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    Old man Qin always felt that no one was more angry than his third son, but today he realizes that he used to be short-sighted.
    "What kind of words to write every year!"
    "I didn't say that I had to write it. You told me to write it." Jianing felt very wronged.
    "Yes, I shouldn't talk." Old man Qin felt that he couldn't noisy her. What's more, the other party is younger than his own son, so it makes people laugh at jokes.
    "Second post, go directly to the educated youth academy." Old man Qin comforted himself and sent people to the educated youth academy. When the educated youth is sent back, he must rest well when he gets home.
    "Yes." Qin Gang replied, leading the cow towards the educated youth academy.
    "Wait a minute, you get down first." Old man Qin walked behind this time and just happened to see Jianing who was in the car. He suddenly remembered this, and he just had to sit on the bullock cart on the road with sore feet. The educated youth saw it again.
    "Okay." Jianing got out of the car obediently, but with a more aggrieved expression than before, silently walked to Duan Mingming's side.
    "Jianing, can you take a bullock cart?" Duan Mingming asked enviously. She felt her legs were tired, but she didn't dare to tell Captain Qin.
    "Don't panic, panic, and stunned." Jianing shook her head. Even if she is an unfavored princess, she usually rides in a better car than this.
    "But you don't have to tire your legs." Duan Mingming was still envious, at least he didn't have to work hard when he was in the car.
    I just thought that Jianing had dared to talk back to Captain Qin just now, and she admired her more suddenly, surely she didn't dare.
    Jianing didn't speak, just as the bullock cart in front had already started to leave, the two hurried to follow.
    The School for Educated Youth is about half a mile away from the entrance of the village. It's just that when I arrive at the Educated Youth Academy, there are still new problems.
    Old man Qin looked at the empty house in the educated youth courtyard, only two houses were left, and the two houses were left with things. Looking at the mess of tables and chairs in the room, Old Man Qin put the dry smoke on his waist and shouted at the outside: "Whose things are in the room, clean it up for me, and if you don't clean it up later, give it to the new educated youth. Use it."
    Old man Qin was angry. These tables and stools were given to educated youths in the brigade. They were originally for their convenience. One room, one table and several chairs, can sit and eat in the room.
    Who knows that everyone in the brigade is so careful, but they are not good things. Look at the tossing of the two houses, and I don't know how to wipe the leftovers on the table, and the table and chairs are crooked. He is not angry that these two rooms are used, and he is angry that these people don't care about things.
    Jianing stood at the door, glanced into the room curiously, and suddenly looked disgusted. The residence of Concubine De's mother in Lenggong was better than this one.
    Old man Qin was angry when he finished speaking, but when he turned around, he saw that the little educated youth looked disgusted and felt that he had found a way to control her.
    "What's wrong, it's dirty inside? You will live here tonight." And talked back to yourself, now dumbfounded.
    "I won't live." Jianing shook her head and took two steps back. "I won't live here." The mess inside really impressed her too much. When she thought that she might live here at night, Jianing also No matter how Liu Yunyun confessed to him at the time, he refused directly.
    "If you don't live here, where do you live?" Old man Qin was taken aback. Every educated youth was unwilling to live here, but in the end they lived well, why this time the reaction was so big.
    "I don't want to live here." Jianing shook his head desperately, maybe because of too much force, or maybe because he just saw
    the leftovers and leftovers on the table that I didn't know how long he had not cleaned, the next moment Jianing felt nauseous. There was no spittoon, but I found a wall root and retched.
    The new young educated youth vomited as soon as they entered the educated youth academy, and the few educated youths who had been called out by the old man Qin to clean up the house were now still there, standing aside watching the excitement.
    "What to see, hurry up." Old man Qin blasted them in impatiently, sighed and said to Jianing, "Educated Chen, you have a kettle in your arms, drink a few sips of water." I knew I had stopped talking just now. .
    Jianing nodded slightly, opened the kettle and took a sip of water to gargle. The hot water that came from home has now become warmer, just enough to get into your mouth.
    Jianing drank two more sips of water after gargle, and then felt comfortable and stood up slowly.
    Over there, Old Man Qin watched the educated youth begin to move the tables and chairs inside, and began to think about how to arrange a few people.
    There is a kang in the educated youth academy, but this kang is connected, and each room will not occupy much space after being separated.
    The remaining two kangs are about two to three meters wide. It is just right for two people to sleep, and three people can also be squeezed, but if there are four people, it can't be squeezed.
    Old man Qin took a closer look. There were two houses, one large and the other small, the larger house was occupied by three people, and the smaller house was slightly crowded for three people.
    But this time he brought back seven educated youths, old man Qin had a hard time, and he couldn't keep up with any arrangement.
    These two rooms were vacated because of a few educated youth getting married this year, and the entire brigade was full. At that time, he planned to live with the team members if there is nowhere to come to the educated youth. Unexpectedly, an educated youth would get married later and spare a few positions.
    It's just that even this is not enough. Old man Qin looked at the few educated youths waiting in the yard, then looked at the Kang in the house, and finally decided to separate two people and find a new place.
    "Second post, you go write a note for lottery, seven, two are different." After thinking about it, the old man Qin directly said to Yizi.
    Qin Gang promised to run out and didn't forget to lead the cow back before going out.
    "We'll catch the lottery when the second post comes." Old man Qin was thinking about waiting to see who was drawn out.
    Jianing listened quietly after drinking the water, but didn't know what the other party wanted to catch.
    "Seven of you, five will live here later, and I will find a place for the remaining two." Old man Qin sighed, thinking about where the remaining two educated youth can live.
    "Oh." Jianing nodded, she understood. If she got those two, she could not live here.
    "Captain, where do the remaining two educated youth live?" the old educated youth who was moving outside asked, she wanted to apply for a replacement if she wanted a good place to live.
    "Who knows where to live, look at which thatched hut at the entrance of the village is empty, you can't let them have no place to live." After the
    old man Qin said that the thatched hut, everyone else was quiet, lest the other party would see him uncomfortable and arrange himself outside. .
    Only Jianing, after hearing about the thatched house, not only was not afraid, but also a little happy. It would be great if she could live outside.
    "I want to live outside." Jianing looked up at Old Man Qin's expression and whispered.
    "If you want to go, grab a lot, and you can't change it when the catch is over." Old man Qin has lost his violent temper.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded. If you can live outside, the thatched cottage will do.
    "Take it, Second Uncle, don't you?" The two were talking, Qin Gang ran in from outside and took a handful of paper to Old Man Qin.
    Old man Qin took the balls one by one and asked for a bowl from the educated youth who were playing in the yard. He put the paper ball in it for several people to catch: "A person can only catch one, and you
    can't peek at it. Whatever you catch is what you catch. "A
    few educated youths walked over, and Jianing was at the end. The few people in front drew lots and wandered around, wishing to see what was written in each ball of paper.
    Old man Qin was so angry at their speed that he couldn't help but have a fierce meal: "Hurry up, and go out and live without catching. How big is the matter, can it be done?"
    After Old Man Qin finished speaking, Jianing felt that the previous few people moved a little faster.
    Jianing was behind them, so it was the last one to catch. When it was her turn, there was only the last one in the bowl. Jianing didn't feel entangled at all and picked it up directly.
    "Okay, let me tell you which one is going to live in." Old man Qin coughed, and then continued: "What is written on the note is to go out and live. There are five more to stay, this is to stay. Come down."
    "How is it possible? I won't go out!" As soon as the old man Qin said, Fang Mingzhen's voice came from behind. Maybe he didn't believe that he was drawn out.
    "What is bluffing?" The most annoying thing about old man Qin was bluffing. He was already tired, so he wanted to make it right and go back quickly. Hearing this sound made his brain hurt.
    Jianing ignored the movement there, she was reading her note with Duan Mingming.
    "Obviously, is this staying?" With the previous foundation, Jianing could barely see that the word was not used.
    "Yes, Jianing, you live here, let me see mine..." Duan Mingming said, opening his note, and was taken aback.
    "What's the matter?" Jianing asked when feeling that the other party's emotions were not right.
    "Jianing, I seem to be going out." Duan Mingming looked at the note in her hand, why is she so lucky.
    "Obviously, don't you want to live outside?" Jianing just realized that the other party's thoughts seemed different from his own.
    "It's not convenient to live outside." Duan Mingming shook his head. Of course, she can live in an educated youth academy, but the note in her hand is out.
    "Then..." Jianing looked at the note in his hand with greedy eyes, "The two of us change it." So he can go out.
    "No!" Duan Mingming shook his head. It was obvious that she was drawn by herself, and she couldn't let her do it for herself.
    "I want to go outside." Jianing told her the truth.
    "That won't work, Jianing, you don't know how difficult it is to live outside." There must be no educated youth institute comfortable.
    "I don't want to live here." Jianing shook her head. She couldn't stand it. If she were to live here, she might still vomit.
    "I'll change it with you!" Fang Mingzhen, who didn't know how long he listened to, jumped out and took the note in Jianing's hand directly, and then stuffed the note in her hand into her hand.
    The other party's robbery action made Jianing, who was chatting with Duan Mingming frowned, suddenly wanted to hit someone.
    The author has something to say: If you are squeamish and angry, the consequences will be serious.

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