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   "What are you doing?" Jianing looked upset, but it wasn't Qin Wei that she wouldn't have been trained by her brother for so long.
    "You come here first." Qin Wei beckoned, "I have something to tell you."
    "You just say, I won't go over." If my brother didn't come here today, Jianing might have passed, but today Jiarong Chen has just caught him, Jia Rather than daring to pass.
    "I really have something, don't lie to you, come here." Qin Wei raised his hand and grabbed the courtyard wall, and finally decided not to turn over and let Jianing come here again.
    "Is it important?" Jianing thought for a while, and decided to consider whether it was going to pass.
    "Very important thing, come here quickly." Qin Wei nodded.
    Jianing hesitated, I walked a few steps first, and went under the courtyard wall and looked up at him: "Say it."
    "Huh," Qin Wei sighed, knowing that she won't come up anymore, and Chen Jiarong may come back at any time and just say things directly, "I will go out tomorrow, and I won't be back before the New Year. You take the money and give the money to the village head of the second dog if you want to buy it. He will buy it for you. Don't go to town yourself. Don’t believe what your brother said. I’ll be back during the Chinese New Year."
    "What are you going to do?" Jianing didn’t need to say this time, she had already stepped on the stone, "Isn’t it all right?" At the time, Jianing didn't understand why Qin Wei still went out.
    "I have something." Qin Wei didn't want to stay away from her, but there was no way. The recipes for popcorn and some pastries were already written. Old man Qin had read it and said that he could try it, but Qin Wei knew that it was only by a supply and marketing agency in the town. He couldn't sell much at all, so today he asked his family to make a batch of samples first, and he was going to look elsewhere.
    Only when there are more people who want to buy, the brigade will make more money, so that he can make money and get married in an honest and fair manner.
    In the previous life, Jianing was just an unfavored princess, and the dog emperor gave one hundred and twenty-eight dowries for the sake of face. Now the two of them are average, and too many Qin Wei can't give them, but she must do it for a lifetime, and she will live better than others.
    Jianing didn't know Qin Wei's thoughts, and nodded after hearing his explanation: "Then you go."
    "Just..." Qin Wei was suffocated in his heart, and he didn't feel bad about himself if he wanted to ask. After thinking about it, he didn’t ask, because he had a hunch that the result of the question was not what he wanted. He raised his hand and sent the money in his hand. “You will collect the money.”
    “I don’t want it.” Jianing shook his head. "I have money.
    " What's more, when my brother is here, Jianing doesn't worry that his money will not be enough to spend.
    "No, you keep it for yourself." Qin Wei was worried. Even after telling his parents and looking at this place, he still felt that it was impossible. He hated to have to go out and stay at home every day, but that would not work. write.
    Moreover, Jianing eats and drinks, and Qin Wei feels that if he doesn't work hard, he can't afford ten of them.
    "I don't want your money." Jianing shook her head, forgetting to eat, but she couldn't ask for money.
    "Why not?" Qin Wei helplessly.
    "It's okay for us." Jianing muttered.
    Qin Wei suddenly felt that one day she would be mad at her. He suppressed his temper and asked her: "Who said it's okay? You are my fiancee."
    "That doesn't count." Jianing came back to his senses this time and immediately retorted.
    "Why doesn't it count? You received all the Qin family's betrothal gifts."
    "Who said that! It was a dog. The emperor's brother received it himself. It's none of my business."
    "What do you bring?" Qin Wei asked her , "Isn't it when I was a child to give you a dowry? You accepted it yourself, no one forced you."
    " You did n't give it to you!" Jianing shook his head, "It was given by Xiao Qinzi."
    "Huh?" Qin Wei suddenly Feeling wrong, "Little Qinzi gave you?" The bracelet was sent out by himself, and Qin Wei confirmed that he remembered correctly. Where did Xiao Qinzi come from? Unless...
    "How old did you get it?"
    "Eight years old, what are you going to do?" Jianing looked defensive and raised her hand to hide the bracelet deeper. In her previous life, she had a pair of bracelets that she kept in Jade Perry. Yesterday I was ill and wanted to take it out for Xiao Qinzi. I wanted to take it back for a while, but I forgot it last night.
    "I ask you, what gift did you receive on your six-year-old birthday?"
    "Six-year-old?" Jianing thought about it for a while, and found that she couldn't remember anything, shook her head, "forgot."
    "Forgot?" Qin Wei's face was ugly. Get up, "How about seven years old?"
    "I forgot." Jianing was annoyed by his question, "What are you asking for?"
    "Jianing, Xiao Qinzi is really an eunuch?"
    "Yes." Jianing nodded. There can be fakes.
    "Impossible." Qin Wei was sure, Jianing's memory was wrong, but what went wrong? When she was eight years old, she left the palace a long time ago. During that time, many things happened in the palace. Concubine De was suddenly abolished and countless people in the palace were killed. There were few people in the palace who took care of the Jianing sisters. That time they died. For the most part, I can't inquire about the following matters anymore.
    He suddenly had a bold guess. Maybe
    the person Jianing had been looking for for a few years was not in the palace at all?
    "How old is Xiao Qinzi?" Qin Wei continued to ask after figuring it out, maybe the result would be the same as he thought.
    "As old as I am," Jianing said and looked down at the bracelet in her hand. She missed Xiao Qinzi, no matter when Xiao Qinzi would protect her.
    "How old did you meet Xiao Qinzi?"
    "It seems to be five years old?" Jianing couldn't remember, "When I was very young anyway."
    Qin Wei slowly let go of the heart that he and Jianing met. When I was six years old and she was five years old, in this case, maybe the guess just now is true? What happened to the eight-year-old birthday gift?
    "Jianing, have you forgotten anything?" Qin Wei asked in a deep breath.
    "What?" Jianing raised her head in confusion.
    "Forget it." Qin Wei smiled secretly, really forgetting how she could remember it herself, but she definitely couldn't find out anything here. Qin Wei regretted it a bit, knowing that he should ask the dark guard to investigate things in his early years.
    When he was eight years old, he had already returned to Northern Xinjiang. He didn’t control the sovereignty until these two years, otherwise he would have returned. When Jianing was looking for someone, he only checked the time since he left, and didn’t even think about it. Keep looking forward.
    If you look it up again, you might get a different result, but it's not too late, Qin Wei thought.
    "Jianing, Xiao Qinzi is me. You remember it wrong. This is a birthday gift for six years old, not eight years old."
    "Impossible!" Jianing shook her head. She remembered it clearly and couldn't go wrong.
    "If you don't believe me, look at the bracelet, is there a six? The words on both sides are Ning and Wei." Qin Wei began to rejoice for his cleverness when he was a child. Although he didn't want to be so far away, he really did the engraving on the bracelet. correct.
    "No." Jianing shook her head, the bracelet was clean and there was nothing.
    "In the inner circle, you can find it slowly. You don't want to know what clues Xiao Qinzi left for you? Even if it's not me, what if there are other words." Knowing that the little Qinzi she cares about is herself, Qin Weiyi Change the jealousy before, I wish she would care more, it is best to put herself in front of her brother, so that no one can hinder between the two.
    Jianing didn't believe what he said, but when he heard the last sentence, the ghost took off the bracelet and fumbled bit by bit.
    "Is there?" Qin Wei is not sure that the original handwriting is still there, but this is the fastest way to get the two of them now. He doesn't want to give up. Taking a step back, even if there are no words in it, he can use other reasons. Convince Jianing.
    Jianing didn't believe what he said,
    but there was a glimmer of hope in his heart. If Xiao Qinzi left other marks on the bracelet, would he be able to find him?
    With this thought in mind, Jianing moved more carefully, and quickly touched something wrong.
    This bracelet is just right now. It was too big to wear on the hand a few years ago, so it has not moved. Fortunately, it has not been worn, so the writing on the inner side can be retained. Jianing touched it, but didn't want to admit that he was right.
    "If there are words, you may not have to write them." Jianing felt the handwriting, not believing that King Qin would be Xiao Qinzi. The gap between the two in her heart was too great, and she had never thought about it.
    "Look at what this is before you talk?" Qin Wei didn't say a word, and she knew that the words were still there by looking at her expression. Now halfway through, he is very patient at this time.
    Jianing looked up at him, and finally looked down at the words on the bracelet.
    She didn't know what kind of jade the bracelet was, but she felt very comfortable in her hand. A few words were not big. It could be seen that the person engraving was not very old at the time, and the words on the left and right sides were a bit unclear, but Qin Wei just said Jianing Also recognized. The six characters in the middle are the clearest, and I don't have the courage to say that Qin Wei is wrong.
    "Are you really Xiao Qinzi?" Jianing put the bracelet away, now that I don't want to admit it, "Then why don't you come to me?"
    Qin Wei felt that she was about to vomit blood from her: "You said Xiao Xiao Qin Zi didn't see you when you were nine and ten years old, and everyone didn't think about it." Moreover, after the emperor died, no one cared about it anymore.
    "But," Jianing frowned, "I remember being eight years old."
    "You remembered it wrong." Qin Wei can now be sure that there is something wrong with Jianing's memory, "Do you remember how old was taken by De Fei?"
    "Six years old." Jianing knew this matter.
    "How did Concubine De concubine treat you in those two years?"
    "It's okay." Jianing thought about it, but it was strange that he couldn't remember too many things, "I can't remember clearly." I don't remember very well, but why It's bad and can't remember.
    "Do you know why Defei was abandoned?"
    Jianing shook his head: "I don't know."
    Qin Wei's expression changed: "I know."
    "What do you know?" Jianing asked, "Little Qinzi, where did you go later, I couldn't find it." "The tone is wronged. If she knew that King Qin was Xiao Qinzi, she wouldn't be so afraid of him.
    "Back to Northern Xinjiang." Qin Wei ran back secretly. At that time, he thought that Jianing would be doing well with Concubine De, but he did not expect Concubine De to be kind and cruel, and only used Jianing as a tool for inviting pets.
    Qin Wei regretted not leaving late, but leaving late does not necessarily get the military power before she marries, so they would only be more passive.
    Jianing suffered a lot of grievances in those few years. The Defei people were the same after the other. The only thing that was fortunate was that the Dongchuang incident happened. Jianing only asked her. Qin Wei only learned about these things later. Every time I think about it, I blame myself. One point, I was too useless and didn't protect her.
    "Little Qinzi?" Jianing saw Qin Wei suddenly calm down, and the whole person looked uneasy and a little strange, so she yelled in a low voice.
    "Well, I am here."

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