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   "Yeah." Jianing nodded, she also wanted to go home, but for one thing, Jianing secretly looked at this brother, hesitated for a moment, and decided to say, "Brother, Qin Wei gave me medicine today." Actually it was. Food is delivered, but Jianing intends to lie.
    But Jianing didn't know that her lie could deceive no one except himself.
    Chen Jiarong saw it through at a glance, but did not expose her, and decided to watch her closely next, not let her go out casually, and must not allow the two to have a chance to contact.
    Jianing had never been outside. She didn't know that the people outside were sinister, so she was easily coaxed away by sweet words. If just sending a medicine will block her out? And who can't send medicine? When can't it be delivered? Have to wait for a place where no one is.
    "Jianing, I hope my brother will not go out casually in the future." Chen Jiarong sighed and confessed.
    "Okay," Jianing agreed. She just didn't want to go out. As for Qin Wei, Jianing was just afraid of a fight between the two. Now that Qin Wei is home and his brother is here, the two will definitely not fight, so she is relieved.
    It's just that Jianing doesn't know that some things are more serious than fighting.
    Chen Jiarong decided to live, and went to find the captain to issue a certificate: "Jianing, where does the captain live, you take me." There is no proof that he will go back today.
    "Captain?" Jianing hid a hand behind him, and quietly reached into the bag of snacks, "I live next door, Qin Wei and his father are."
    Chen Jiarong stood and saw her small movements, but had no time to care. this, because Jianing, then bring too much shock ︰ "his father is the captain?"
    "Yes." got up and feel like a candied fruit for a long time, Chu Jianing happy eyes are narrowed, and just Brother still can't eat.
    Chen Jiarong has no time to take care of this. He was thinking about what his sister just said. Qin Wei's father is the captain. If he is really selfish, Chen Jiarong takes a cold breath.
    "Brother?" The elder brother in front of him kept silent, Jianing secretly hid the fruit tannins, "What's wrong?"
    "Nothing, I'll tell you later, I'll cook." He already secretly took snacks under his nose, he must be hungry. It's not light.
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, cooking better, and she can eat well when there is no one in the house.
    Chen Jiarong saw her mind clearly, and she felt a trace of comfort in her heart, and she was a little worried. Her sister was so innocent, it was too easy to be deceived.
    Ning did not know his brother to hold his own
    heart, and so he will go out secretly bag of snacks out into three, two packages of their own and her brother's, and the other is left to the segment plainly.
    Outside the house, Chen Jiarong carried the meat and cans he brought from home into the kitchen, cut the meat out by one third, and divided the rest into large pieces and took out one piece for cooking.
    Because Jianing was hungry, Chen Jiarong did not make too much time-consuming, a bowl of the simplest braised meat.
    "Jianing, I'm back." Jianing had just sorted out good things and wanted to go out to see what his brother had cooked. The door was just opened and Duan Mingming came back.
    "I'm so angry. The captain is not here today. I and the educated youth academy are working together. Obviously they are slow at work, so I have to stay together." Duan Mingming said as he walked into the kitchen, who knew someone was inside, scared After a jump, I remembered that Jianing hadn’t spoken in the yard. He was definitely not a stranger, so he made fun of Jianing, “I’m still worried that you can’t have dinner. Come back, so as not to disturb you."
    "No," Jianing hadn't had time to speak. Duan Mingming had finished speaking. Hearing the meaning of her words, she was sweating in a hurry in the winter. She could only expect her brother to be cooking. Hear Duan Mingming's words.
    It's just that the facts are often not as expected. The next moment, when he sees his brother coming out of the kitchen, Jianing will know what's wrong.
    "Brother," Jianing finished shouting, and found that her brother turned his eyes to him, and suddenly felt even more guilty. I knew that she would not go out today.
    "Huh?" Chen Jiarong didn't expect to hear such a passage. Hearing this, the other party came more than once or twice? Otherwise, people who live with my sister won’t say that, but it’s not suitable to ask now, "Are you hungry?" What Wei said in front of him, on the one hand, also wanted him to retreat, but he didn't expect that the other party was too thick-skinned. He said so insinuatingly that it was not a big deal.
    "I'm hungry, I'm hungry." Jianing nodded quickly, no matter what the reason, this matter will pass.
    Duan Mingming couldn't react properly no matter how slow, and the voice behind him didn't have any similarities with Qin Wei's voice.
    Knowing that he had said something wrong, Duan Mingming blinked desperately at Jianing.
    Jianing originally wanted to go back to the house directly. Now that I remembered, he hadn't introduced them to them, so he could only bite the bullet and continue: "Obviously, this is my elder brother, this is obviously."
    Duan Mingming was a little scared, what he said just now. any
    who would show went wrong, not to mention he is still the kind of tone, afraid Jianinggege misunderstanding, even if fear can only be turned ︰ "Romantic Hello brother, I'm just joking, Jianing did not do anything." It's just that Duan Mingming wanted to slap herself as soon as she finished speaking, saying something was wrong, but not saying this. She was fine at first, so she made her feel even more guilty.
    Duan Mingming didn't expect to get into this situation the first time he was joking, and suddenly felt that he was talking too much.
    "Hello." Chen Jiarong came back politely, without saying to believe or not to believe.
    Duan Mingming became a little uncertain, and secretly glanced at Jianing, but Jianing was also scared and could not respond to her.
    Chen Jiarong saw the small movements of the two people, but she still felt sorry for her sister: "Jianing, you should go back to the house first, and the food will be ready soon."
    "Huh?" Jianing raised her head in surprise, and then nodded hurriedly, "Okay, I'll go back first." It was too good to ask, Jianing breathed a sigh of relief.
    Duan Mingming followed Jianing into the house, and when there was no one in the yard, she secretly washed her hands, and then asked Jianing, "Jianing, why did your brother come over suddenly?" Duan Mingming was a little envious. She also wanted her family to come. Look at herself, but she knows that this kind of thinking is unreliable.
    "I don't know." Jianing shook his head. "My brother didn't say."
    "It doesn't matter, it's coming, but Jianing, where does your brother live? I just went out and didn't hear anyone in the kitchen. Did you go out? "
    Not in the kitchen?" Jianing also thought that her brother was in the kitchen. After hearing Duan Mingming's words, she stood up and looked out. She didn't see anyone there. "I'll go out and have a look."
    My brother was not familiar with the road here, and Jianing was a little worried. , I just walked to the yard and saw no one. Sparks were still emitting from the bottom of the pot in the kitchen, and there was a burst of smell of rice from the pot. Jianing didn't care, opened the door and ran to the backyard.
    "Brother, brother?" There was no in the yard, no kitchen, no backyard, Jianing became anxious.
    "Here, I will go home later." Chen Jiarong's voice came from next door.
    "Brother, why did you go there?" Jianing was relieved, brother is here, but not at home.
    "I have something to do with the captain. There is rice in the pot. You can eat it when the fire is out."
    "I won't eat it," Jianing shook his head. "I'll wait for you to come back together."
    "Okay, I'll go back." I really enjoyed my sister's dependence. After Chen Jiarong finished speaking, he said a few words to the old man Qin. Finally, he glanced at Qin Wei, who was standing next to him and kept silent before leaving.
    "Brother, tell me in advance when you go out next time." Chen Jiarong heard her sister's words as soon as she walked in.
    "Okay, come in quickly, it's cold outside." Chen Jiarong sent her sister to the house first, and then went to the kitchen to serve food by herself.
    As soon as the food was on the table, Jianing felt her stomach scream. It had been a long time since she had eaten the meat dishes she had just made.
    "Eat first." Chen Jiarong handed her the chopsticks, "Educated Duan also eats."
    "Thank you." Duan Mingming wanted to get under the table to reduce his sense of existence, but the dishes were too fragrant, and his hands were already unwilling to pick up the chopsticks.
    Chen Jiarong's craftsmanship is very good. When she was a child, he was responsible for taking care of her two younger sisters when her parents were not at home. So she knew Jianing's taste very well and knew what kind of food she preferred to eat.
    Sure enough, after a meal, Jianing ate a bowl of rice and a small plate of vegetables. After eating, he collapsed on the chair and didn't want to move.
    Duan Mingming also ate, but she couldn't stay still like Jianing, and took the initiative to clean up the dishes after eating.
    Chen Jiarong didn't argue with her, there was no need to snatch such trivial things, let alone the other party was still a girl, and it was inconvenient for him to get too close.
    "Brother, did you talk to the captain?" Jianing rubbed his stomach and asked when he was thinking about talking about other things after the meal.
    "Yes, I have already said that I will go home on the third day of the first month."
    "What about the family?" There are more than a dozen days before the New Year, and Jianing always feels that his brother will not stay forever.
    "I'll go to town in the afternoon and call my dad's school." Chen Jiarong is not worried about disagreeing at home. It doesn't matter whether he is at home or not. The important thing is his sister, so he must not let his guard down.
    "Okay." He had a plan, and Jianing was relieved. He was sleepy after eating. He wanted to go to the house to sleep for a while, and he wanted to stay with his brother for a while, and suddenly became entangled.
    Seeing that she was so sleepy that she was dozing off and still holding on, Chen Jiarong smiled and rubbed her hair: "Go to sleep, I'll go to town first, and I'll be back when you wake up."
    "Okay." Jianing Nodded, then went back to the room to sleep.
    Chen Jiarong closed the door for her and walked to the yard to consider for a while. He passed by before eating. He discovered that he might have been biased against the old couple next door before. The old couple had no calculations with his sister, and he didn't seem to know what the captain said. His son's behavior?
    He didn't know that Chen Jiarong didn't expose it. It was related to his sister's reputation and could not mess around. As for Qin Wei, Chen Jiarong planned to do it once and for all and must not let him contact her sister.
    After figuring out that no time was wasted, it would take a lot of time to walk from here to town. He had to come back before dark and bring something to his sister. It would be too late.
    ... When
    Jianing woke up, her brother hadn't come back. Duan Mingming had already gone to work. He was the only one at home. After thinking about it, he decided to wash his clothes.
    She already knows how to use the pressurized water well, and the newly pressurized water is not as cool as the water outside, so it is usually currently under current pressure. There were not many clothes. Jianing stopped when he saw the bucket was half full, and then pulled the bucket to the door of the kitchen, where there was no wind, which was better than in the middle of the yard.
    But before she could get the water done, she heard a sound on the courtyard wall.
    "Jianing, come here."

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