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  Jianing didn't know that speaking out her thoughts would piss someone off, but she still didn't say it.
    Fortunately, he didn't say it, otherwise Qin Wei would be pissed to death.
    Jianing didn’t know that her decision saved herself once, she lay down in the quilt and fell asleep for a while, and when she woke up again, she was awakened. When she opened her eyes, she saw several people in front of her bed, and she suddenly seemed to be back. In the palace.
    "Grandma?" Jianing didn't think it was right until she called out. This is not a palace. There is no such kind of house in the palace. It took a few blinks to see the people next to him, Duan Mingming and Granny Qin.
    "It's not a steamed bun, it's a steamed bun." Possession Qin didn't know that Jianing was talking about people, so she understood what she said as eating, and took out a steamed bun. Sleeping and then waking up will definitely be fine."
    Jianing moved her gaze from Po Qin to her hands. The bun was very big. The last time Jianing ate such a big bun was many years ago. At that time, she and her sister were hungry every day. Xiao Qinzi said that she helped her get food. When she came back, her body was covered with wounds. Only the bun in her arms was well protected.
    Thinking of Xiao Qin Zi Jianing's sudden urge to cry, she regretted it, if she didn't come, it would be fine, at least there is still a chance to find Xiao Qin Zi.
    "Why are you upset?" Holding something in her hand and standing next to her for a while, Po Qin felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong, and pressed her voice and asked, "I don't think my aunt is steamed?"
    "No." Jianing shook his head quickly, "I remembered. the other things. " "
    What's better than to eat, but important, to listen to the aunt, hot eat, eat sleep stronger than anything else, you are not suited to just arrived here and eat like home, I didn’t expect this. The youngest was injured just right. I just thought of a bit of meat to replenish his body. I didn’t think about how many things you can bring as a girl, but you can’t be wronged if you give it to the youngest. It’s my aunt. , Don't worry, my aunt will definitely think of you in the future and treat you as a daughter."
    Jianing kept shaking her head as she heard the words. She was ill because it was not the reason. She still had a lot of things here, and there was no shortage of food at all. Only when she heard the last words of Mrs. Qin, Jianing was stunned.
    "What's wrong with Jianing? Did you figure it out and plan to eat? What kind of stuffing do you want? Aunty wrapped three kinds of meat, cabbage, and a few capers. You can eat whatever you want."
    Jianing considered it for a while and said softly: "Caper beans." She has tasted the first two, but the capers have never heard of it
    "Okay, Auntie will bring it to you." When Po Qin brought the steamed buns, she thought about which Jianing might not like to eat. She took two each of the three kinds of steamed buns. Now that she heard she wanted to eat capers, she immediately took two capers. Took it out.
    Jianing originally thought that she didn't eat much, but when she ate it, she realized that she was a little hungry. She ate a steamed bun that was bigger than her slap.
    After eating, I had a full hiccup and felt that I felt much better than I did in the morning.
    "How about it, isn't it delicious?" Mother Qin saw that she had finished eating, and poured her half a bowl of hot water from the nearby kettle, and added some cold water to it. "I'll drink some water later."
    "It's delicious." Jianing I feel like I haven’t eaten it for a long time, as if I went back a long time ago. They didn’t eat anything at that time. If they had the opportunity to participate in a palace banquet, they would fill their stomachs, and would hide them secretly and take them out at that time. After a full meal, I was very happy, and now I feel that way too.
    Although Po Qin didn’t know her thoughts, she could tell from Jianing’s face that the child was eating happily. Knowing that her hard work had not been in vain, she poured two bowls of water for Jianing and put it next to her: "Leave the water first, when will you be thirsty? Drink with it."
    "Okay." Jianing yawned, not knowing what was going on, she wanted to sleep when she was full.
    "Sleepy?" Lady Qin noticed, and immediately gave her the bowl of water that was not hot. "After drinking it, go to bed, or you can get up later."
    Jianing ate a big steamed bun, drank a bowl of water, and slept with his stomach all afternoon. When she woke up at night, she felt relieved.
    Mother Qin came over after seeing the time. She was cooking with Duan Mingming in the kitchen. She heard something coming in and touched her head. She found that it was not hot anymore, so she quickly put on her clothes: "Put the cotton jacket on and walk twice. After lying in bed for a day, the bones became soft."
    "Okay." She said that Jianing did everything, got dressed and walked for a while, then went to the outside room to drink a bowl of rice soup, and ate too much at noon. I didn't eat anything else.
    Granny Qin thought she was just right, so she didn't eat too much and didn't send it anymore. But after eating a few sentences, I went back. When I went there, I saw my son waiting eagerly at the door. Po Qin immediately laughed: "Don't worry, it's all agile, young, this is nothing, I think I was Working on the ground with you, it’s not the same even if you’re sick. What if you don’t do it, there are still children to raise at home.”
    When he was young, the old man didn’t have much abilities and wanted to help others. She has
    done all the things that dragged her belly to collect debts , let alone anything else. But just to talk about it, I didn't want the juniors to do it again when I was young.
    Qin Wei didn't care about the second half of the sentence. He felt relieved when he heard that Jianing was okay. He dropped the straw stick he didn't know where he got from and got up and went back to the house.
    "Jianing, go to sleep?" In the
    yard next door, Duan Mingming came over and took a look before going to bed.
    Jianing shook her head. She just
    slept for a day during the day, and she is not sleepy at all: "Go to sleep, I'll wait." "Okay, then don't sleep too late. If it gets cold at night, just call me." Duan Mingming I felt that Jianing was ill because of part of her own reason. She didn't pay attention to making her freeze, and Jianing didn't know how to burn the kang. She didn't even think of coming over and take a look, thinking that she must pay more attention in the future.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded and waited for her to go out and sit on the bed in a daze, but the candles were used too much in the past two days. Jianing didn't dare to waste it. I was afraid that it would be useless at night. This is still Granny Qin talking about tomorrow during the day She didn't remember until I brought a candle over, otherwise she wouldn't think of saving it even after burning it.
    Before the neighbor went to bed, Jianing put on his clothes and put the puppy closer to him. Mother Qin said that she would take it home to help her raise her for a few days. However, the two chicken cubs were taken back.
    "Hey." I want to see it eat more when I have no appetite. Jianing took out a small milk cake for it, and he was happy seeing it happily.
    "Will you bark?" Jianing was happy, and took out a small piece, "Eat this night." I
    don't know if it was full, but the little milk dog didn't thrash the second piece.
    Jianing would feel sleepy after playing with it, and yawned to help it cover it before climbing on the kang.
    Because Jianing happened to happen, even though she had only been ill for one day, Old Lady Qin was still not willing to let her go out.
    Fortunately, there is not much work in the ground, so even if there are fewer individuals, it doesn't care.
    It's just that today, it seems that there is not only one missing person. Mother Qin looked aside, and she didn't see her son coming out. From the time she came out, she felt that his son was not right, and she was hesitant to ask him what he was going to do.
    Po Qin guessed that her son had gone to Jianing, but she was worried about one thing. Although the people around him have lived in the same village for decades, no one has any bad intentions, but the gossip is not good.
    Especially the elderly ladies, they talk about these things when they are idle every day. If there is something wrong with them, it is estimated that they can be said
    for several years. Even if the two get married in the future, some people will talk nonsense.
    Thinking that this Granny Qin couldn't stay anymore, she didn't dare to leave casually. She was afraid that nobody noticed that before the two of them came to work, it would be eye-catching if she left.
    I didn't have much thoughts to work all morning. When the whistle of the job was sounded, Old Lady Qin immediately threw down her work and ran home. When she stumbled on the road, she said she was worried about the chickens and ducks at home.
    The past few days have been getting colder every day, and the pine trees at home have to be taken care of, so no one doubts that there is anything wrong with Qin's words.
    It was only when Mother Qin came home that the situation was different from what she had imagined. There was no one in her house, but there were people next door, but there were more than two people.
    "Jianing?" Not daring to call her son on the wall, Po Qin first called Jianing's name.
    "Auntie." After a while, Mrs. Qin saw Jianing come out of the house slowly, her eyes seemed to see the savior.
    "Obviously, I came back from work?" She said this, but Po Qin thought it was impossible. After she left work, she came back directly, or ran back. Duan Mingming works farther than her, and it is impossible to come back earlier than her.
    "No, my brother is here." Speaking of Jianing, she was immediately stunned. Originally, her brother was very happy to come, but something happened today that caused her to be trained when she saw that her brother didn't say a word.
    "Your brother is here?" Po Qin really didn't expect it to be like this, and then suddenly remembered that Qin Wei was not at home, and found that Jianing wanted to say something but stopped, and simply asked, "Did you see the third child? When I came back, I saw that he was not at home. The child didn't know where he was going to run around."
    "I saw it." Thinking of the reason for being trained, Jianing was stunned again. "In the house." As for why he was in the house, Jianing went to the house. He glanced in that direction, not sure whether to say it or not.
    Even if she didn't talk about Mother Qin, she could see that something was wrong. Her son was not at home, and Brother Jianing came over, and the two of them hopped on. It's not easy to think about it.
    "Jianing, have you eaten? Auntie will bring you food." Lady Qin casually found a reason to see what was going on, how the two got on top, did the silly son do anything bad, right?
    "Okay." Jianing was anxious for the other party to come over now, thinking that if Aunt Qin came over, his brother would definitely not continue to talk about himself. If she can, she would like to get it herself, so she won't continue to be trained.
    It's just that her wish was destined to fail, because Chen Jiarong had already come out before she could say what she was thinking.
    "Jianing, who called you?" Chen Jiarong
    was training her sister in the room. He heard someone call her to let her out. There was a person in the room that he didn't want to see, so he came out and shouted.
    "Aunt next door." Jianing glanced at his brother's face, did not dare to say that the other party was Qin Wei's mother, and intuitively told her that it was better not to say it.

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