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    A crisp applause made everyone in the yard stunned. Although Fang Mingzhen grabbed something, they were also surprised, but No one thought that Jianing, who had been well-behaved, suddenly moved her hand.
    Fang Mingzhen felt the pain on the back of her hand and couldn't care about anything.
    She rushed forward and wanted to fight: "Chen Jianing, you are looking for death!" Of course, it is impossible for Jianing to make her rush. He stepped back sensitively, and the next moment, Fang Mingzhen, who threw in front of her, didn't stop his steps, swayed forward, and almost knelt to the ground.
    "She robbed me, I was scared, and didn't want to hit her." Knowing who said what counts, Jianing said to Old Man Qin with an aggrieved expression.
    Old man Qin was choking in his throat when she was about to yell, but the anger in his heart did not diminish at all, and all moved to another person: "Fang, the educated youth, what did you do just now? Go wherever you are. People don't want to. What are you robbing you for?" These new educated youths are really outrageous. They didn't do anything, so they caused him a lot of trouble first.
    "She said she wanted to go to the thatched cottage." Fang Mingzhen looked unconvinced, why can't Duan Mingming change her.
    "Chen Zhiqing is going to ask her to say it herself, you follow along to join in the excitement, and quickly change the note, there is nothing to mess with!" Old man Qin roared impatiently.
    Fang Mingzhen wanted to say something. The next second she saw the injury on her hand, she immediately started to use this as a handle: "No, she just hit me, and the place is compensated for me."
    "It was when you stole something. When I get to me, I’m afraid I’ll fight.” Jianing retorted in a low voice, aggrieved, “I’ll be fine if you don’t stop.”
    Duan Mingming echoed next to him: “Yes, it’s clearly something you grabbed first, you don’t There's nothing to rob, and I don't blame Jianing at all."
    Fang Mingzhen was so angry with them, their tone clearly showed a meaning: you deserve it.
    "The things you grab first, don't allow people to do it?" Old man Qin roared irritably, "Don't change it, arrange the room first." The note is for lottery, and now I know who is where, so I don't need it. Same thing too.
    "No!" Fang Mingzhen looked unwilling, "I'm not a thatched hut. Let me go to the thatched hut. I would rather go home." She has seen the thatched hut. The grandmother lives in her hometown. They never go back to the house all year round. Dislike the old lady's house.
    "Educated Fang!" Old man Qin was really angry now. "If you don't want to stay, you can go back by yourself. I have been the captain for so many years and I have never seen you so difficult to manage." Now they all stand obediently, she is the only one who is still noisy.
    "That won't work, anyway, if I don't go out, I will live here, or I will go to the commune to report you." Fang Mingzhen was still unconvinced, so why the two people quarreled just said that they were on the road just now, and they are now.
    "Chen Zhiqing, would you like to change with her? When you are divided into Yangzi tomorrow, she will give you half of her food." Old man Qin doesn't want to quarrel with Fang Mingzhen now. The youngest son is still at home. He hasn't seen him for a long time. rest assured.
    The eldest son and the second son are not at home these days, and the old woman can't wait for him alone. He can't feed his son unless he goes back. It's at least two or three o'clock depending on the weather. If he doesn't go back, the old woman at home should be anxious. It's just that he remembered the other party's words. He had grown up so old, and he had never been threatened so much.
    "Okay." It doesn't matter whether or not the food is needed, she just wants to see Fang Mingzhen deflate, and she is happy when the other party is not happy. Jianing has a lot of grudges, and most annoys others to snatch his own things.
    "That's OK, Fang Mingzhen, you live in an educated youth institute, and half of tomorrow's food will be allocated to Chen Zhiqing."
    "For what reason, you can go out and live if you don't want to, and if you want to, you will share the food." Old man Qin carried his hand back. Anyone who is familiar with him knows that this action is impatient and wants to leave.
    But Fang Mingzhen is not willing to divide the grain. Why can others live directly in the educated youth institute, and divide the grain into half when he lives, so she feels distressed.
    "I won't change with her, I will change with other people." Fang Mingzhen suddenly thought of a good idea. Why would she hold on to Chen Jianing? There are four other people in the educated youth academy. You can change with any of them. Ming Zhen immediately asked Tian Yuan next to him, "Yuan Yuan, should we change?"
    Tian Yuan shook her head. The captain said just now. It is not certain where the educated youths who go out live live in. She thinks it is safe to live in an educated youth institute. "I really like it here, so I don't want to change it."
    "Yuanyuan, for the sake of our classmates for so many years, you should change with me?" Fang Mingzhen knew that she was softhearted, so she said a few more words. She would definitely agree.
    Tian Yuan, who is usually very talkative, is very firm today. No matter what she says, the other party has an attitude and doesn't change.
    "I misunderstood you! You didn't help me just now in the commune, and you still don't help!" After talking for a long time, there was no response at all. Fang Mingzhen muttered, lowered her arm, and turned his eyes to the three men next to him. Educated youth.
    The three people stood on the other side, seemingly not caring about this side. Fang Mingzhen observed it, and finally found the one who spoke the best, and said to the fat male educated youth standing on the far right: "Yuan Zhiqing, I am one. The girl is not safe outside, can you change with me?"
    "If you don't change, I'm also afraid." The other party immediately shook his head, as if he was afraid of hearing a sentence, and then stood a step back.
    Fang Mingzhen didn't expect the other party to react like this, she suddenly looked contemptuous, a big man is more timid than a girl, is he still a man?
    It's just that she doesn't dare to say it now, so she can only complain secretly in her heart, if she makes the other person angry, she can't beat it.
    Without a single blow, Fang Mingzhen set his sights on the next educated youth: "Educated Feng, I..." Before
    he could say everything this time, the dialogue had been rejected: "No change."
    "Shen..." Fang Mingzhen had no choice but to turn his attention to the last educated youth.
    She just didn't wait for her to say that the other party had avoided it.
    After asking four people without success, Fang Mingzhen couldn't do anything, but she felt distressed when she thought of distributing food to Jianing.
    "Have you found it?" Old man Qin had already walked back and forth in the yard, and he was anxious to go home.
    "No..." Fang Mingzhen was like a cock that was defeated in a fight, and she couldn't say the next sentence.
    "Either distribute the food or go outside, hurry up and say where to go?"
    "I want to live here." Fang Mingzhen said quickly.
    "Yes, Chen Zhiqing, can you live there with Duan Zhiqing?" One person agreed, but another person had to agree.
    "Yes." Jianing nodded slightly.
    Old man Qin breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but it was arranged.
    Now there are two female educated youths and three male educated youths left in the educated youth academy.
    "When the three of you live, you two live in the smaller one." The things in the house have been moved out, and a few people can live in with their things.
    Jianing and Duan Mingming stood aside and listened quietly to Old Man Qin's arrangement of a few educated youth residences. When they finished moving, Old Man Qin turned around to take care of them.
    "You two come with me, two gang, helped with something." The old man looked at two people Qin luggage, do not look at the light, they would undoubtedly go by without
    Qin Gang nodded, walked over and picked up the luggage of the two of them one by one.
    "I'll take it myself." Jianing shook her head. She wanted to take it by herself and didn't want others to help.
    "You can't take it by yourself, there is still a long way, are you carrying it on your back?" Old man Qin said to her angrily.
    "Oh." Jianing was quiet, did not reach out to pull her luggage this time, and let Qin Gang help hold it.
    "Ergang, are the two houses next to your house still vacant?" Seeing that both of them have been cleaned up, Old Man Qin plans to find a new place first, "Go to the brigade and sit down before moving to a new place."
    The brigade is next to the educated youth academy, which was originally part of the brigade, because the educated youth who came had no place to live. The members of his team divided out most of the houses in his team and gave them wishes. Later, there were more and more educated youths, and more places were needed. As a result, the brigade now had one room left.
    "Second uncle, did you forget? Aunt Liutang just came back a few days ago." Qin Gang carried two luggages, not feeling heavy at all, and walked to the brigade house to put down the two luggages.
    "That's not easy, let me think about where there is a house where people can live." Old man Qin wanted to find an empty house, also for two educated youths, a place with a lot of people, noisy and noisy every day, it must be uncomfortable to live in. What's more, now there is someone who can talk back so much. He is afraid that she will be arranged to go to another house, and he will be driven out within two or three days.
    Old man Qin felt that he could hold back his temper after being tempered by his son, but he was still angry after hearing her words. He was so angry after being tossed by his son for so many years, and others definitely couldn't bear it.
    "Then where do we live?" Jianing was a little anxious. She just checked the cuff, and there was nothing inside. Beibei didn't know where she went to play again. Jianing was afraid of an accident, but there were people around and couldn't shout. She wanted to go back and talk to her.
    "Wait, I'll think about the place." Old man Qin sat on the stool for a while before he felt that he had rested. He walked all the way back from the commune, and added a few educated youths to add to the chaos and back-talking, making him tired.
    "Second Uncle, how are the two houses under the mountain?" Qin Gang asked, looking up, only one place in the village was empty.
    "No." Old man Qin shook his head, "From time to time someone has lived there for a day or two, and it is not convenient for the two girls to live there." Another reason is that it is far from the village and the location is too remote.
    "Then there is no vacant house." Qin Gang shook his head. No one in his village has ever moved out, and the house is naturally not vacant. Only two houses have vacant houses, which are for the juniors to get married. They are definitely not willing to let them live.
    It's just that Qin Gang didn't expect that the old man next to Qin was also playing the idea of ​​a new house.
    "Then live in the third child's house first." Old man Qin sighed. His son hasn't woken up yet, and the doctor said whether he can wake up or not. Who knows if you can live in the new house you build, and if you’re idle, you’re also idle. It's better to let two educated youth live.

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