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    But I didn't expect that Jianing would not be well the next day, it would be worse than the night. I woke up once in the night, and I only heard nonsense the next morning. I shed tears from time to time. I couldn't wake up no matter how much I shouted.
    Duan Mingming was so anxious that Old Lady Qin wiped Jianing a few times at night and then went back. She couldn't stand it when she was old, and was dozing off here all the time. Duan Mingming couldn't bear to keep people, but now the sky is not clear. Going to call someone again, Duan Mingming is afraid that Granny Qin will be disgusted. In case the other party has a bad impression of Jianing, it will definitely affect the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the future.
    It's just that Duan Mingming couldn't hold on for half an hour. Seeing that Jianing became more and more uncomfortable, no matter what time it was, he went directly to the yard and shouted.
    Granny Qin feels shallow, although she woke up once in the middle of the night, she woke up early, thinking that she would go out again, but before she went out, she heard Duan Mingming call to herself, thinking about what happened last night, she didn't dare to delay getting up and see.
    When Mother Qin walked to the yard, she found her son there. She didn’t care to ask him why he came out so early. She directly asked Duan Mingming, “What’s wrong with Jianing?”
    “Auntie, I just watched it. It’s hotter than night, you Come and see what's going on." Duan Mingming was afraid and anxious. Yesterday, I heard that it would be fine after sweating. The same is true for children in the family when they are sick. She thinks that someone as old as Jianing is better than a child. Soon, I went back to sleep for a while, but I didn't expect to hear Jianing's movement as soon as I woke up.
    I was homesick, but suddenly I came to such an unfamiliar place. I just started working before I knew it. Today I heard about the brigade next door. I was so frightened that I felt uncomfortable at night. I woke up once in the middle, did not expect to fall asleep again and had a series of nightmares. In the dream, I returned to the palace and was poisoned, and then was assigned to the Houhu family brigade and forced to marry.
    I felt uncomfortable in my dreams, my body would be cold and hot, nightmares were connected to each other. Every time I thought I was awake, but I was actually still in a dream. When she was finally woken up by Mrs. Qin, Jianing even thought it was still a dream.
    "Jianing, how's it going, does the head hurt?" Lady Qin put a little bit of a snack when she watched people wake up.
    "It hurts..." Jianing felt that she not only had a headache, but her whole body was aching, the quilt was uncomfortable, and the mattress on the bed was not good. The things that people can tolerate when they fall asleep are getting worse now.
    "Auntie will give you some wine and wipe it, and it won't be okay later, if you want to eat, auntie will cook it for you." Aunt Qin lowered her voice and coaxed. She only had three sons. When she was young, they were too skinny. She talked by shouting.
    There was a Xiao Jiaojiao in front of her. She looked more squeamish than usual when she was ill. She couldn't help but speak in a low voice, for fear of scaring her.
    "I don't want to eat." Jianing shook her head, her mouth was so bitter, she didn't want to eat anything.
    "How can you not eat? It is uncomfortable in the first place. If you don't eat, the more hungry you are, the more uncomfortable." Possession Qin said with a disapproval of her face. Faster, the less you eat, the better and slower."
    Jianing didn't want to eat anything at first, but when she looked at Pozi Qin's face, she also recognized her statement, and finally thought about it and said, "I want to eat a crystal bag."
    "Crystal bag?" Lady Qin and Duan Mingming asked in unison, neither of them knew what the crystal bag was that Jianing was talking about.
    Hearing what the two said, Jianing also realized that there was no crystal bag, but he didn't want to eat any other things.
    "How about I make you a few steamed buns, they are all steamed buns, how do they eat the same? Put more meat for you, it's definitely better than any crystal buns." Po Qin didn't know how many crystal buns were sold in the city. She has never heard of it, but since she brings a bun, it is similar to a bun, just like a bun. As long as the meat is long, no matter what crystal bag, the fire crystal bag is delicious.
    Jianing couldn't think of anything else he could want to eat for a while. Hearing what Poem Qin said, he nodded directly: "Okay."
    Seeing her so easy to talk, Mother Qin was relieved in her heart. In fact, seeing the child being so squeamish, didn't she never worry about it. What if the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law do not get along well in the future, or are wronged in the village? After getting along, I discovered that the child's personality is easy to meet. The conditions in the village are definitely not as good as those in the city, but she has never complained.
    But she was wronged indeed. Mother Qin looked at Jianing's thin face and thought to herself that her son's worries were good. If she didn't hurry up and figure out a way to earn some money, the child would indeed be wronged a lot.
    The son decided that there was nothing he could do. The boy had been stubborn since he was a child, and he couldn't bring back the eight cows he was in, saying it was useless. I don't want to get married when I'm so old, and I finally got a match, but I can't miss it.
    The ones in the city are the ones in the city, Mrs. Qin thought, it would be okay to be squeamish at home, as long as she had a good personality.
    I originally liked Jianing, but now that I figured it out, I couldn't work hard. First, I wiped the place I wiped yesterday with alcohol, and then poured a glass of warm water for Jianing to drink. After finishing up, seeing that the water in the next basin hadn't been changed
    , Old Lady Qin took it out and changed the basin of warm water and wiped Jianing's face and hands.
    After wiping, he put down the towel in his hand: "Jianing, you lie down and have a good night's sleep. I will go home to deliver bread and buns. Don't worry, there will be more meat."
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded. .
    Mother Qin got home and took out all the meat tickets under the box at home, and then exchanged half a catty for them from someone else's house. This meat ticket is enough, but there are no meat sellers in the village. If you want to buy meat, you have to go to the town.
    "The third child, the third child." Going to the town to ride a bike fast, Mrs. Qin thought for a while and decided to let the youngest son take a trip, but the road outside was a bit slippery. After he was done, he went into the house and shouted that the youngest son was not at home.
    "Where did this kid go? What is the person running around to death?" Mother Qin muttered and walked from the house to the front yard and back yard and searched for it. There was no one, no one at home, and the old man was not there. Mother Qin was babbling a few words, which means that no matter how much she babbles, she won't be out of place.
    No way, go to the house and make the noodles live. Po Qin put the meat ticket in a hand scroll. I wanted to go out to buy with myself, but I didn't expect to get on my son who came back from outside as soon as I went out.
    "Where did you go? No one responded after yelling for a long time. Where did your father go? Go to work so early? Go out before it's light, and don't pay attention to the road." Mrs. Qin said. Can't help but talk more.
    "The soil on the other side of the dam has collapsed a bit, my dad is going to have a look." Qin Wei said as he walked home, and then put down the basket on his back, "Mother, look at it and make something to eat." Qin Wei Wei hasn't slept since last night. He heard the movement next door, and found that after Duan Mingming had gone back, he secretly turned over from the wall and glanced into Jianing's room. It was too cold at night and he was chilly. He didn't dare to go in, but even if he didn't go in, he knew how uncomfortable she was.
    After thinking about it, I decided to get something back, whether it's selling it for money or giving it to Jianing to eat. The conditions here are too bad, no matter how unaccustomed the two people are before, they can only try to adapt.
    The weather is too cold and there are not many things to eat on the mountain. The rabbits and pheasants have not known where they are going. As for the bigger prey, they can't be found.
    As for wild fruits, most of the fruits on the mountain mature in autumn, and now the leaves are all gone, let alone eat. Qin Wei turned for a long time, and finally caught a pheasant under a tree, and that tree was the place where he found Jianing last time.
    Thinking of what happened last time, Qin Wei was even more worried about Jianing,
    and didn't want to stay on the mountain, so he came down with a basket on his back.
    There was a chicken coop where the pheasants were caught. There were seven or eight eggs in the coop, and Qin Wei took it back together.
    Mother Qin is reluctant to eat the eggs at home. Generally, she saves enough and sends them to the supply and marketing agency, or asks someone to help deliver them, so she can earn a few cents, or change something for her usual use.
    I just delivered it a few days ago, and there are not many eggs at home now. When I saw a few eggs in the back basket, Po Qin was happy: "It just so happens. Jianing said that he wanted to eat crystal buns. I thought that the buns are almost the same. Let her wrap some steamed buns. There are not many meat tickets at home. I told her to put more meat. Since we caught a pheasant, we will wrap a few chicken and some eggs today. They are as delicious as they are done. I can’t eat a meal and put it on the outside and let her eat slowly.”
    Po Qin felt that the reason for Jianing’s illness this time was because of the bad food she usually ate. In addition, it’s frozen, so eat more good things to support her body, etc. If you get better, you will be able to bring it back after eating a few good meals.
    What's more, now it is frozen every night, and the buns are kept outside, and they are frozen overnight, and they can be kept for a long time. Since we pack today, we will pack more points at once.
    "Well, I'm going to kill the chicken." Qin Wei looked at the contents in the back basket, and felt that he couldn't get it out. It's just that clever women couldn't afford to cook without rice. Don't talk about money in his hand now. He doesn't even have a ticket. What do you want to eat? Can't get it back.
    Fortunately, the brigade has now let go, and no longer cares about going up the mountain to find something to eat, otherwise, with the character of the old man Qin, he would definitely not agree to Qin Wei bringing this chicken home.
    Qin Wei helped kill the chicken. In the kitchen, Mrs. Qin’s hot water was used directly. The pheasant was not big, and a few buns were enough. Mrs. Qin chopped the chicken into a few pieces and let his son set the fire next to him. I started making noodles and other fillings myself.
    The mother and son have a clear division of labor. Qin Wei has Jianing next door in his mind. He decides to send it to her by himself, and then go to town in the afternoon to see if there is a snack to buy at home. He is familiar with Jianing’s character, and now he is sick and doesn’t want to eat it. , When you get better, eat this and that immediately, buy more and prepare it.
    It's just that the fever won't work. Qin Wei added a firewood to the bottom of the pot: "Mother, should I take Jianing to the hospital for a visit?" Qin Wei still felt uneasy. He had never seen her sick since she grew up.
    "What day is it you to take her to the hospital?" Po Zi Qin glanced at him, "It could have been good, you don't feel cold when you stand outside on a cold day? Jianing is already feverish, so you freeze and go to town. Drink some cool breeze last time, I’m afraid I’ll get worse when I come back."
    Since it rained a few days ago, the sky has been getting colder day by day. Now it’s freezing at night and it doesn’t melt during the day. The rain on the road has become ice without sweeping it. It’s more than twice as difficult as before. It’s okay to ride a bike by yourself. , Two people walking together is more difficult than reaching the sky.

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