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    "Babe, I'm hungry." Jianing didn't feel it at first, but as soon as the two discussed what to eat, they felt hungry.
    "I'm hungry too." Unlike Jianing, Beibei needs spiritual power, but now she doesn't. The only source of spiritual power is that Jade Perry only reveals a trace every time.
    "Go cook." What Jianing couldn't bear was hunger.
    "But these things have to be given to Captain Qin." Beibei interrupted.
    "Yeah." Jianing remembered that she still had one task to complete. If she used up things, she wouldn't be able to do the task later, "but I'm hungry." She was really hungry.
    Old man Qin said that he would bring them food, but Jianing hugged his belly and felt very aggrieved: "Babe, this place is not good." Although she was happy to get rid of the marriage, she couldn't get enough to eat.
    "It will be fine after a while." Beibei comforted her, "Jianing, please bear with me. When we finish the task, we will have everything."
    "Okay." Jianing reluctantly agreed, and then saw the bed. Suddenly remembered that when she was packing her things, her mother and brother stuffed her with a pile of things. Should there be food in it?
    "Babe, I have something to eat!" Jianing opened the bag. The top of the bag was covered with clothes. Remove the clothes, and the food is in the middle.
    "What is this?" Jianing picked up the strange paper bag, "Babe, can this be eaten?"
    "Peach crisps, others say they are delicious, they are roasted and crispy, and they are especially fragrant in your mouth. But put it away, or it will counter the tide." Beibei searched for other people's adjectives and told her.
    "Dim sum?" Jianing heard Beibei's description and felt a bit like a dim sum she had eaten before, but she didn't remember the name and the dim sum was not so big. Jianing hesitated and opened the package.
    "It's a bit fragrant." It seems that he had eaten this kind of food in his memory. Jianing vaguely recalled that he had eaten it during the Chinese New Year. What about this bag? Jianing thought for a while, and felt that it was not prepared for the New Year. It was still early before the New Year, and she wouldn't buy it at home.
    "It's delicious?" Beibei was a little envious of her. She couldn't go anywhere when she squatted there. She also wanted to eat all kinds of delicious things.
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, thinking of something, and took out a piece of peach crisp and sent it outside, "Obviously, give you peach crisp."
    "For me?" Duan Mingming was making the bed and heard Jianing. I'm very happy, no matter who has something like Tao Su, who is reluctant to score it, Jianing is willing to give it to her, he must have regarded her as a good friend.
    "Thank you Jianing, I'll get you the biscuits." Duan Mingming went to look through her bag. Before coming, she also brought something, but it was not as delicious as Jianing's peach crisps.
    "Thank you." Jianing thanked her for learning how she was, and brought half a bag of biscuits back to the back room.
    The peach pastry is bigger than ordinary desserts, and Jianing is full after eating two. After eating, Jianing wiped the corners of her mouth with a handkerchief, then wiped her hands, and fetched the white noodles and meat, intending to send it to Old Man Qin.
    Thinking that Old Man Qin had just said that his house was next door, Jianing didn't go out with his things and looked directly at the wall.
    Two in the middle of her high walls yet, so Jianing look busy at the door to see the Qin old man, glad shout ︰ "captain Qin, Qin captain."
    Qin old man chopping wood fire at the door, before the family has a small son, in This kind of thing has never troubled him, but now the youngest son is lying in bed and can't move, he can only do this kind of work by himself.
    The old woman is cooking for the educated youth in the kitchen. Today, there are seven educated youths, and they are all in the afternoon. After talking to the accountant, at least tomorrow morning can we figure out how much food each person will give. So
    they made this meal today.
    Old man Qin was rushed to chop firewood. The food for seven people could catch up with his family for a day, so he needed more firewood. It's just that he suddenly heard a familiar voice while chopping the firewood. Old man Qin's first reaction was why the other party came again.
    "Didn't I tell you? Don't look for me if it's okay." Old man Qin stopped his movements.
    "I'm looking for something to do with you." Jianing was upset, and she didn't look for him in idleness.
    "Okay, what's the matter?" Old man Qin put down the hatchet in his hand and walked to the wall and asked her.
    "Thank you, Captain, for taking care of you on the road. This is for you." For the first time, Jianing said so solemnly to thank others, which was a little unaccustomed.
    Old man Qin was also taken aback. He had been an educated youth for ten years, but none of the educated youths said something kind to him. They all felt that this was what he should have done. After all, he was the captain of the Xinghuacun brigade, so who would do it if he did not do it. Only the new educated youth, not only thanked him, but also had a bunch of things in his hand. Old man Qin didn't know what to say for a while.
    However, before the old man Qin was sensational for a few seconds, the person on the other side began to speak again.
    "You take it soon, I'm tired." Jianing kept raising the baggage in her hand, now she feels her arm is sore.
    "I don't need it, you keep it yourself." After the sensationalism was over, Old Man Qin looked at the baggage in her hand, and felt that the child was really stupid.
    "I won't take them, these are for you." Jianing shook his head, seeing that Old Man Qin didn't mean to come over to pick it up. He threw the baggage in his hand to the opposite side, and jumped off the stone just stepped on, "It's all yours. ." After speaking, he ran into the house and asked Beibei anxiously whether the mission was completed.
    "Done!" Beibei looked at the progress of the task and shared with her happily, "I have rewarded three spiritual fruit, Jianing, I can eat it for three days." Eating one a day can guarantee that you won't faint, Beibei Turning around happily in Yu Perry.
    Here, one person and one cat are happy for a task. On the other side, Old Man Qin saw something thrown by the little educated youth and just wanted to talk. He looked up and saw that the person had run away, bending over to pick up the things on the ground. I felt heavy when I started, and I took it to the house to untie the burden before I saw what it was.
    "Old man, where did you buy such a large piece of meat?" Old lady Qin had already prepared the meal. When she entered the house, she wanted to take the bowl to serve the meal. She saw the old man sitting in front of the table. There was a piece of meat on the table. Face surprised.
    Meat is a rare thing. You can't get a meat ticket. Even if you have a ticket, you may not be able to buy it in town. What's more, with such a large piece, Po Qin has been cooking for many years, and she can see the weight, and at a glance, the meat is at least a catty.
    "Which is what I bought, the little educated youth next door gave it, I wondered what it is, just opened it, and I will send it to her as soon as possible." Old man Qin wrapped the meat, "Is the meal ready?" When I deliver the meal, I will send it to her by the way."
    "The educated youth next door is on the other side of the wall, don't you just pass it over?" Po Qin was overjoyed . She thought she had bought the meat, but the result was empty joy. It's just that she knows that even if she loves the meat, she can't accept this thing.
    "I'm afraid that the educated youth has seen it." Old man Qin came out of his dry cigarette and took a couple of puffs. "That child is a blessing at home. I can see it in the commune. Look at this meat and white flour, like Ordinary people are willing to take it out? Just said thank me for taking care of her on the way, so I took such a big bag. "
    Although the other party gave him the meat to thank him, old man Qin is not happy now, but instead I am worried. When the educated youth come to the brigade to jump in the line, they all bring noodles and meat. What kind of spoiled do they sit at home? Being spoiled like this, can you work in two days?
    "Old man, since people said I was thanking you before, why don't you keep a little bit?" Po Qin was greedy of these things, and she moved a little when she heard Old Man Qin's words. This is white noodles and meat. The two of them are always reluctant to eat. But she also has a son who has not been awake lying on the kang for several days.
    Mother Qin thought that her son had been in a coma for several days, and it was the same as what they usually ate. The doctor didn't eat any nutrients that the doctor said, and her heart hurt.
    The doctor said, the son’s injury should be taken care of, and it is possible that he will not wake up for a lifetime, but how can there be anything in the house for the child to eat? The best thing to eat for him in the past two days is eggs. Po Qin also wants her son to eat something better, but where is the meat? This is the first time I have seen meat in more than six months.
    Thinking of this old lady Qin, she continued to persuade him: "Old man, let's not stay too much. Just a small piece of meat, grab a handful of noodles. You will tell the educated youth not to send so many friendships in the future. She is not sensible, we Also teach." Granny Qin couldn't help nagging, but she was actually trying to hide her guilty conscience. After living for most of her life, it was the first time she had the idea of ​​hitting something someone gave to an old man.
    Old man Qin is the captain of the team, and there are a lot of people who fudge, but whether it is the old couple or the three sons, he never takes other people's things because he is fair in doing things, and wanting to talk about favors from him is a dream.
    "Don't keep it, I'll send it there later."
    "Everyone says thank you. If you don't keep a little bit, isn't that disgusting with others?" Lady Qin really wanted a small piece of meat, half a big piece of fist, and she boiled it. The meat sauce can be eaten by the son for several days.
    "I'll talk about it later, first send food to the people in the Zhiqingyuan." Old man Qin still did not agree, and followed the old woman to the kitchen to take out the food. "The two copies are next door. You can pass them to them first." Old man Qin said. With the rice in the basin, carrying the burden of Wowotou in his hand, he walked to the Educated Youth Academy. There are so many people over there that it’s impossible not to send it off first.
    "Okay, I'll send it there later." Lady Qin agreed outside, and heard the sound of him leaving, putting down the spoon in her hand, wiping her hand twice, and going to the house to get the money.
    After thinking about it, it still doesn't work to get other people's things, and Po Qin plans to buy them with money.
    When she walked into the room, she saw the youngest son on the kang. Po Qin sighed. The doctor said when she was raised in this way, she would heal soon after she woke up. It's just that the family doesn't need money, and even more things. Is it really necessary to lie down for a lifetime like the doctor said?
    "Oh," Mrs. Qin wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes, "God bless you, the third child will be fine." After speaking, she walked to the kang and opened the wooden box. The old couple's money was spent, and the third son's own money was inside. .
    Seeing that there were still a few fifty cents in it, Po Qin was cruel, and finally took out one dollar and walked outside the house.
    After Granny Qin went out, the fingers of the young man lying on the kang moved slowly.

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