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  Previous Shi Qin Old Woman not want to say, refused to hear the words of a sisters-︰ "he aunt all day staring at other stores to see, it is better to manage their."
    "Yisow this saying a bit too, relatives and neighbors, and this is my Help, isn't it a matter of choice, second sister-in-law?"
    Possesses Qin thought it would be almost the same.
    Qin Wei didn't care about the things in the yard. He went back to the house and planned to get married. If he had no conscience, he would change. This time, if he didn't take advantage of the fire...No, it was because he would strike while the iron was hot. Whenever he married his wife, he would say It's uncertain, besides, there is still a big brother-in-law who is staring at her in her family.
    As for money, Qin Wei suddenly felt that it would be the same to make money after getting married. After figuring it out, he became sober and took out the money he had earned during this time. The method of dividing money in the brigade is by work points. During this period of time, the work points counted every day are worth two or three people. Although tired, I think it's worth it when I think of marrying Jianing home early.
    Adding to his food subsidy, this part of the money is useless. As for the things to prepare for marriage, the three big Jiaxi quilts are big ones, and the bicycles in the three big ones are in the house. Even if he doesn't need the watch, the sewing machine... doesn't seem to be needed? The small pieces made by Jianing are better than those made by sewing machines, and the big Qin Wei is reluctant to do it.
    Qin Wei grabbed a hand of his hair. He didn't buy a sewing machine or a tape recorder. So what?
    "Why are you grabbing your hair here? I ask you, how did your third aunt remember telling you that she came to you, or she was her wife. In the past, apart from taking advantage of her, she wanted to be eight hundred miles away from our home. Her wife was going to marry the city. The non-agricultural people here are like taking the drug today." Mother Qin sent Aunt Qin San, came into the house and saw what her son was thinking, so she asked.
    "I don't know, all of them seem to be sick." Qin Wei is annoying to mention her. Today, I don't know what's going on, and everyone is concerned about his marriage.
    "No matter what they say, as long as I don't nod, no one will want to enter this door. The third child, I will tell you, if you are messing around outside, don't blame me for being polite."
    "Don't worry, I haven't understood this ancestor yet, what's the mess?" Qin Wei grabbed his hair and replied, "It's too difficult to get married." Now he misses his previous life, and everything is left to the housekeeper. Okay, now you have to do everything yourself.
    "It's not difficult this time," Mrs. Qin replied irritably, and then reacted to what her son had just said, and stood up from the stool in surprise:
    "You mean a god horse? Get married?"
    "Well, I want to Marry Jianing." Qin Wei nodded.
    "This kid, don't you discuss such a big matter with me and your father?"
    "What can you say about this, if it's not settled down, you should
    feel uncomfortable again." "Pooh, pooh, how can you talk about it," Poh Qin I slapped him, "How
    old is everybody." "How old is in front of you is the same." Qin Wei was very relaxed when he was at home, and it feels great that he doesn't need to be official when he speaks. you marry a daughter back. " "
    OK is not the daughter ancestors? "Qin Old woman laugh at him," this is not so for the marriage which, married do not know how. " "
    her young age, you Mother and tolerance Tell me what’s wrong, and I’ll teach her.”
    “I don’t believe you are willing. The old saying goes that if you marry a daughter-in-law, you forget your mother. If you haven’t married yet, you will begin to protect it. Who knows what you will be like at that time. Well."
    "Don't worry, we will be filial to you when the time comes." Qin Wei promised.
    "It doesn't matter whether you are filial or not. You have a good life. Don't be like your two brothers. You can't even raise children."
    "Mother, don't worry, I will raise them." NS.
    "It's okay, it's hindering me here, hurry up and go on your own." Lady Qin waved away.
    "The mother, I'm back to the house." Qin Wei continued to consider the matter just now, and finally decided not to buy anything that was not needed, and bought clothes for Jianing. The dog emperor also gave more than a hundred dowries. It's not too much to buy two boxes of clothes for his wife, right?
    The idea is not excessive, but when it was implemented, it was staggered. It was not because the clothes were not easy to buy, nor because the money was not enough, but because Jianing was not enough for the minimum age to get married. Jianing was born in June, six months before she was eighteen.
    "There is still half a year." Qin Wei sighed, he was ready for everything, why didn't he think about it?
    "Just half a year, you look at you, it's like you can't marry a daughter-in-law." Old man Qin couldn't understand him. "Go work quickly. You don't want to go out to see the dam."
    "Forget it, I'll go out tomorrow ." "Qin Wei felt that it was better to go out, at least not to look impatient every day.
    ... It's
    not uncommon for Qin Wei to go out. No one in the family cares about it. Jianing is also used to him going out from time to time, but this time Qin Wei has been out for longer than before.
    I usually come back once every ten days, but this time it has been almost a month, and Qin Wei hasn't come back yet.
    I didn’t say anything about my plan to get married, and the villagers did
    n’t know it. It’s not easy for Qin to tell Jianing in front of outsiders. She could only say a few words when the two of them came back from work: "Jianing, you said that the third child How many days have you been out? Why haven’t you come back? Don’t get caught up outside, right? The old man said it’s okay, but my heart is fluttering all day long. The county seat is just so big. Where did you go."
    Jianing was worried at first, and she became even more worried after hearing what Mrs. Qin said. When she got home, she started to be in a daze. After thinking about it for a while, she decided to visit the entrance of the village.
    In the next few days, Jianing became a habit of going to the village entrance every day after finishing work. It's just that he was anxious when he couldn't see anyone, and when Qin Weizhen came back, Jianing was shocked again.
    "Jianing." Qin Wei ran outside for more than a month. It is impossible not to be tired. He is investigating famous snacks in various places. After the year, they have two more processing plants in this county, and the price is much cheaper than theirs. .
    Qin Wei knew that this would not work, so he made plans early for fear that other people in the village would know and talk nonsense. Only the old man Qin knew what he did this time. Before leaving, he wanted to tell Jianing, fearing that she would not say it in the end. .
    Sometimes when I was outside, I would like to take a look back, even if it was a glance, but I didn't want to give it up halfway. Now that I saw that figure, Qin Wei knew that his efforts were not in vain.
    "Weizi, what are you doing? I haven't come back for a long time, so I hurried home." Qin Wei called out a name, and fortunately he didn't say anything else before he said anything.
    "Chen Zhiqing is here too. Hurry home on a cold day. Don't freeze here anymore."
    "Auntie." Jianing stopped at first. Hearing this, he gave Qin Wei a sneak peek, and finally went back.
    Qin Wei watched people go. It was the same if they didn't go. Someone was watching, and he couldn't say anything.
    "Weizi, I heard from my aunt, Chen Zhiqing lives in your house, and your father agrees. Don't get angry with Chen Zhiqing. When you get married, this house will definitely be vacant. It won't delay you. Don't be on the road next time. It’s blocking people. The girl’s family is young, and what should I do if I frighten people?"
    "Ah?" Qin Wei felt that he hadn't been so dizzy for a long time. He understood everything that Mrs. Liu said, but he did it well. Why don't you understand when you are together?
    "My aunt is so old, you can't tell what you want to do at a glance, do you want to say or say a few words, but didn't want to scare people? My brother Huzi said the same when he was a kid when he was fighting. Listen to the aunt. , Go home quickly, don't block people in the future, Jianing is such a good girl
    , don't scare them." Liu Pozi confessed earnestly.
    Qin Wei understands now, the co-author thought he was going to bully Jianing? This misunderstanding caused trouble. Seeing how Mrs Liu was protecting Jianing, she nodded her head and agreed.
    What Qin Wei didn't expect was that the whole village felt that he was targeting Jianing, and he finally stumbled on the road, and he was blocked by one more glance.
    "Fortunately, I reacted quickly and squeezed Chen Zhiqing aside. I was relieved when I watched her go home. Weizi's kid looked good. Why do you hold a grudge like this? You said that this kid, if you don't want to marry, you don't want to marry. Is he getting angry?"
    "It must be because he feels that his family is forcing him to marry and he doesn't like it. I want to find someone who is satisfied. The house is occupied again. If I want to marry a wife, I can't marry. I am anxious. . I think Weizi’s look at Chen Zhiqing’s eyes is not right, as if he is about to eat people. You said, this boy, what can’t be done, as for the appearance of beating people?”
    “Someday I have to talk to Wei. Ziniang said, it can’t go on like this, in case no one sees it one day, it really scares people, alas, Chen Zhiqing honestly, how can I offend Weizi because of this."
    "Who? I know, they young people, I don’t understand..."
    Qin Wei who heard this passage almost vomited blood. If you don’t understand it, you won’t understand. Your old man will say a little less. Now it’s better. He wants to take a look at it. The future daughter-in-law will be stopped by a group of people. For fear of others knowing, he can't wait to use a big loudspeaker to clarify that he didn't intend to bully Jianing.
    "Mother, do you want to explain it outside?" No matter how thick-skinned you are, you can't do things like shouting with a loudspeaker. What's more, Jianing's courage, Qin Wei can guarantee that after he finished talking here, he can find it there. Hidden in a seam.
    "Don't you think I didn't say it?" Po Qin glanced at her son, "Who knows how it spreads out. I have said it several times. Everyone thinks that I am protecting you. Let me watch you more."
    " Okay . "Qin Wei gritted his teeth and nodded. Just say what you like. It will be fine after getting married. Only thinking that there will be five months to get married, Qin Wei sighed and got up, "I'll see how the new products in the processing plant are ."
    "This kid, I think it's one thing." The topic turned too fast, and Po Qin didn't keep up. When she recovered, Qin Wei was already far away, regardless of whether he continued to spread the cup in his hand, and ordered a summer marriage. , Now she takes the time to sew a cup, and all four quilts must be prepared before marriage. I originally planned to have two beds, but later I saw that I didn't buy the three big pieces and added two more beds. I thought that Lady Qin sighed. They said it was
    OK. Can my family agree?
    My in-laws disagreed and said otherwise, the eldest uncle was already mad at death. Chen Jiarong was the first person to see her sister’s letter. When she saw her sister’s words, she was already furious. She was too happy for her sister to learn to write. He was full of thoughts that his sister was about to marry, and he still disliked Qin. Wei.
    Chen's father and Chen's mother did not resist so much. When the son came back, he talked about the country's affairs. Combined with the words in the letter, both of them felt that Qin Wei was a hard-working young man. When he gets older, he sees any boy who is close to his little daughter and thinks that they are bad guys.
    The most important thing is that the two believe in their daughters, since childhood, their daughters are better than both of them, and the people their daughter likes are definitely not as unbearable as the son said. Because of his blind confidence in Jianing, Chen's father and Chen's mother arranged the things at hand before buying train tickets to see his daughter.
    What makes Chen Jiarong even more angry is that he is busy at work now, and has to make up for the work he left a year ago, so there is no time at all. Now he can only tell his mother not to let go so easily, and look at his character anyway.
    Chen's father and Chen's mother promised well, but when they saw someone, they forgot what their son said.
    The daughter was better and the two were happy, and then they began to worry about how they would live their lives after being spoiled by them. However, the next day they discovered that someone was more spoiled than them.
    Qin Wei didn't do anything. He used to bring food when he went to town, but now he brought food to play when he came back outside. Even if he didn't go out at home, he had to make some snacks and send them over. I was afraid that someone would see it and talk nonsense when walking outside, and they would usually pass it across the wall.
    When Chen's father and Chen's mother came over on the first day, they saw snacks on the table. They thought they were bought by Jianing himself. The next day they asked Qin Wei to send them out more than once. Because this mother Chen had a mind-set, she asked all the things in Jianing's room, and it turned out that Qin Wei gave the beautiful decorations.
    "In the future, you can't accept anything casually. Even if you do, you have to give a gift in return." Mother Chen was very happy to see the other side's habitual daughter, but she couldn't help worrying. This talk is not the same as marriage, as long as the person is good-looking. , I feel good about doing everything, if they get married and find that Jianing knows nothing, can the two have a good life?
    "I'm back." When I mentioned this Jianing, I was a little unhappy. Three of her embroidered purses were taken away. Originally, one was just for the family, but now there are three missing.
    "Does his family know that you don't know how to do housework?" Mother Chen actually wants her daughter to return to the
    city, but she knows that the child will marry sooner or later. , But the initiative is in the hands of her daughter.
    It’s not easy to be a daughter-in-law in the city. Mother Chen has long understood. Not to mention how the daughter-in-law is at home. Their building makes a lot of noise every day. In a room, stumbling is common, and Chen's mother would rather her daughter live comfortably here.
    And she also watched the house next door. They all had a good temper. The only drawback was that she was far away from home, but... Mother Chen looked at her happy-looking daughter, she liked it, and it was more important than anything else.
    Jianing didn't know that the biggest obstacle was gone. She was very happy after her parents came, and she was too busy to care about Qin Wei, and she surrounded the two of them when she was free all day long.
    It's a pity that both of them asked for leave. They didn't live for a few days. They stayed for three days and then went back. Before going back, they discussed the time of the marriage.
    ... After
    solving the big trouble, Mother Qin walked with wind. When people asked why she was so happy, she didn't say anything. She would wait for her son to raise her eyebrows on the day of her marriage.
    Jianing didn't know her plan, so everyone didn't talk about it to the outside world, and followed it.
    The processing factory in the village is getting better day by day. Although it is not as good as the food factory in the city, it also makes a lot of money for the village. The dam was repaired in May, and no one is afraid of heavy rain this year. In order to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm, the brigade gave out a sum of money in early June, calculated according to the work points, and the more you work, the more you get.
    Everyone didn't know how to spend the money in their hands. Each family had a few dozen dollars. In the past, one year of exhausted work was only enough to feed themselves, and sometimes they were hungry. There is still so much money left after the dam was built this year. Someone secretly calculated it. If the dam is not built in the second half of the year, each family can get more than one hundred.
    This is exciting news. Everyone starts to search for meat tickets at home after taking the money. They are usually reluctant to buy some, and now they can eat it open.
    But before they recovered, another news came out from the village that the third son of the captain's family was about to marry Chen Zhiqing.
    The news was only a little less stimulating to everyone than the money. No one thought that the two would get married. I still remember that everyone had persuaded them to get married a few months ago. Why did they get married in a blink of an eye?
    "It's been discussed a long time ago. Jianing and her parents will come over in a few days, and invite everyone to have wedding candy at that time." The creases on Po Qin's smiling face disappeared, "As soon as they get married, I won't have to worry about it."
    "Wei Ziniang, why didn't you tell us earlier?" If you said it earlier, you won't get it wrong.
    "I didn't settle it at first, but later it was decided.
    I said that everyone didn't believe me, so I didn't mention it at all." "Let me say that Wei Ziniang has a good eye. Chen Zhiqing is the most beautiful educated youth in recent years. He married home. Really win honor."
    "Weizi is also good, more energetic than anyone else, and the two are as good as they are."
    Listening to everyone's words, Mother Qin just laughed and felt comfortable in her heart. No one believed her at the beginning. , I'm all right now, and see who dares to say that.
    It's just that where Mother Qin is not there, many people have already muttered.
    "I don't look like I've been in the photo. Who is not shy to get a partner? I haven't seen Weizi blush."
    "I don't think it is like it. Chen Zhiqing saw that Weizi had met a cat with a mouse when he saw a cat. Where did she look like a partner?"
    No matter what the outside is said, Qin Wei and Jianing got married on June 16th. The days are approaching. On June 15th, Mrs. Qin called Qin Wei early and asked him to go to town to buy sweets. In the past two days, he bought a lot of sugar, but Mrs. Qin still felt that it was not enough. She just wanted to take care of her son’s big day. Decent and decent. Sixteen, before dawn, I called my son and the old man to set the table.
    On the other side, the brothers and sisters of Jianing and Chen's father and Chen's mother lived in a family house named Chen in the village where they lived. Of course, they did not live in vain. They gave a lot of wedding candy and various precious grains.
    When she was pulled up by Chen's mother, Jianing still didn't know tonight until she was covered with a wet towel. Get up and change clothes, and follow Qin Wei to the town to get the certificate. The moment Jianing got the marriage certificate still felt a bit unreal.
    "Married?" It was so simple, there were no complicated steps, no manners, and no need to deal with anyone to get married.
    "Yes." Qin Wei nodded, seeing her silly look straightforward, if it weren't for being outside, he would have embraced and kissed her.
    Realizing that Qin Wei's eyes were a bit dangerous, Jianing immediately put away the marriage certificate: "Qin Wei, let's go home."
    "Okay, go home." Qin Wei's eyes were even more terrifying.
    It's a pity that Jianing didn't see it. He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the word "home". When I got home, the family had already prepared meals, and saw the two come back and greeted them to eat.
    There are no outsiders at this table in the room. A few of Qin Wei’s brother-in-law took the children, the Qin family’s old couple, Chen’s father, Chen’s mother and Chen Jiarong, and then they sat down at Jianing. .
    At that time, Jianing didn’t feel much. The only feeling was that Qin Wei’s next door was a bit hot. After eating, the two of them took the wedding candy to see the elders in the village according to what Mrs. Qin explained. They returned to noon and slept in the afternoon. Jianing felt There is no difference between marriage and peace, and Qin Wei is not always at home. Jianing, who was a little worried, breathed a sigh of relief.
    It's just that when returning to the house after dinner, Jianing suddenly felt something was wrong...
    End of the text.
    The author has something to say: The text of the Jiaoqi package is over. The extra part will be updated the next day. Thank you for your company for so long. The paper and work have been broken for too long in the middle. Thank you for your support. ", I opened the article this afternoon, and I am still the one who opened a new one seamlessly, and I hope Little Cutie will continue to support!

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