed, but when she went out to find that she seemed to have forgotten something, she walked halfway and remembered it, not only the old man Qin and the old lady Qin, but also another person next door.
    It's just that I've got here, and it's unrealistic to go back now. Jianing gritted his teeth and decided to hide himself when he saw the other party for a while.
    Jianing was worried all the way, but when he walked to Qin's house, he realized that he was worrying too much, because Qin Wei was not at home.
    Jianing was relieved and followed Duan Mingming to the yard. She came to Qin’s backyard for the first time and found that she had grown a lot of vegetables. Acquainted.
    "Why are you two here?" Old lady Qin squatted on the ground and was pulling out cabbage. Old man Qin used a hoe to dig out the follower. She could get it out with a little bit of effort, and there might not be a bunch next to her.
    "Auntie, let's come and help."
    "No need for you, did you two just come back? Go back to dinner, don't freeze in the cold weather, drink more hot soup later, by the way, wait for me, I'll get it for you Order ginger."
    Not only did Granny Qin not ask them to help, she also gave a bunch of things for them to go back. Jianing held a few eggs that Po Qin gave her in one hand, and half a packet of brown sugar in the other. Duan Mingming next to him was carrying half a bag of wheat bran that was said to be used for feeding chickens. The two returned home. Jianing looked at the pile of things and was puzzled. Aunt Qin was so kind to them today.
    Duan Mingming also found it a bit strange. The attitude of the next door towards Jianing was always good, but he was not as enthusiastic as today. Bag after bag of things were given, and my daughters didn't hurt that much, right?
    "Jianing, have you spoken to Aunt Qin these past two days?" Duan Mingming thought for a while, but still didn't understand why his attitude changed so quickly.
    Jianing shook her head. She had been with Duan Mingming and had never done anything.
    "Surprising strange." Whispered one segment Obviously, the next moment to hear the sound Jianing stomach called, "Jianing you hungry?"
    "Ah." Ning embarrassment over his stomach, back and forth from a town The trip was very tiring, and I didn't have time to eat the snacks I bought. I just went to the next door again. Now I feel hungry. I haven't said it yet. I didn't expect my stomach to scream first.
    "That's fine, let's cook first, and then go to the next door to help after the meal." Duan Mingming thought that it was indeed time to eat.
    But while cooking, Duan Mingming kept muttering about the rain tomorrow: "Jianing, will it really rain if it doesn't happen? What if it doesn't rain?"
    "Maybe." Jianing is also not sure. , But Yu Pei has no reason to lie to her, not to mention that she feels that the weather today is a bit abnormal.
    "Forget it." Duan Mingming suddenly remembered that the other party's fingers do not touch Yangshui, I am afraid he does not understand this better than himself.
    Jianing didn't speak, and sat quietly down to burn the fire. She was still thinking about it. Fortunately, it didn't take long for the meal to be ready. She felt hungry for a long time before she was sentimental. The most important thing is to eat.
    After eating and drinking enough, Jianing touched her stomach twice, and suddenly suspected that she was feeling sad because of the hallucinations that came out of hunger. How could her mother and brother love her so much, how could they forget her, not to mention... Jianing was silent. For a while, if they really forget about themselves, they won't think about those people in the future.
    "I'll go to brush the bowl, and we'll see it later?" Duan Mingming was also full. This meal was richer than usual, and there was a small piece of bacon given by Granny Qin.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded, realizing that she had no time to do it, and then took out the wheat bran that Po Qin had just given. "Obviously, just throw it in?" She just glanced at the chickens fed by Qin's backyard. It seems like this on the ground.
    "I can't eat it now." Duan Mingming shook his head. "It's too young now. Feed some rice noodles. Don't forget to add some water." Duan Mingming felt a little distressed when he finished speaking, but when he thought of waiting for a while, these chickens can be used. Just look away when you lay the egg.
    Jianing nodded, and took out the broken bowl from the wheat bran. This was also given by Mrs. Qin. After the other party knew that the two were going to raise chickens, they had everything ready.
    Grabbing a handful of rice noodles and putting it in a bowl, Jianing poured a little hot water out of the kettle, and waited until the bowl was not hot before sending it to the two chickens in the basket.
    Seeing the two chicken cubs huddled together because he took away the old clothes on them, Jianing put down the bowl and immediately covered them, but he wanted to withdraw his hands but was blocked.
    It was the little white dog that Duan Mingming brought back to her a few days ago. Jianing remembered that he hadn't eaten much and thought he was hungry. He just glanced at the side and didn't eat the food left for him.
    Maybe you don’t like it? Jianing hesitated and took out a small piece of bacon for it.
    The little white dog leaned forward and sniffed it, tentatively going up to bite, but the teeth hadn't grown well yet, so he could only hold the meat in his mouth and couldn't bite.
    "Jianing, you..." Duan Mingming came in and saw that Jianing was feeding the dog with bacon. He thought it was too wasteful. Suddenly he thought that he had eaten a lot of things from the other party. The puppies are too small to eat bacon. "You wait for it to be bigger and then feed it like this. Now you can drink some rice batter. If it is too big, it can't eat it."
    "But it won't eat." Jianing struggled with food. If you don’t eat it, you can’t eat bacon. It’s still so small, so how can you feed it?
    Before Jianing finished speaking, the little white dog seemed to have noticed something, and stepped back a few steps secretly holding the meat in his mouth, and got into the clothes at once, as if he was afraid that others would snatch his own things.
    "It's pretty clever." Duan Mingming said in surprise, "Forget it, I'll take a look later, I shouldn't be able to choke with such a bit of meat, let's clean up the yard."
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, she herself did. Nothing to do.
    "It's a bit dark in the sky." When he went out, Duan Mingming raised his head and took a look. From the west, it felt like it was going to rain. "Could it be raining?" Yes, she still thinks it is unlikely to rain. .
    "Yes." Jianing is also watching the sky, but she can't.
    "Forget it, let's get it right to help the captain's house."
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded. When the Qin's family just went there, more than half of them hadn't finished.
    There was not much in the yard, and the two took clothes and everything into the house. When they went to the next door this time, Old Lady Qin did not refuse, and the expression on her face became much heavier.
    At first, no one thought that the possibility of rain was very high. She also thought about only accepting the big ones and waiting for the small ones for a few days. Now she dare not take any risks. There are mountains on three sides of them, and the village is a depression in the middle of the mountains, which is flooded when it rains. A few people didn't speak much, and hurried to work.
    It's just that Jianing is a little uncomfortable because Qin Wei is at home.
    In the morning, I didn't know where I was going and I didn't see anyone. When I came to Jianing, I found Qin Wei was there to help, and his actions were very quick. The cabbage rooted down with a hoe.
    Jianing glanced over there with a bit of fear, and immediately retracted his eyes. King Qin had one enemy and one hundred on the battlefield, and he would definitely not be able to defeat him. It would be better to be honest.
    Qin Wei didn't know her thoughts, and when she saw her coming over, he wanted to help. He felt a little relieved and felt even more distressed.
    Anyway, I can't let it work. I have only been here for a few days, and it is a lap thinner than before. Seeing that Jianing was about to squat down to help, Qin Wei coughed and cleared his throat. When he was about to speak, the next moment he saw the other party shivering.
    The other party didn't move much, but Qin Wei could see clearly. He was sure that his own voice hadn't sounded just now, and the other three people except Jianing were still busy.
    Suddenly thinking of something, Qin Wei squinted his eyes.

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