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  "Where are you going?" Jianing was afraid that he was the same as last time, and disappeared inexplicably.
    "It won't be too far. I'll be back in a few days." After Qin Wei finished talking, he wanted to rub her hair. Yu Guang saw someone walking here at the door. It was time for work, and everyone else in the brigade was on the ground. Here, it is self-evident who is here.
    He was not afraid of Chen Jiarong, but he was afraid that Jianing would be embarrassed. Qin Wei quickly gave her the money in his hand: "Take it away, just tell my father or my mother if you have anything to do. Buy something and find a second dog." "I'm going back first, you come in quickly."
    "Okay." Jianing agreed, suddenly thinking of something, called Qin Wei, and took out all the food stamps and money he had brought to him. "
    Qin Wei feels numb, and shook his head: "I don't want it, Nizi keep it for use." The girl’s family, buy more delicious food, Qin Wei doesn’t want other people to buy things and Jianing will watch by the side, no matter how much They all suffered from the suffering when they were young, and that kind of life is enough once. Today's Jianing should be Jianing who wants what he wants.
    "I can't use it." Jianing shook her head, "Brother is here, he will buy it."
    "Jianing, what are you talking about?"
    Jianing was startled by the sudden voice, she didn't expect that she was just talking casually My brother came. Fortunately, I was too far away to see here. Jianing began to lie: "Brother, are you back? I'll see if Aunt Qin is there and want some white flour."
    "Come on, I'm finished buying white flour, Qin. How could my aunt go to work in the afternoon to be home. Come down quickly and stand so high that I
    am not afraid of falling?" "No. " Jump into the yard on the rocks.
    Chen Jiarong was terrified when she got down, and immediately began to say, "The stone is so high that you can't jump. Next time, please help the wall down."
    "Okay." Jianing obediently agreed.
    Jianing agreed that Chen Jiarong couldn't continue to say, even if she didn't seem to be able to listen, she could only carry things into the house: "I bought white flour rice and a few eggs. Tell me what you want to eat next time.
    " Good." Jianing still happily replied.
    Chen Jiarong was both gratified and uncomfortable. What was gratified was that her younger sister became more behaved after she was sensible. What was uncomfortable was that she hadn't taught Chen Jialing well and made Jianing suffer here.
    "What do you want to eat tonight?"
    "Eat..." This question puzzled Jianing, "What does brother want to eat?"
    "Brother can eat anything." Chen Jiarong smiled.
    "Then I can eat anything.
    " Jianing replied.
    Chen Jiarong couldn't laugh or cry, and finally decided to do what Jianing liked to eat.
    Chen Jiarong lived in the village, and Mrs. Qin gave him the house on the far end, which was only one aisle away from Jianing's room.
    Qin Wei went out, and Chen Jiarong, who was always on guard against him, did not relax. He felt that the other party had a back hand, especially his sister who was in a daze in the yard from time to time. I have a chance to ask my sister.
    Just before he could think about it, Jianing spoke first over there.
    "Brother, I have something to tell you." When
    Jianing said this, Chen Jiarong was cooking, and Duan Mingming went out. There were only two people in the house.
    "You said." Chen Jiarong didn't take it seriously. He thought his sister wanted something and said, thinking that the money left in the bag should be enough for the whole year.
    "Brother, I'm not your sister."
    "What?" Chen Jiarong stopped the movement in his hand, he thought his sister was listening to some nonsense.
    "Brother, I'm not your sister, I'm..." Jianing was stunned when she said this. She was also called Chen Jianing. Is this clear?
    "Don't talk nonsense." Chen Jiarong was so scared by her, she felt relieved when she saw her like this, "Who is talking nonsense to you? Qin Wei?"
    "No," Jianing shook his head quickly, "Brother, listen to me." Say."
    "Okay, you say." Chen Jiarong felt a little uncomfortable seeing her sister protecting Qin Wei in this way, but there was nothing she could do. The younger sister believed in the other party and protected him no matter what she said. What else can I do but compromise? The most is to reduce the number of meetings between the two.
    It just so happened that Qin Wei was out, and the captain was busy with other things. There was little contact between the two families. He was very happy at first, but he heard what his sister said just now.
    "Brother, I'm really not your sister." Jianing wanted to tell the truth. She had forgotten what Beibei said. During this time, Chen Jiarong was taking care of her. All she thought was that she had robbed someone else’s life. These affections are not hers, and she can't continue with peace of mind.
    "Go into the room and say." Seeing that my sister was almost crying out of anger, Chen Jiarong felt something was wrong.
    "Yeah." Jianing followed him into the house, not knowing where to start, so she simply told her all the things she had given him to marriage when she was a child, and then she woke up in Chen's house. It's just that Qin Wei didn't say anything about it.
    "You said you are a princess? Not Jianing?" Chen Jiarong felt that his brain was
    not enough after listening to her sister's words. Is there really a past and present in the world?
    "Yes." Jianing nodded, "Jianing doesn't know where he went."
    "Then do you remember the past?" Chen Jiarong calmed down, and his heart was raised. He really didn't think about this question. The younger sister is not a younger sister, so what should he do?
    "Remember." Jianing nodded, she had both memories.
    "Then how are you sure that you are the princess Jianing, and not that Jianing has the memory of the princess?" Chen Jiarong breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at it this way, the person in front of you is not a complete stranger, but the younger sister has more memories after she wakes up. .
    "But," Jianing shook his head, "I..." I just wanted to refute but found that there was no reasonable reason.
    "Okay, you are Jianing. Is there anything hard to accept? Jianing, do you think your name is Jianing no matter in your previous life or this life. Is this a coincidence? What's more, the things you like, small movements, etc. It’s exactly the same as when I was a child. It’s also a coincidence?
    I don’t care about the many memories and leave the rest to my elder brother." "You won’t let people catch me?" Jianing struggled with so many geniuses before saying it, just afraid of being caught Grasp.
    "Why do you want to catch you?" After Chen Jiarong asked about the things her sister had said in her previous life, she understood why she had this worry, and distress flashed in her eyes. During this time, she was broken. "Don't worry, there is a brother, everyone I can't do anything to you." I won't be forced to marry a stranger, or go hungry and beaten.
    "Yeah." After hearing Chen Jiarong's words, Jianing relaxed, "Brother, you are so kind." It is much better than the dog emperor of his previous life.
    "Just know it." Chen Jiarong hooked her sister's nose, "Listen to your brother, don't tell anyone about this, just treat it as it doesn't exist, and neither will your parents." If you let others know about these things, you will definitely doubt it. Chen Jiarong didn't want those unnecessary things to separate the feelings between family members.
    "Good." He said what Jianing have promised, suddenly quiet down after some scared, could not help but whisper to shout, "brother."
    "I'm here." Chen Jiarong see that she was scared, "Jianing worry, brother I won't say it out."
    ... When
    Duan Mingming came back, Jianing had adjusted her emotions, and she didn't let her see that it was wrong.
    The days went on every day, unknowingly it was the twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month. The new year came to prove that the New Year was almost here, and the family sent two letters here plus a bunch of food and drink. Every household prepares things for the New Year. Chen Jiarong did these things when he was young, and he was more proficient in doing it than Duan Mingming.
    Mother Qin originally thought that all three of them would come from the city and might be unskilled in the first year. Unexpectedly, she took a look when they were sending things here. Several people had cleaned up the kitchen in a decent way.
    "Jianing, see what you want to eat. Auntie will bring it to you later." Po Qin carried a basket of snacks. The brigade has been so busy this year to get these things. Because of the support of the commune, they are not only sold in the town. , And also delivered to the county town, the past few days are not enough to deliver.
    "Osmanthus cake." Jianing took a look and found that he wanted to eat all of them, but he would not finish eating so many, so he tangled for a while and decided to get osmanthus cake.
    "As long as the sweet-scented osmanthus cake, do you still want to eat something else? I will stop after two days, and leave what I want to eat cleanly." Keep what you need, and the less you can sell later.
    Granny Qin didn't expect the business to be so good, and since she was not allowed to resell her privately, everyone was afraid to do anything. After asking, I learned that as long as the commune nodded, the brigade could build a food factory. It's just that there isn't much money in the brigade, so it's not a food factory, it can only be regarded as a processing point. Part of the money earned this year will be divided among the team members, and the rest will be used to repair the dam.
    But the money is not much, everyone is happy, and the days are on the move. Mother Qin was happy and happy, but also worried about her son, running around alone.
    It's not easy for my son to be outside. Only by helping to take care of Jianing can he be relieved. Po Qin thinks this way, and comes over more often.
    Chen Jiarong just started to take precautions. Later, when I saw that Mrs. Qin never mentioned Qin Wei, he was relieved, knowing that his sister would definitely get along with the people in the village, and she would leave after the New Year. When the time comes, she will leave her alone, and it will be beneficial to have a good relationship with the villagers.
    It's just that Chen Jiarong also began to be anxious, the important thing is how to get her sister to go back quickly. He has a feeling that he can't let his sister continue in the village.
    Jianing didn't know what her elder brother thought, nor did she know that people who had been away for more than half a month thought she couldn't sleep anymore. Recently, she hasn't done anything other than helping with Granny Qin.
    The processing sites were all hot pots and stoves, and Old Lady Qin was afraid that she would not get it, so she took her with her, and only asked her to help deliver something behind her, and she wouldn't let anyone who was dirty or tired.
    The method of recording work points is based on the amount of the two people together, and it has nothing to do with others. In this way, even if Jianing does less work, everyone will naturally not say anything when she sees that Granny Qin has no objection.
    It's just that other educated youths are a little bit uncomfortable. Duan Mingming is quick to count, and Old Man Qin arranges for her to count and calculate. Others don't have this treatment.
    Except for a few hand-footed female educated youths who are responsible for packaging, everyone else in the educated youth academy is busy in front of the stove just like everyone else.
    Jia Ning’s treatment is enviable. After all, it’s about his job points. There are not many people who can care about collaborating like Mrs. Qin. Gradually, I don’t know where to come from a few words, saying that Mrs. Qin likes Jianing. , I want her to be her own daughter-in-law.

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