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    Old man Qin didn’t know for a while that she should be praised, or she should be praised, praised, and was afraid of embroidering something next time when she was asked to work. Don't boast, he has never seen such a beautiful flower.
    "Weird look good." Finally, Old Man Qin exclaimed.
    "Of course." Jianing couldn't help being proud. All the sisters in the palace couldn't compare to her in embroidery and calligraphy.
    "It's just a waste of thread." Seeing her like this, Old Man Qin couldn't help but want to fight, "This thread is a lot of money, so don't embroider it next time."
    "Okay." Jianing was a little discouraged, but he couldn't help . She regained her energy for a moment. She remembered that she had money. Although embroidering is not possible here, she can buy cloth and needles to embroider by herself.
    Old man Qin didn't know what she was thinking. In the end, all three of them had done almost the same thing, except for Tian Yuan who was a little slower, but it was more than half done.
    "Okay, you go back to eat first, and come back in the afternoon." Old man Qin looked at the bags sewn by the three people, and then took out a few centimeters of notebook and typed it in centimeters.
    "Chen Jianing Duan Mingming three work points, Tian Yuan two, don't come to the brigade in the afternoon, go straight to the field, I will teach you to do other tasks." After the old man Qin said the book in his arms, "it's twelve o'clock." , You go back to eat."
    Jianing didn't care what the centimeter was, so he pulled Duan Mingming and went back. Chen Feng was already hungry, but he didn't want to take out the food in front of others.
    It was different when he returned home. Duan Mingming had been helping him for the past two days, and Jianing directly took out the beef jerky and ate half of it alone.
    "Jianing, I don't want it." Duan Mingming shook his head. His appetite is big. Two people eat together, which has taken advantage of each other. This is beef jerky, not the usual thing. She can't eat it.
    Beef jerky is rare. Cows in the countryside will not be killed. Unless they are old, they will usually be sold to the slaughterhouse by the brigade when they are old. She doesn't know where Jianing's beef jerky was bought, but it is definitely not easy.
    The other party's willingness to give her is the other party's good, and she can't take advantage of Jianing's good bully. And she knew that taking advantage of it would be addictive, and she definitely couldn't start.
    "Then you eat a piece." Jianing finally forced her a piece.
    "Thank you Jianing." Duan obviously took it, but there were no snacks in his schoolbag, thinking that he would buy something for him when he went back to town next time.
    Jianing didn't know what she was thinking. After eating two pieces of beef jerky, he collected the rest and went to the kitchen to help her cook.
    "Obviously, I will help you burn the fire." After reading it this morning, she has learned how to burn the fire.
    "No, I wear a lot of clothes now. You watch by the side, and then help me in two days." Duan Mingming shook his head, knowing that it was just learned, and had a few younger brothers and sisters knowing that it would be messy just getting started, and then In addition, it is noon, and they have to go to work in the afternoon, so they can't let the other party try.
    "Then what can I do?" Jianing asked. He had been busy, and he didn't want to be idle.
    "Jianing, are you familiar with Aunt Qin next door?" Duan Mingming suddenly remembered another thing, that is, they live in this big yard now, empty and waste, it is better to raise two chickens.
    Although her family lives in the city, the family lives in a tube building, and the family lives in a room. There is only one curtain between the beds of her and her sister and brother. Others think that the people in the city are doing very well. She felt that it was not necessarily true. After coming to the village, she found that the village was better than the city.
    When I lived at home, the room was very crowded. Everyone was noisy, and even if it was so crowded, there were
    two chickens in the corridor. The place was so big now that she couldn't bear to waste it. But they don't know the people in the village, and they don't know anyone. The only thing they can think of is that Aunt Qin next door called Jianing yesterday.
    "I have seen it once." Jianing replied, only yesterday that the other party gave her money and food. "We went there together yesterday."
    "Jianing, would you like to ask Aunt Qin if she can find a few chickens for her." We raise it?" Duan Mingming didn't know what the other party said to Jianing yesterday, but she could see that the other party looked at Jianing more enthusiastically than she did. She felt that it was easier for Jianing to let go.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded and agreed, and then went to the wall to call Po Qin, "Auntie, auntie?" She shouted twice, but there was no response from the other side. When Jianing just wanted to give up, a person walked out of the house.
    "What's the matter?"
    Jianing took a look and couldn't see clearly when he was far away, but he certainly didn't know him, and asked politely: "Hello, do you know where Aunt Qin went?"
    Qin Wei found out that although I just saw you last night Yes, but the other party has forgotten himself, his eyes sinking, and finally he replied: "Not at home, why are you looking for her?" Actually, Mrs. Qin was in the house, but Qin Wei didn't want to say it. He wanted to hear what Jianing would say. .
    "That's okay." When Jianing heard that Lady Qin was not at home, she knew that Duan Mingming might not be able to do what Duan Mingming had entrusted to her. She replied somewhat disappointedly, jumping off the stone and ran to the kitchen.
    On the other side, Qin Wei, who wanted to hear the other party's answer after replying, saw that the other party had already run away before he could answer the next sentence.
    "The third child, who did you talk to just now?" Old lady Qin came out of the room with noodles in her hands. The old man hasn't come back yet, and she doesn't know what she's doing. She wants to get some dumplings for her son and give them to the next door. The little educated youth sent it over. I was busy making face-to-face meetings in the room and heard no movement. I heard my son speak out and asked.
    "There is a kitten on the wall, now
    I'm running away." "What am I supposed to be? How come I talked to the cat." Lady Qin didn't take it seriously when she heard that it was a cat, "Why isn't your father coming back? How late is it going to be busy."
    "I don't know." Qin Wei shook his head, remembering that Old Man Qin never went home early, and there were a lot of things in the village busy.
    "If you don't go home, let's eat something at noon, and we will make dumplings later in the evening."
    "Okay." Qin Wei didn't care. He didn't eat less of these things. Naturally, he didn't care as much as they did. He just heard the dumplings secrete water unconsciously. Qin Wei felt it was due to his body, as if he hadn't gotten any meat for a long time. Moreover, there are not many opportunities to eat meat here. Qin Wei frowned. Jianing sent them the meat. What would she eat by herself?
    Qin Wei got up from the chair. He wanted to go out with him last night, but he was rejected by the old couple this morning. The wound on his head was really serious. After two more steps, he was dizzy. Qin Wei also wanted to take care of his body. When a person comes back from marriage, he certainly does not go out regardless of his body. Therefore, except for going out in the morning, he stays at home all the time.
    In the morning, when there was no movement next door, I knew that she had gone out, and finally waited for someone to come back. I didn't expect to say a few words and then ran away.
    Qin Wei had already figured out the situation at home in the morning. There were two pigs and three chickens in the backyard. Vegetables were grown in the other vacant land. There was nothing but these.
    Poor, this was Qin Wei's first reaction. Then he found out that he was poorer than he thought. There was no rice noodles in the kitchen. There was only one rice noodles at the bottom of the tank. This was the first time he saw this thing, and the output was quite high in his impression.
    He has suffered far more than here. Even in a worse environment than this, he can still accept it. The only worry is that someone has no conscience, but the other party seems to be living happily. Qin Wei listened to the girl next door crisply. I feel that my headache is a lot lighter, except for forgetting myself, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
    "Lao San, does my head hurt?" As soon as the old man Qin came in, he saw his son sitting in the corridor basking in the sun. He didn't know if he was dazzled. He always felt that his son had changed a lot from before, but when he looked closely, he felt no difference. Still worried about the injury on the opponent's head.
    "Father is back." Qin Wei opened his eyes, "It's much better. I can go out in two days."
    "Don't be busy going out. If you lie at home for a few days, the work in the field is almost finished." Old man Qin She scooped some water at the kitchen door and washed her hands clean. "Where's your mother? Why didn't you cook today?"
    "Why haven't you cooked yet? The tank is almost empty. What are you going to eat?" Po Qin came out of the house with no noodles in her hands. "I sent two wow tou yesterday and put some sweet potatoes on the bottom of the pot. Let's make do with it. , Wait for the dumplings to be made in the evening." As he said, he went to the kitchen to serve food.
    "Why do you think of making dumplings?"
    "The third-year-old was not willing to eat the shrimp skins I brought back in the summer. I dug two cabbages in the yard and put some meat in the afternoon, thinking about making something different and sending it to Zhiqing Chen. A bowl." Who would be willing to take the food out? Granny Qin didn't want to owe others, even if she had agreed to wait for the food to come down to make up for it, she wanted to give them some compensation first.
    "Don't pack too much, waste noodles, just leave two for the youngest after giving her." Old man Qin wiped his hands, "The field is almost finished, and I can rest a few days earlier this year." It's about to arrive the twelfth lunar month It was so cold in the twelfth lunar month that I wanted to sit at home and do nothing. Instead of procrastinating, it's better to finish early and finish early.
    "It's good earlier, but how much food is there in the brigade?" Po Qin was a little worried. She had been habitual for so many years to distribute the food during work breaks. If the food is not ready, just rest. Everyone is sure. in a hurry.
    "Similarly, there are still a few cellars for sweet potatoes, and a lot of them were divided at that time. There are still a few thousand catties left." Old man Qin wanted to smoke again after he finished talking. He said lightly. There are hundreds of people in the brigade. , Thousands of catties of grain were put down, and I couldn't even hear a splash of water.
    "Why are you so much this year?" Po Qin vaguely remembered that it was much more than this in the past two years, and why shouldn't it be so little this year.
    "Did you forget, this time we will divide the grain more?" Old man Qin asked her. Usually the grain is divided twice a year. After talking about the wheat, it will be divided once before the New Year. However, the wheat harvest this year was not good. At that time, it was only half of the usual.
    Although he told Wan Wan to save some food, but how to save half of the food when the rice was eaten, it was gone. The brigade seemed to be unable to do so, so that the first batch of rice that everyone had ordered was divided first. .
    Later, the good corns were handed over to the public grain, and the poor were piled up in the brigade, and the rest was sweet potatoes. There were several large cellars in the village, which were specially used for sweet potatoes, but the output was a lot each year, but people could not eat this all the time.
    Just like him, he was hungry when he was young, and his stomach is not good when he is old. If he eats sweet potatoes, his stomach will be acidic after a while.
    Moreover, the sweet potato looks full, but in fact it is full for a while. He usually eats at home. If he works and eats, he will definitely not be able to hold it.
    Old man Qin was also worried, and only hoped that next year's grain could be collected more, but don't be like this year. As soon as the spring started this year, it was not good. There was no rain during grouting, and there was not much to do with manpower.
    When the wheat is harvested, it will not rain early or late. It rains only the few days when the wheat is ripe. Finally, the wheat recovered is good, not much moldy, moldy, long hairs. The public rations were exchanged with other brigade, otherwise the rations would not be so small.
    Usually, after the wheat comes down, the people in the brigade will secretly take the wheat to the town and exchange it for others. This is also no way. There are so many children in rural areas that they can not afford to eat fine grains.
    As a result, the wheat was not good this year, and no one exchanged it. In the end, it
    was cooked and eaten at home.
    Fortunately, the sweet potatoes came down in August. Although they were hungry, they survived with their belts. It's just that this little grain is divided, and it's hard to say whether it will last until the wheat harvest next year.
    "I'm going to see the cabbage in the backyard." There is not enough food, so I can only count on the vegetables of each family. Fortunately, the brigade can live a life. The front yard and the backyard are full of vegetables all around the house. Last winter I lived on Chinese cabbage.
    "I want to harvest the cabbage in two days, and wait for it to grow." Old lady Qin brought the rice into the house, "We don't have enough food, so we can only look at it."
    "Yeah." Old man Qin nodded, "Old folks. My second child’s and my second child’s family haven’t come here?"
    "No, when I was working in the morning, I said that I was afraid of bringing the child to quarrel with the third child.
    "It's okay."
    "Old man, don't ask, when will they come back?" Lady Qin was still worried about the two sons outside.
    "It's only a few days now."
    "That's fine." Possession Qin breathed a sigh of relief. Every time a son went outside, she was frightened, but she didn't expect that something would happen at home instead.
    Two months ago, Old Man Qin found out that there was a local factory in the county that was short of temporary workers, and his request was literacy. He sent his two sons over, and the younger son stayed at home to build a house. Only a few days after the house was built, Qin Wei had an accident.
    Qin Wei listened to the two of them. He found that there were not many things that could be done in this era, and many things were illegal and could not stop. There were a few people in the brigade who secretly engaged in speculative business and made some money. He is too lazy to be unlucky, doing this flower that has earned money and dare not be upright, has to hide it secretly, and worry about being arrested every day.
    It's better to do something else if you have this energy. At this time, it's not allowed to be privately owned, but it can be publicly run. If you want to do something, you can do it in the name of the brigade.
    Qin Wei looked at the three chickens in the yard in a daze. There are chickens in every household and there is no shortage in the town. There is one thing you can try, sheep.
    The Xinghua brigade is surrounded by mountains. Perhaps this is because it is not close to the surrounding brigades, and the relationship is normal.
    This kind of place is also good, that is, there are a lot of wild vegetables, and there are three directions in the four directions of east, west, south and north are mountains. When other teams are fighting for wild vegetables, the people in the Xinghuacun brigade can eat half full as long as they work harder.
    It's just that it's still winter and can't do anything. Before entering the house, Qin Wei glanced at the low wall next door, and he should marry someone home first.
    "Lao San, do you think it will snow in the past few days?" Qin Wei asked him as soon as he entered the house, the old man Qin who walked from the backyard.
    Qin Wei was taken aback, remembering that Old Man Qin would ask so many times a year, but he had been fainted for a few days and he didn't pay attention to the weather outside.
    "Look at my mind, forget about it." Old man Qin also remembered it, and smiled and told him to sit down and eat. Tell me."
    Qin Wei nodded. In the past, he led soldiers to march in battle, and observing the sky was the most basic.
    Of course, Old Man Qin was relieved when he saw his son. Although his son was not 100% accurate, he could be correct eight or nine times ten times. It's just that the son is not at home in the beginning of spring this year, otherwise their brigade will not have a bad harvest this year.
    "Father, did you go to work before today?" Qin Wei did not move his chopsticks after sitting down, but asked another question.
    "I'm missing someone, and the others are gone." Old man Qin was angry when he mentioned the incident, "Yesterday I thought this year's batch of educated youths were not good, so I guessed it right, so I won't go to work on the first day.
    " Who didn't go?"
    Qin Wei's heart sank, fearing that the little squeamish bag would play his temper again when he was away.
    "Educated youth of the hospital a named party, I hear people say is that today does not work points in mind, it is not the past." Qin old man sneer, "I also happens to remember, and why do not mind work."
    Heard not Kerry Ning, Qin Wei was relieved, he didn't care about the following words, bowed his head and started to eat.
    "What are you two chatting about? Eat quickly, and go over after dinner." Old lady Qin brought some sweet potatoes and put them on the table. "Eat wowotou first, and eat sweet potatoes if you don't have enough."
    Old man Qin saw the basket. there are five buns, a not pong, pick up a sweet potato ︰ "how much food at home?"
    "Wo Wo eat, the stomach did something, eat sweet potatoes, not afraid of acid and then in the afternoon." Qin went to see Old Woman I took a sweet potato and slapped Old Man Qin, "I can eat for a few days."
    "It's really hard for me to go to town to buy some in two days." Old man Qin took a nest after hearing the words.
    "Where is there any money at home?" Mother Qin remembered that the old couple's money had been spent, and the third son's money was still a few yuan, not worth it.
    "Boss and second are coming back soon." Old man Qin took a chopstick and stewed cabbage. "When they went to work, they agreed to take out one third of it. There will always be a few dozen yuan in two months."
    Although the two were temporary workers, their wages would not be much worse. Old man Qin had already said from the time he started looking for a job that no matter who the three went there, he would give a half to the old couple.
    Old man Qin is not partial, nor does he blindly help his children. They are all in their twenties. He should also be sensible, pointing to the day his parents will take care of him? Therefore, the pension money and food that should be required are not a lot of money.
    As for the third son, the old man Qin also kept a hand. If he is considered filial, he will follow his family at that time. If he is not filial, he will be divided after he gets married, and the old couple will hold the money by themselves.
    Ever since he became the captain of the squadron, who had been short of the western family's parents all day long, Old Man Qin had seen enough of these messy things for a long time, and he had to rely on himself after he made up his mind.
    I don’t know what the old man Qin thinks, Qin Wei is worried about the one in the next courtyard. The educated youths are not doing well in the village. One aspect is that they don’t know how to do farm work, and they are not used to working every day. I usually cry for a few days when I first come.
    Today little squeamish package also looked lively, Qin Wei afraid you do not try again in two days the Yan ︰ "Dad, educated youth now do live?"
    Qin old man eating rice want things to be the son of a call answered a God ︰ "brigade Didn’t I break a lot of sacks last time? I asked the three of them to sew them. They are not tired, but they must be fine. The wheat plants in the ground are tender, so I dare not let them thump." The male educated youth did the wrong thing. The two sentences don't matter. The female educated youth cries as soon as they say it. On a busy day, Old Man Qin doesn't want to find something for himself.
    "Old man, how about that Chen Zhiqing who came here yesterday?" Po Qin asked, peeling sweet potatoes.
    "The needlework is good, but I don't know what else is going on." Old man Qin took a mouthful of rice porridge.
    "The needlework is good? That winter, I took her to the soles of her shoes, so that she could earn some money to buy some snacks." Possession Qin said. Every year the brigade would contact the town's supply and marketing agency, and they would help to process the shoes in the supply department over there.
    "Then she can do the job?" Old man Qin put down the bowl, "Today I sew a sack and embroidered a flower on the sack. By that time, everything that comes out of the soles will be flowers." The sack is still in the brigade, Old Man Qin. I think I must bring it back when I come back in the afternoon, so that people don't think that their team is not doing their jobs properly.
    "It's just right to bring flowers. Sell more money." Lady Qin thought it was nothing, didn't it just embroider two flowers, look at the old man's tone.
    The two of them said, sitting opposite Qin Wei slowly put down the wowo in his hand, he was worried about this, worrying about that, but the little conscience was happy in it? Still in the mood to embroider?

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