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  Jianing only started to be afraid after entering the house. Before she came, her mother told her a lot, but as soon as she arrived at Qin Wei, she forgot what she had said.
    Thinking of Qin Wei, Jianing dared to enter the room with the latch tightened, and Duan Mingming was awakened by the sound of opening the door.
    "Jianing, where did you go?" After Duan Mingming was woken up, he thought it was dawn, and when he opened his eyes, it was still dark. He asked while touching the candles.
    "Obviously, I wanted to go out for a while, but the candle went out." Without Qin Wei by his side, Jianing was more sensible than just now. Duan Mingming immediately found the reason after asking the question.
    "Then wait a minute, I'll light a candle and send it out for you."
    Qin Wei, who paused at the door for a while, heard the sound inside, thought for a while, turned and left from the path, but when he got home, he stared at the wall next door. Looked for a while.
    "I didn't hurry into the house when I came back, I thought for a while, what are you doing out in the middle of the night?" Old man Qin waited in the house for more than half an hour, and finally waited for his son back. He was relieved immediately. He just chased him. After going out, my son had already gone far. He didn't know where to turn, and he didn't find anyone.
    "I lost something during the day, and I just went looking for it outside." Qin Wei replied.
    "When is this, go out and look for something and look for it tomorrow morning."
    "Yeah." Qin Wei nodded, thinking that when I look for it tomorrow morning, I will run away.
    "Okay, I've been tossing so late in the middle of the night, so hurry up and go to bed." Old man Qin was tired after waiting for such a meeting, and because of his age, he couldn't stand up early every day.
    Qin Wei nodded and went into the room, but when he got there, he went to bed immediately, but listened to the movement next door.
    Jianing should have fallen asleep. Qin Wei didn't hear a voice, so he decided to look for it tomorrow day when there was no one at home.
    In the yard next door, Jianing, who was already lying down, didn't know his thoughts. I just entered the house and got out all the things that should be in the house before Duan Mingming came over, then opened the door and lit the candle with Duan Mingming's help: "Mingming, you go to bed first, I'll be back when I go out. . "
    " you can go? feet hurt also hurt when? "section clearly do not worry.
    "It's better, I'll be more careful." Jianing replied.
    "That's all, you slow down, I'll go back first." Duan Mingming nodded, because she was very tired during the day, she is a little sleepy now, after speaking, she returned to the house with the candle in her hand. After a while Hearing the sound of the door next door did he rest assured to fall asleep.
    Jianing deliberately made some movement in the yard, pretending that he was really going out, and then went into the house and closed the door, took out his bedding again, and lay down the bed to sleep.
    Although she stayed in the house during the day, she was always packing her things, and the tossing at night made Jianing a little sleepy when she was lying in the bed.
    It’s just that she heard the voice of the little milk dog next to her before she fell asleep, thinking that when she just slept, she only spread a few layers of cloth on it, and she might get cold if there is nothing on her body. Jianing got up again, and took a piece of someone else. Cover it with invisible old clothes, and hug the doghouse from the stool to the edge of the kang. It’s warm here.
    I don't know if it was because of covering the clothes or was comforted by Jianing, the little milk dog stopped making a sound.
    After such a torment, Jianing was even more sleepy and fell asleep. Duan Mingming woke up the next morning.
    "Jianing, I'll put the meal here, I'll go to work first." Duan Mingming didn't want to shout, but seeing her sleeping too soundly, I was afraid she would sleep until midday. I didn't eat much last night. If I didn't eat it in the morning, I would definitely have a stomachache.
    "Okay." Jianing rubbed his eyes and smiled at Duan Mingming.
    Duan Mingming's heart trembled by her well-behaved appearance, and poked the little pear vortex on her face with a cool finger: "Then I'll go first, get up for dinner."
    Hearing the sound of Duan Mingming closing the door, Jianing rubbed her face to refresh herself, and then got up from the kang.
    Feeling the same temperature on the kang as last night, Jianing knew that Duan Mingming had helped him add firewood again. Thinking of the few wood in the kitchen, Jianing felt warm, but wanted to ask herself not only for no help, but also for it. Sorry, apologize immediately.
    Trying to stretch out his foot, Jianing found that the injury on his foot was healed, and decided to go out to work with Duan Mingming in the afternoon.
    Qin Wei didn't say anything serious to her last night, maybe he didn't care about her escape from marriage? Jianing thought that someone so busy on the other side would definitely spare her. Besides, they are all here, the two have nothing to do with each other, and there is no need for him to hold onto one thing.
    After I figured it out, Jianing became happy, put on his clothes, went to the door of the kitchen, scooped up some water and washed his hands clean.
    I just didn't expect to hear the next door coughing twice when washing my hands. This movement was not the sound of last night. Jianing raised his head and saw Qin Wei looking at him in the yard next door, and immediately lowered his head to pretend not to see.
    "What are you hiding? I can still eat you?" Qin Wei saw her looking up, and seeing that she was still hiding from herself, the anger in his heart came out again.
    "What's the matter with King Qin?" Jianing pretended to be calm.
    Hearing her address, Qin Wei frowned: "Call me Qin Wei." He always felt that the other party was deliberate by the name of King Qin.
    "Okay." Jianing promised, he said what he said, as long as they don't mention the things of the previous life, they are good friends.
    "Is there enough firewood at home?" Qin Wei asked when she agreed. Last night I thought about how to teach her a lesson this morning, but when I saw it with my own eyes, the plan I had made before was a mess.
    "Enough." Jianing became nervous. She got her ankle last time picking up firewood. The other party wouldn't want to make fun of her by this incident, right?
    "Really?" Qin Wei glanced at her.
    Jianing suddenly became more nervous than before: "Really, the food in the house is cold, I'm going to eat." After she stood up, she shook the water in her hand and ran into the house.
    "Wait." Qin Wei yelled to her, "Don't force me over."
    Thinking of the other party's neatness over the wall yesterday, Jianing stopped moving, turned around and asked him: "What do you want to do?"
    "Duan Mingming said that the wood is not Too much, you lied to me." Qin Wei looked at her, "If you don't have firewood, you will sleep on a cold kang."
    "You know, what else did you ask me to do?" Jianing was upset, and the other party teased her deliberately.
    "I'll help you get firewood, what benefit do you give me?"
    "I will use grain to replace you, okay?" There are still a lot of sweet potatoes and corn noodles in the bag. Jianing can barely eat corn noodles, but sweet potatoes can only eat. For a little bit, I decided to use this and Qin Wei for firewood.
    Qin Wei originally wanted to say that there is no need to change, but suddenly remembered that if this is the case, the two can have more contact. This is only the first day, more contact can be more familiar, and then nodded:
    "Okay ." "Then I will get things. . " "
    Do not worry. "Qin Wei ran to see her again, shouted to her," What do you want to eat? I send you over. "vaguely heard the morning segment less obviously distressed her dinner yesterday, doing yard Qin Wei in here wrote down this sentence.
    "No." Jianing shook his head, and decided to take out the medicinal wine and mung bean cake when he would take the sweet potatoes.
    Qin Wei didn't know her thoughts. Seeing that she refused, she couldn't think of what she could go out and buy. What's more, after going to town yesterday, she decided to buy food for her two days later.
    "Then you go back to eat, you don't need to get food."
    "Okay." The other party finally let her go. Jianing breathed a sigh of relief, immediately ran back to the house, took a towel and wiped his hands clean, and then took out the food that Duan Mingming had left. , First find an ordinary dish in Yu Peili, take it out and put it next to the doghouse, and then set aside a little bit of the food in his bowl. Yesterday, Duan Mingming told her that the little milk dog had just reached the full moon, and it didn’t take long to eat too much, just a little bit every day.
    Jianing was not sure if these were enough to decide, and added it when she finished eating. She had just delivered the meal. The little milk dog who was sleeping in the den with her eyes closed suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the plate in her hand. Make sure to come slowly after eating.
    Seeing it eat the meal she gave, Jianing felt relieved and sat next to her and started eating.
    After eating, he took the bowls to the kitchen to be cleaned. Jianing thought that he hadn't washed the clothes she had changed for two days, so she decided to wash the clothes by herself.
    She hadn't washed herself for a long time, and the cold weather made her uncomfortable. What's worse was that the water in the tank was almost gone. Thinking that Duan Mingming would come back to cook, Jianing looked at the pressure well in the middle of the yard and decided to add water and then press the water like Duan Mingming did. As a result, there was no movement in the two scoops of water and she could only give up in the end.
    Seeing the red-frozen hands and the water she couldn't add in front of her, Jianing was a little frustrated.
    "Babe, I can't do anything well." Jianing looked disappointed. After speaking, she remembered that Bei Bei had already left, and now she was the only one in the yard.
    Jianing slowly squatted down, feeling a little wronged, and her mood gradually depressed, but just as she squatted down, the little milk dog that had been staying in the house stumbled out.
    "Woo~" Sniffing with his nose, he found that it was the person he was looking for. The little milk dog began to crawl on Jianing, but he ate too fat, and fell off before climbing two steps.
    Jianing quickly caught it, then hugged it in his arms, dipped a handkerchief in some water, and wiped its paws clean.
    "Be good." Seeing it lying in her arms relying on it, Jianing's heart was in a soft mess. Beibei was like that when she was a child. She only followed herself, and came in the morning as soon as she left, but Beibei had a bigger temper. Ignore her, she will be angry.
    Thinking of Beibei, Jianing felt uncomfortable again, but then felt that the jade pendant on her neck was a bit hot. Thinking of what Beibei said when she left, Jianing walked into the house holding the little milk dog and took the jade pendant off.
    The densely packed pile of words on the jade pendant was gradually getting bigger when Jianing looked at it. After the fonts were completely displayed, Jianing could see what it was.
    [Task 5: Rest for a day, eat spiritual fruit, and maintain good health (completed). Reward: two catties of white flour, one catty of polished rice, and one catty of eggs. 】
    【Task 6: Thank a person who helped oneself, there is no fixed requirement for personnel (completed). Reward: Two catties of white flour, one catty of polished rice, and one hen. ]
    [Task 7: Remind the captain that it will rain heavily in the day after tomorrow (not completed). Reward: Ten catties of white flour, two catties of pork, and two hens. The
    series of tasks and rewards made Jianing a little embarrassed. She felt that she hadn't done anything in the past two days, just so many things. Beibei said that the task is difficult to do, is it to scare herself?
    I don't know how much Beibei has worked hard in it. Jianing looked at the seventh task and reward. If this task is completed, she and Duan Mingming will not have to worry about having a meal for the New Year.

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