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  Chen Jialing really feels nothing. She has made mistakes more than once or twice, but no one in the family is willing to beat her. Although the last time her sister went to the countryside, she was very angry, but no one did it. Not to mention that she is the youngest at home, so Not afraid at all.
    What Chen Jialing didn't know was that during this time, the family was busy trying to find a way for Jianing to see if she could be replaced.
    Chen Jiarong was not at home all day long and was doing this. As for the others, Chen's mother wanted to chill her for a few more days, but she immediately became cold when she stole the money.
    It’s just that it’s easy to hand over the money, but it’s not that easy to come back, not to mention that they can’t afford to collect money. Mother Chen's only hope is that her eldest daughter will have a little conscience. She remembers the sister who was tortured by her. Only today did she find out that she thinks too much, and some children are unfamiliar.
    After Chen's prepared the meal, she found that only the daughter-in-law had returned, and the husband and son were not there. After thinking about it, she wanted to save half of the food, and greeted her daughter-in-law, and the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law should eat first.
    "Mom, what about mine?" Chen Jialing heard her mother tell her sister-in-law to eat and ran out immediately, only to find that there were only two bowls on the table and the dishes on the plate were pitiful.
    "What to eat if you don't earn a penny? Go." Mother Chen drove her away like a fly. "The next day I don't go to work and I don't eat. It just happens that the rice and noodles at home are almost gone. It's good to not eat."
    "Mom, you ." How could this be? Chen Jialing looked incredulous.
    "Forget it if you don't believe it. Without you anyway. "Mother Chen picked up the chopsticks to eat, and only took a few mouthfuls, and finally pushed the rest to her daughter-in-law.
    Chen Jialing saw that she really didn't have her meal with her dazed skill, so she forgot to speak and went back. God saw that his mother had finished eating, and immediately went over: "Mom, I'm hungry. "I deliberately learned Jianing's tone, trying to make Chen's mother feel a little bit distressed.
    It’s just that it’s better if she doesn’t say that. As soon as she says it, Mother Chen misses her little daughter even more: "You still have the face to say that you are hungry? Your sister still doesn’t know where to suffer. What right do you have to say that you are hungry or starved to death? It deserves it, when will you earn back from stealing the money from the house? When will you have your meal at home. "Speaking to see the daughter-in-law also finished eating, pick up the leftover dishes on the table and put them in the house, in front of Chen Jialing." "Bang" shut the door.
    "Mom, how can you be like this? It's all your daughter. You can't just think about Chen Jianing, right? I've seen eccentric people, but I haven't seen someone like this in our family. I'm two years older than her, but everything at home It’s hers. If I eat more meat, you will tell me all afternoon. I have had enough of this day."
    "You have the face to say that the family is partial? Why did Jianing give birth prematurely? It's not because of you? She has been weak since she was a child, and finally went to school. So you pushed her into the water on the road, Chen Jialing, you are such a vicious sister." Mother Chen didn't want to see her and shut the door back to the house.
    The poor health of the youngest daughter is the eternal pain in her heart. Of the three children, the youngest daughter owes the most. If she did not want her mother-in-law to help see the eldest daughter, she would not be hit by the eldest daughter at the corner of the table and cause premature birth.
    Had she not discussed with her husband to let the two daughters go to school together, the youngest daughter would not have been pushed into the water. Children who were in poor health would be even worse, and now they are not as smart as their teenage children.
    Mother Chen’s biggest worry over the years is her little daughter. Every time she sees her little daughter, she feels distressed. She originally thought that she would give her work to her daughter-in-law in two years, and her job would be higher than her daughter-in-law’s salary. The family is separated. She takes care of her little daughter at home, and her husband can support three people at work alone.
    The older the youngest daughter, the better-looking. Chen's mother was afraid. It is good for the girl to look beautiful, but the youngest daughter is not as quick as an ordinary person. There are many bad people outside, and Chen's mother is afraid of accidents. Only then did I have the idea of ​​retiring early, but I didn't expect that before that time, the eldest daughter gave her a blow.
    Mother Chen felt that she was wrong. Before that, she should have taken care of her eldest daughter, even if she was a real daughter? Challenged her bottom line time and time again, Mother Chen sat on the bed, thinking of her little daughter who still didn't know where she was, was silent for a while, and took out the household registration book from a box beside the bed.
    ... When
    Chen Jiarong and his father came back, the house was alone with his wife, and the house was a bit horrible quiet. Asking what was going on, he directly finalized the morning's plan.
    "Chen Jialing, you are going to prepare. Next Monday you will go to the countryside." Chen Jiarong knocked on the door next door and said directly without waiting for the person in the room to open the door.
    "What?" Chen Jialing was originally lying on the bed, and wanted to wait for his father and brother to come home to eat together. Anyway, her mother was angry and the two of them didn't know. She had heard those words dozens of times. They were all from childhood. I always blame her for making mistakes when I was young, right?
    I just didn't expect to hear the news first before eating. Of course she doesn’t want to go to the countryside. She is not stupid. Going to the countryside speaks nicely. In the end, she is exhausted and she may not be full. I heard that the country does not necessarily eat meat once a year. Not as good as home.
    "I'm not going!" Chen Jialing opened the door, "Who made the idea? Chen Jiarong, I know you think I'm not pleasing to your eyes, Chen Jianing is your good sister, I just picked it up, right?"
    Chen Jiarong said nothing, quietly Looked at her.
    When he spoke, Chen Jialing was not afraid, but what Chen Jialing was most afraid of was Chen Jiarong who stood there silently. When she was a child, her parents forgave her for making mistakes. Chen Jiarong was like this. Every time, the next few days. Life is frightening.
    "Already signed up." What Chen Jialing didn't expect was that Chen Jiarong quickly retracted his eyes this time, said a word and left.
    Seeing Chen Jiarong's back, Chen Jialing almost jumped up happily, did not speak any more, proving that there would be no punishment, but suddenly thought of what Chen Jiarong had just said, and Chen Jialing directly caught up.
    "Big brother, going to the countryside is too tired, I won't go, you can help me remove the name." Knowing that it is not acceptable to refuse to accept it at this time, Chen Jialing quickly changed his attitude.
    "No." Chen Jiarong took her hand away, "Give me and dad a hot meal." The last sentence was addressed to his wife.
    Sister Chen nodded, glanced at the sister-in-law who hadn't accepted her fate, and went into the house to warm up the food for her husband and father-in-law.
    "When Chen Jianing went to the countryside, you were all distressed. I have been so cruel. I have seen partiality. I have never seen you such a partiality. Chen Jiarong, if you don't remove my name, I will report you, report your corruption and accept bribes. "Chen Jialing said nothing.
    "Go, it's best to report the whole family." Chen Jiarong was not afraid of her threats, and worked hard by herself. Chen Jialing's lies did not hurt him at all. What's more, Chen Jialing was just speaking harshly, she didn't dare.
    Chen Jialing really didn't dare. Although he had a bad relationship with Chen Jiarong and knew his style, he knew that there would be no results in his report, so he would not mention this matter again, but it was impossible to go to the countryside.
    "I don't go to the countryside anyway." It's still the same sentence after all.
    "It's okay if you don't go to the countryside," Chen Jiarong was unusually calm, "You move out."
    "What?!" Chen Jialing was happy when he heard the previous sentence, and the joy on the face was gone when he heard the second half the next moment, "Chen Jiarong Don't be too much!"
    Chen Jiarong looked up at her, did not speak, looked down at the newspaper in his hand, as if the person in front of him was not his own sister, but a stranger.
    Chen Jialing knew that Chen Jiarong didn’t have any discussion like this, and that his father was hanging up on the sidelines, his sister-in-law couldn’t hide in the kitchen, and even if he came out, he didn’t care about himself, knowing that it would be useless to stay. Just about to give up, I suddenly thought of someone, then looked at the two people on the table, turned around and went to Chen's mother's house.
    cold, and the food will be cold after a while. Fortunately, the stove at home has not gone out, and there are not many foods. It will be fine after putting it on for a while. Sister Chen quickly heated up the food and took a look at the outside room. Sister-in-law was away before going out.
    "Dad, Jia Rong, let's eat." The hot meal was brought to the table, but neither of the people on the table wanted to eat.
    "Jia Rong, send something to your sister tomorrow." Father Chen said while looking at the table. Several people in the room knew who this sister was talking about.
    "Yeah." Chen Jiarong was ready, so naturally he didn't need to ask his father to tell him, "Dad, the unit has issued benefits, and I plan to send them all to Jianing."
    " Okay ." The little daughter suffered in the country and didn't know how she would live. The welfare of the son's unit has been good, and it was just right to send it to the youngest daughter.
    "Dad, Jia Rong, I heard that we plant this year there are a couple of pounds welfare osmanthus cake." Chen sister and her husband heard the father say something welfare suddenly spoke, "or to Jianing also send them over?"
    "Stay half, left The next ones are sent to Jianing." All the juniors in the family except Chen Jiarong like to eat sweet-scented osmanthus cakes. Chen Jiarong will definitely leave a part of his wife's welfare. "You and mom are the rest."
    "I won't eat anymore." Chen My sister-in-law shook her head. Although she is a temporary worker in a food factory, and her salary and benefits are not as good as regular employees, she occasionally gets some defective products. I don’t care about this. The prices of some of Jianing’s favorite pastries are too expensive. I used to be at home. can buy once in a while, and now in that little place certainly not at home, "gave Jianing, I want to eat and mom can buy."
    the couple loved sister is the same, Chen sister finished back into the house to stay Most of the cotton tickets for most of the year were taken out to find the mother-in-law. Several of them were late at work. Only the mother-in-law had a lot of free time. Cotton and cloth were not available for purchase later, so it was just right for the mother-in-law to buy it.
    "Jianing Na, you look at buying more things and sending it over." Father Chen generally doesn't care about the children's food and clothing costs. They are all prepared by his wife, but the youngest daughter was so wronged this time, and he felt that no compensation was enough.
    "Yeah." Chen Jiarong nodded, picked up his chopsticks and started eating.
    When Sister Chen came out, she saw that her husband's face was not so ugly, and she was relieved.
    "Dad, I plan to go there." Chen Jiarong put down his chopsticks. Although he received a letter from his sister, and the news he entrusted with, he said that the village where his sister was assigned is the best around. Chen Jiarong was still worried and planned. Take time off these days to see in person.
    "You want to go?" Father Chen didn't expect his son to have this plan. After thinking about it, he finally nodded, "Go." He was worried. His wife must be worried about the little daughter. In this case, it is better to let the eldest son run away. Come on, the family will think of a way to get the child back as soon as possible.

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