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   The sound was the movement of the door closing, which would not have attracted his attention. Qin Wei was surprised that the person closing the door seemed to be hiding something, and his movements were extremely careful.
    There were only two people living next door. If one person wants to go out, he might be careful not to disturb the other, but Qin Wei can hear it clearly. Not long after the door was opened and closed, it was the sound of the door being opened.
    Why do you open the door in the middle of the night? Qin Wei closed his eyes and thought, it is not summer now, and the night in November is already freezing, and the wind is not small, most people don't want to go out all night after eating.
    Most people don't want to go out, but... suddenly thinking of something, Qin Wei grabbed the clothes next to him and put it on and ran out.
    "In the middle of the night, where are you going?" As soon as the old man Qin came in from the yard, he was shocked when he saw his son running
    out. , Daddy, come in.” Qin Wei returned without turning his head, opened the latch on the main door, and walked directly from the path to the door next door.
    Jianing waited in the room for a long time, until there was no movement in the next room, and he was sure that Duan Mingming was asleep and would not wake up easily, and then got out of bed cautiously.
    The injury on the foot hasn't been completed yet, it will hurt if you apply too much force, so Jianing was very careful during the whole process, but even so, she still accidentally pulled her foot. Taking a cold breath, Jianing immediately covered her mouth. She knew that she couldn't make a noise casually. It would be bad if Duan Mingming next door woke up.
    It was too hard to carry the bag. Jianing thought that she was the only one outside at night and would not be found out, so she just put the bag and other things in the jade, leaving only a little milk dog outside.
    The little milk dog is too small. Jianing was afraid that he would put it in Jade Perry and no one would accompany him. After thinking about it, he decided to hold it personally. And the sky is very dark outside, it can be courageous to accompany it.
    After thinking about it, Jianing picked up the little milk dog, and finally took a look at the room to make sure there was nothing falling, and then quietly went out with the candle on the bedside table.
    Afraid of waking Duan Mingming, Jianing opened and closed the door very lightly, rubbing at the door for several minutes before walking into the yard.
    Holding the candle in his hand, so I can see clearly in the yard, Jianing walked towards the door with the candle illuminating the road, guarding Duan Mingming in the room from waking up, and listening to nearby sounds, Jianing's heart was raised. , Nervously every step must be considered for several days.
    After successfully walking to the middle of the yard, Jianing just relaxed a little when she suddenly heard a sound in the yard next door. This sound scared her and didn't dare to continue walking. She stood in the yard and stopped for a while.
    After feeling for a long time, Jianing suddenly heard the coughing of old man Qin coming from next door. Hearing the sound in the yard, he breathed a sigh of relief. Just about to leave, he suddenly felt weak in his legs.
    Jianing didn't know why she had a guilty conscience and was so afraid of being discovered by Qin Wei, but she had an inexplicable intuition. If she was discovered, the result would be terrible.
    Intuition saved her countless times in the harem, Jianing believed it very much, and the following footsteps became lighter, and it took a lot of effort to move from the yard to the door.
    The door was locked, but she took the key. Jianing took out the key given by Old Man Qin that day and put the dog in his pocket, holding the candle in one hand and the key in the other, and opened the lock carefully.
    After opening the door, put the key back, picked up the little milk dog that was messing around in his pocket, and walked out across the threshold.
    Just walking from inside the door to outside the door, Jianing began to struggle, she opened the door, but how did she lock it? Now she is outside, she must be locked from the outside, but then Duan Mingming will not be able to get out tomorrow morning. Another way is to leave the door unlocked, but this will definitely not work.
    Jianing struggled for a while, and decided to lock the door from the outside first, just like Duan Mingming, and wait until tomorrow morning to come and open the door early. In this way, Duan Mingming will not be delayed from starting work, so he happens to be telling the truth to her.
    After thinking about it, he carefully closed the door. Who knew that when the lock was hung up, he suddenly heard a movement next to him. Jianing was startled, and immediately stopped the movement in his hand and looked around with the candle shining around. No one was there. , Only a few leaves on the ground were blew, and the sound just heard seemed to be an illusion.
    Confirming that there was no one, Jianing turned and continued the action just now, locking the door. The door lock "chat" was very obvious in the quiet night. I was frightened by myself. Then I patted my chest. It's okay. I'll be fine when I get to the place. Besides, she touched the little milk dog in her arms, giving herself a trace of comfort.
    It's just that she just relaxed, the little milk dog in her arms suddenly barked, and Jianing's heart that had been let down came up again.
    "I'm not afraid or not." Thinking that the little milk dog was afraid, Jianing patted lightly, saying comforting words in his mouth, and didn't know whether he was comforting the other party or comforting himself.
    It was the time when it started to get cold in November, especially in the middle of the night. Jianing felt the wind blowing from all directions, and the candle in her hand was bright and dark. You must be careful to protect it from being blown out by the wind.
    When she came out, she only took the candle, but did not take the match. She would not be able to light it until the candle was extinguished. Jianing was very careful and successfully walked from the house to the gate. Jianing felt that she was not far from victory. It's just that Jianing has forgotten that the facts are often not as good as imagined.
    Duan Mingming told her the direction is north today. Jianing locked the door and turned north, but she had just turned around when a gust of wind came over, and the candle in her hand went out.
    The candles were gone, and there was almost blackness in front of me. The moonlight at the beginning of the month was similar to nothing. There were only a few stars hanging in the sky, twinkling, but not very useful.
    Jianing was shocked by the sudden situation. Without a candle, she would not be able to see the way, and she could not get out if she could not see the way. The original plan could not be completed.
    But it's hard to go back now. Jianing looked at the candle in his hand, there was still a little spark on it, and quickly blocked the wind with his hand, but the next moment, the tiny spark was gone.
    The last hope is gone, now there are only two options, either go back, but may not be able to come out, or go forward in the dark. Jianing thought for a while, and finally decided to go back. In case of waking up, Duan Mingming would find an excuse to escape, and it would be a big deal to wait until she fell asleep before sneaking out.
    It's just that when she turned around, she suddenly stumbled on something. Jianing was so scared that her face was pale. Just as she was about to yell, the other party suddenly gave a cold snort.
    Hearing this familiar voice, Jianing not only did not relax, but was even more afraid. If it was someone else, forget it, but Qin Wei... Jianing shuddered suddenly.
    "What are you running?" Qin Wei felt wrong just now at home. After coming over, he saw this little unscrupulous man tangling at the door. He wanted to see where she was going, but he didn't expect the candles to be weak.
    "I...I didn't run." Jianing wanted to tell the truth, but suddenly thinking of the consequences of telling the truth, she decided to lie.
    "I didn't come out in the middle of the night?" Qin Wei looked down at her. Even if he could only see the back of his head, he knew how scared the other party was now. Thinking that the eyes of the always sly fox might be full of panic now, Qin Wei felt distressed. I just thought that the other party recognized me, and I didn't tell the truth to myself. Instead, I ran away secretly and immediately suppressed the pain.
    Can't get used to it, Qin Wei thought, this time I rushed to sneak away in the middle of the night, next time I could do something, although there is no danger in the palace here, but a girl walks outside in the middle of the night, he is afraid to think about it.
    "Just... it's too boring in the room, I'll come out and have a look." Jianing lowered her head and said in a low voice.
    "It's too boring and need to go out? Lock the door? How will you go back later?"
    "There is nothing in the yard, I want to come out and see." Jianing's voice became even smaller.
    "Come out to see? Then go so far?" Qin Wei said coldly.
    Just as Jianing wanted to talk, the little milk dog in his arms was faster than her, and he called Qin Wei twice.
    Jianing reacted immediately, covering his mouth, in case Qin Wei was anxious, Xiao Niangou's life was worrying.
    Qin Wei didn't know when she brought back a little milk dog, not half as big as his slap, and didn't care about the two screams, and continued to ask Jianing: "To be honest."
    "I just want to stroll around the door." If I made up my mind, I just didn't admit it. I didn't know if I was afraid or it was cold outside, and my voice trembled.
    Qin Wei didn't want to force her to admit it, but he was caught this time, and he might not be able to react next time. He sighed in his heart, wanted to say something serious, and was so scared to see her: "On the street. There are gangsters, don't come out next time, go back soon." These words are half-truth, most of the night, who doesn't sleep and wanders around, but it's useful to scare Jianing.
    "Yeah." Jianing was relieved to see that he didn't care about him. When the other party said that the gangster suddenly thought of what his mother had told him when that day came, he was suddenly afraid.
    "Go back." Qin Wei desperately suppressed the anger in his heart, now he was trembling with fear, and he would definitely cry again when he talked.
    "Yeah." Jianing agreed, but when she walked back, she suddenly remembered that she had locked the door and was taken aback.
    "Not yet?" Qin Wei didn't move when she saw her mouth agreeing to her footsteps, and the evil fire in her heart was rising. He shouldn't be softhearted. If you don't be obedient, you should just give it a lesson. God knows how he can hold back. If the words are heavy, the other party still doesn't appreciate it.
    "The door is locked." Jianing whispered. The door was locked. Although she had the key in her hand, the candle was out and she couldn't see it.
    "Where's the key?" Qin Wei took a deep breath and told himself to bear with it again.
    Jianing took the key out and handed it to him. After giving it to him, he secretly looked up, but it was too dark to see the outline, but the expression on his face was invisible.
    Seeing her little daughter-in-law's actions, Qin Wei's anger was half extinguished at once, what can he do? She is so afraid of herself, if she insists, she will get half the result with half the effort. He took the key and opened the door, took out a match from his arms and helped her light the candle: "Go in."
    "Yeah." This time there was light, but Jianing didn't dare to look up. He lowered his head and walked forward. After walking into the door, he closed the door with a "slap", and then quickly locked it inside. Lock the door, don't worry until the other party can't come in, and then ran into the house with the little milk dog in his arms.
    Qin Wei looked at Jianing's back and just wanted to talk. The next moment he was shut out of the door suddenly, his already better complexion suddenly turned black. Little bastard, still owes a lesson.

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