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  Old man Qin took such a heavy burden and became curious, and when he heard it was his son, he put it down without seeing it, and planned to send it to his son later.
    "Captain, we will go to town tomorrow." Duan Mingming saw Jianing's things for Old Man Qin, and explained the reason for looking for him.
    "What are you going to do in town?" Old man Qin raised his head and glanced at the two of them. "It's only been here for a few days."
    "I'm in a hurry. I don't have some preparations. I want to buy something." Duan Mingming explained.
    "You can go, there may be someone in the team going to town tomorrow, you go with them, remember to come back early." Old man Qin confessed.
    "Thank you, captain, let's go back first." Hearing his agreement, Duan Mingming sighed. She was afraid that the two had just arrived, Old Man Qin, who would not let go.
    "Go back, take a rest early, come back early tomorrow, and see what you can do to help." Old man Qin felt that if it rained the day after tomorrow, he would probably be able to see it tomorrow, and there must be a lot of things in the team at that time.
    The two nodded in agreement. They got up early the next morning and went to the entrance of the village to wait. After a while, two aunts came here, and one of them knew Jianing, who was the woman Liu who taught them to divide the garlic sprouts the other day.
    "Auntie." Seeing the other person coming, Jianing took the initiative to call.
    "Hey, Chen Zhiqing, Duan Zhiqing, where are you going?" Lady Liu saw the two people standing here, seeming to be waiting for something, and looked a bit pitiful.
    "We want to go to town, the captain said we wait for the people in the team to go together." Duan Mingming explained.
    "That's right, we two will go to Zhengzhou to deliver eggs. You will go with us. When we get to town, I will tell you where you want to go." Lady Liu said with a smile.
    "Thank you, auntie." Duan Mingming was not embarrassed to mention it at first, but he didn't expect the other party to raise it, and he was immediately overjoyed.
    "What's the way to go? Let's go first. The later the more people will be, the more people will go to town." Mrs. Liu said to the person next to her, and walked with the two of them.
    The two people took care of them and hadn't traveled a long distance. They were not fast, and Jianing could also keep up. It took nearly an hour to walk from the brigade to the town. When they arrived in the town, Mrs. Liu asked them where they wanted to go.
    "Non-staple food stores and supply and marketing cooperatives." Duan Mingming thought for a moment. What Jianing said yesterday, I think these two places can be bought.
    "That's right, you are with us. The purchase station is in the supply and marketing cooperative. Let's go to the supply and marketing cooperative first." "Okay
    ." Duan Mingming nodded and took Jianing to go with him.
    Except for the first call, Jianing didn't speak at the other time. She listened carefully to the conversations of several people. She was afraid that she might be suspicious of things that others didn't know. Fortunately, she talked to Duan Mingming last night. Asked all the questions in her heart.
    Following a few people into the supply and marketing cooperative, Jianing was a little curious when he came to this place for the first time, but he didn't dare to look more.
    "That's it. You two want to buy something to buy yourself. Let's deliver the eggs first, and wait at the door when you finish shopping. Let's go to the grocery store, and we will take you both." Mrs. Liu thought about today. She was fine, her son and daughter-in-law were collecting food at home, and it didn't take much effort to take them to the grocery store. The main reason was that the two educated youths would lose their way if they didn't know each other.
    "Thank you auntie." Jianing and Duan Mingming thanked together.
    Granny Liu waved her hand and took the woman next to her to the purchase station.
    "Jianing, let's buy a writing brush first." Duan Mingming said to Jianing when the two left.
    "Good." You can buy anything you want, as long as you buy everything. Jianing promised to look at the counter next to it. There are a few pieces of cloth on that counter, but the colors are not suitable for embroidering things. Jianing is a little worried. Is there no suitable cloth here?
    I was afraid of what would come. When I returned from buying the brush, Jianing discovered that the supply and marketing agency really only had these kinds of cloth. I just hope, and I hesitated for the few lines that I had just been optimistic about.
    "Jianing, don't you want to buy it?" Duan Mingming watched her stand still for a while, and asked.
    "No more." Jianing shook his head, but in the end he couldn't bear the needle and thread, so he picked a few and bought it.
    "Jianing, do you buy so many threads like this?" Duan Mingming thought she was going to make clothes, but found that she didn't buy cloth, but the thread bought a lot of threads, let alone making clothes, she also used clothes for two or three years. Can't drop.
    "Yes." Jianing nodded. She originally wanted to buy more, but the line here is a bit thick. I plan to take it home and use it first. If appropriate, I will buy it next time.
    "Then we're going to buy mung bean cake?" Duan Mingming asked after seeing that her face was all earnestly determined that it was not a mistake.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded, she really needs to buy mung bean cake, but the mung bean cake is in the grocery store, so the two of them didn't go shopping in the supply and marketing agency, but went to the door to wait for Mrs. Liu.
    Granny Liu's speed was faster than the two thought. They had just arrived at the door, and they hadn't stood up yet, someone shouted from behind.
    "You two arrived so early. Fortunately, we didn't dare." Mother Liu said, covering the basket in her hand. There were little chickens inside. It was cold and could not be frozen. She didn't want to buy baby chickens, but they happened to be just hatched and the price was not expensive. She bought them and kept them in the house for a month. When the weather was cold, the chickens would grow up, just to make up for the vacancy of killing chickens during the Chinese New Year.
    Now a family can only raise chickens according to the number of people. There are more than a dozen people in their family. It is reasonable to say that there are so many chickens, but who does not have too many of these things? Especially now the town’s purchase station collects eggs. Although the price is not as good as the black market, it is stable. The eggs saved in ten days and a half months are enough for oil and salt. The occasional money can still be used for the family. The child buys something to eat.
    As a result, I want to raise more chickens. It’s just that they think it’s one thing, but it’s another thing to really raise them. Whether they can get to the purchase station to incubate the chicks depends on luck. This time it’s a coincidence, and it’s still Pick anything. She picked five big ones, one for a dime, and planned to keep two or three when she returned home. The rest will be given to whomever.
    The white lady next to her also picked two. Her family is small, unlike Mrs Liu, who has many people and many chickens. There are more than two or three that can't be seen.
    "A bird called?" Jianing asked without seeing the contents of the baskets of the two of them.
    "It's winter, there are no birds flying here, it's a chicken we bought." Mother Liu couldn't laugh or cry. "When we went to deliver the eggs, we just caught a few newly hatched chickens."
    "Auntie, Selling chickens at the buying station?" Duan Mingming suddenly remembered her plan a few days ago. Originally thinking of raising chickens in the yard, she didn't ask where there are chickens, but unexpectedly happened to arrive this time.
    "Yes, I don't usually get on, but today is also a coincidence." Mrs. Liu said with a smile.
    "Auntie, I also want to buy two chickens and bring them home." Duan Mingming said what was in his heart. Now the two of them are eating vegetables from the old man Qin next door. If the chickens are raised a little bit, the eggs will be laid. I can go back some, and wait until the end of the Chinese New Year to grow a la carte, and the two of them will eat without help from others.
    "Do you want to buy too?" Mrs. Liu didn't expect that she would consider these things now. She had lived in the village for several years before, and no one raised them.
    "Yes," Duan Mingming nodded, "It's convenient to raise chickens and eat your own eggs."
    "That's right, otherwise, I just caught two or three more, and I will let you forget it then." Mrs. Liu listened to her. Li, it would be troublesome to think of a few people going back. She wanted to go back and distribute it to others because she wanted to go back and share it with others.
    "Really?" Duan Mingming didn't expect such a good thing. "How much are the two chickens, aunt? I'll give you the money first."
    "It's only two cents, and you can give it anytime ." Mother Liu knew she couldn't even connect. I don’t need to pay for this, so I’m relieved. Besides, she’s not afraid of it. The chicken is in her hands. If she doesn’t give the money, she will distribute the chicken to others.
    Jianing heard the two talking about chickens and looked at the baskets of both Liu and Bai for several times, but both were covered with cloth and couldn't see clearly.
    "Zhen Zhiqing hasn't seen the little chicken? Wait until I get home and watch it, it's cold outside now." Mrs. Liu wanted to say something, but she was curious when she saw one piece of Jianing, but she didn't say anything else. She took the two to the non-staple food shop first. , "Let's go and buy early and go back early."
    "Okay." Jianing nodded and looked back.
    When the four people went to the non-staple food store, they first bought half a catty of mung bean cake, then bought two catties of mung beans and half a catty of sugar. Finally, because they didn't bring a bottle, they couldn't make oil.
    "It’s very expensive to sell bottles here. When you get back to the village, you can ask who will come tomorrow and ask them to help you with oil." Mrs. Liu didn’t know that the two of them were going to be oiled. If they knew, I would remind them in the village. I’m here now, and it’s not affordable to buy oil bottles. “It’s been these days anyway. You don’t need to worry about this for a while. Just wait until someone in the village asks for a bottle.” Most people’s oil bottles are wine bottles. The old man drank the white wine, he was reluctant to throw the bottle, and stayed to beat the oil and vinegar.
    "Okay." Duan Mingming thought about the money he had left, and decided to save a little bit and try not to spend it wherever he could. Although Jianing had money in his hands, he couldn't mess around. Qian's refreshing, Duan Mingming decided to tell her when he went home.
    Jianing's move to pay for the money is a bit more refreshing, because she knows that the money in her hand is not all of her own money, there are still a lot of money in her bag, and besides these things, she doesn't need to buy other things. Naturally, she has a different mentality from others.
    Fortunately, the other two people have become accustomed to the new arrivals of educated youth who are so generous every time they come out. Granny Liu knows that after a while they will have a tight hand. Seeing the two bought such a large amount, she couldn't help but remind her: " There are still a few days before the New Year’s food. You may not be able to eat the new year’s food to harvest wheat. You both save money and tickets. You can use these things to buy them and try them out. The next time. Don't buy it."
    "Okay." Jianing nodded and agreed, and will make mung bean cakes at home next time.
    Granny Liu didn't know what she was thinking, and when she saw herself talking, the other party couldn't help but say a few more words: "The educated youth in the educated youth academy have been here for several years, and I haven't heard of them going back. Several of them have just arrived. At the time of the year, the family sent things. It took a long time, and the family slowly forgot if they couldn’t remember it. You should plan for yourself more and save more things you can keep."
    "Can’t remember?" I was looking at what I had in my hands Jianing was stunned. The other party meant that brother and mother would forget her in the future?

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