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  "Fertilizer..." Duan Mingming was asked by her. Although she had heard of chemical fertilizer, she had never seen it, "It seems to be used on crops. I heard that the crops with chemical fertilizers grow very fast."
    "Oh." Jianing was a little disappointed. She originally thought chemical fertilizers are a very powerful thing, "How fast?"
    "Quick, one or two days." Obviously, this is not clear.
    "Oh." Jianing was even more disappointed. The concubine told her that it would take half a year for the people's crops to mature, and it would be useless for almost a day or two.
    Two girls who didn't know anything were chatting in the back. The old man Qin in front of him listened to the blue veins on his head jumping. The educated youth who came every year didn't even know the crops. What fertilizer seedlings have to tell them every year, what he didn't want to say today, now he can't hold back anymore.
    Old man Qin coughed in front, and then began to speak: "Just on the way, I will tell you something. Our brigade is called the Xinghuacun brigade, which is the closest brigade to the commune. Our brigade has been in the commune every year for the past two years. Advanced brigade, so after you go back, you must work hard and not hold back the players."
    After speaking, I looked back at the reactions of a few people and found that except for the young educated youth at the end, everyone did not listen to them much. On the contrary, they were the best The little educated youth who didn't believe it listened most seriously.
    It seems that I have wronged her. The young educated youth is only young, but it is very easy to learn, and it will definitely be a good labor to cultivate it in the future.
    "Look at the wheat seedlings on both sides. It will snow in two days. The thicker the snow, the better the wheat will grow next year. So the team members are least afraid of snow. But after it snows, it’s cold, so you should wear more. Clothes. Don't come out to play around, no one will spend money to treat your illness when you are frozen." Old man Qin said and said and pulled him away, but the next sentence brought him back.
    "Not grass?" After Jianing finished speaking, he felt the person in front of him turned his head and immediately covered his mouth.
    "It's not grass!" Old man Qin thought he just praised her for nothing. Fortunately, he didn't say it. If he didn't say it, he wouldn't be laughed at by others. If you want to hoe the ground, if you hoe the wheat seedlings as grass, don't eat."
    "Oh." Jianing nodded, she knew, this is wheat seedlings, not grass.
    Old man Qin's anger a little bit, although he is a bit silly, but if he is obedient, that's all right, and he can teach him well if he is obedient.
    "After waiting for the new year, the public society will give each brigade different fertilizers. Our brigade used to have ten bags of fertilizer. This year we can get eleven bags." Old man Qin said that the fertilizer was narrowed again. The fertilizer is good, the more the better. .
    "Second Uncle, why is there an extra bag this year?" Qin Gang, who had gotten out of the car, asked, afraid of being tired and reluctant to sit in the car.
    "Use her for it." Old man Qin pointed to the young educated youth who was at the end. "The deputy township chief said, this year our brigade will keep one more educated youth, and one less will come next year. Next time we will give us an extra bag of fattening. "
    That's not a loss." Qin Gang calculated the account and smiled cheerfully, "It should be nice to have such a good thing every year." Anyway, the educated youth will come over, why not be willing to have an extra bag of fertilizer?
    "Don't lose, don't lose." Old man Qin originally thought it was not a loss, but the more he walked away, the more he felt that something was wrong. This new young educated youth looked like he was spoiled by the whole family. What can she do here?
    In case she can't do anything when she goes to work, and can't earn work points, the brigade can't ignore her. Is this year's grain going to the brigade?
    Educated youth is subsidized, but that subsidy enough to eat, have a brigade in food, but also to see her as Qinlao
    head felt let alone this year, again three to five years is not necessarily capable of farm work, so look It's a real loss.
    It's just that people have already been brought here, can't they be sent back again? Old man Qin sighed, he was still the deputy head of the commune, and he was entangled in again this time.
    "Second Uncle, where do they live this year?" The notice that the commune only came down yesterday told me to pick up the educated youth today. It was just six good ones, but now I have brought back seven. Where do so many educated youth live?
    "Wait for me to think about how many houses are left in the Educated Youth Academy."
    "There are only two, and seven people will definitely not be able to live." Qin Gang knew this.
    "Let's go back and take a look." Old man Qin held his hands behind his back, and if he could fit them, he would let the four of them live in a room.
    The educated youth academy in their village was part of the brigade, because when they first lived in Datongpu, several educated youth quarreled every day. Old man Qin simply asked someone to add a few layers of soil walls to the house and divide it into small houses, each with two or three people living in them, so that their quarrels would not be as severe at the beginning.
    Old man Qin thought, he hoped that these educated youths could save some trouble. Don't be like the educated youths of the past few years, saying that their feet hurt after walking a few steps. It's just that what I'm afraid of, old man Qin just thought about this, and there was a movement behind him.
    "Obviously, my feet hurt." Jianing didn't feel anything when she first started to walk, plus she was distracted just now, she didn't feel uncomfortable, but as she walked away, she felt that her feet were not right. At first, she felt a little itchy. It started to hurt.
    "If your feet hurt, just take two more steps, and you won't get used to it." Old man Qin felt that this girl was born to deny herself, and he fought with the third son who was lying at home. The less she didn't want anything to happen, she just did something. She was walking back with a few people. If she was allowed to sit in an ox cart, someone would follow her later.
    "But it hurts too much." Jianing felt that she couldn't walk anymore, and her feet hurt every time she walked.
    Old man Qin looked back, the little girl's tears were about to come out, and he didn't look like he was pretending to walk, he had lived for so many years, and he could tell the pain at a glance. It's so painful that she can't let her hold on forever, if she gets tired, it's a bit troublesome.
    As expected, this educated youth had absolutely no effort at home. Old man Qin thought and couldn't help but want to get a cigarette. He wanted to smoke a dry cigarette every time he was worried.
    Every year, the educated youth has enough headaches. This year I came here and didn’t know anything. What kind of sin he did. He knew it was so troublesome. Let alone a bag of fertilizer, ten bags of fertilizer would not be changed.
    "Forget it, you go and sit in the car for a while." No matter what you think, you are here. Take people back first. Old man Qin frowned when he finished speaking. It was too much trouble.
    Jianing was very obedient. He let him sit down, but when he walked over, he saw that the bullock cart was a bit dirty. He took out a piece of clothing from his bag and placed it on top, and then spread the clothes flat.
    Old man Qin felt his brain twitching when he saw her movements. It was a piece of used clothes, but seeing her like this, I was afraid that he would do it at home. I am afraid that others would be reluctant to wear such good clothes. She poured it out and put it on directly.
    Jianing didn't think anything was wrong at all, and got in the car naturally after the cushions were put in place.
    "My feet hurt too." Seeing Jianing said that his feet hurt and got into the car, the eyes of the educated youth who had just started quarreling with Old Man Qin flashed. He turned and walked a few steps forward and said, why don't you sit in the bullock cart, fool. Just go by yourself.
    Old man Qin saw that she was pretending at a glance, and said impatiently: "You have to go if your feet hurt. Don't go back to the brigade if you don't leave." Sometimes she gets in the car and learns one or two of them. That's not a bad thing. There are only a few cows in the brigade, and they are usually reluctant to use them.
    "I can not take what she can sit?" The educated youth face dissatisfied
    "Just because she really hurts, you are pretending, don't think I can't see this little trick." Old man Qin didn't give her face at all. In the past few years, he has come to pick up the educated youth every year, and he played one or two things. Idea, he can understand at a glance, pretending to have a pain in his feet, pretending to have a pain in his stomach, and in order to get on the bullock cart, he has everything to say.
    That person might not have thought that he would be taken apart so quickly, his face was very embarrassed, and finally he didn't speak any more, and walked behind them honestly, but he was still unconvinced in his heart, and mumbled something behind him.
    Old man Qin heard it, and forbeared it, but didn't say what was in his mouth, but he didn't feel in the mood to talk to them during the next half of the journey.
    Jianing was sitting on the bullock cart and felt the female educated youth who just spoke was looking at herself, and looked back curiously, but she didn't expect the other party to stare at her.
    "Why are you staring at me?" Jianing asked.
    "Who stared at you? Don't wrong people."
    "I didn't say you stared at you. What is your guilty conscience?" Jianing immediately headed back.
    "I..." Jianing was stunned, and the other party couldn't find a sophistry for a while.
    "What are you arguing about? Don't worry about it." Old man Qin shouted to the back, not worrying about either of them.
    "Obviously she wronged me first." The two quarreled, and only oneself was said, the one was not convinced.
    "Mingzhen, don't talk." The female educated youth beside her pulled a bit. She couldn't talk at this time. The more she spoke, the more angry she became.
    "Fang, an educated youth, you can respond if you have any questions, but if you pick things up privately, the Xinghuacun Brigade will never allow it." Old man Qin stopped and said to Fang Mingzhen in a serious tone.
    "I..." Fang Mingzhen wanted to say something else.
    "Okay, let's not take it as an example. Anyone who makes troubles will directly deduct food in the future. This will take a lot of time. It will be dark before going back, and I will know what to do all day long." Old man Qin interrupted her impatiently, and there were a lot of things.
    Jianing in the car has not spoken. Although she is not afraid of things, she knows that she will have a hard time offending Old Man Qin.
    Seeing her quietly, Old Man Qin was a little satisfied. Although he loved to talk back, he was just obedient.
    The next few people did not speak, and they left. For about an hour, a few people arrived at the Xinghuacun brigade.
    Jianing was sitting on the bullock cart, originally facing backwards, but didn't want to see Fang Mingzhen, turned and sat forward, and looked at a banner at the entrance of the village curiously. Then compared with the wooden boards on the bullock cart, he found that The words are the same.
    "Xinghuacun Brigade?" Jianing guessed in a low voice.
    "Zhen Zhiqing is right. This is the plaque of our brigade." Qin Gang, who was driving in front, heard the movement and replied, "This is written by the township chief himself. Isn't it good?"
    Jianing glanced at him: "I write It looks better." There was a hint of pride in his tone.
    Old man Qin originally felt that he had finally returned safely along the way. He started to feel pain again when he heard this sentence: "You write well, next time you write."
    "Okay." Just write, who is afraid of whom.
    The author has something to say: Jianing: Weak, pitiful, but will talk back.

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