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    Jianing comforted herself, but seeing that the puppy in her hand was so small, it was impossible to find a place to live. He had to help him build a nest first.
    With nothing suitable in her hand, Jianing thought for a while, and found out an old dress from Yu Perry. The dress was worn when she was very young. Now she can’t see the original look. If you tear it into pieces, No one will doubt it.
    If he said nothing, Jianing found out the scissors again. Only then did he remember that he still had a lot of jade Perry stuff, and he had all the embroidery needles and threads he wanted, but the quantity was very small.
    But these things she used seem to be uncommon here. Jianing decided not to take it wrong for the time being, and it was better to go to town honestly to buy needles and threads.
    After I figured it out, put away all the things that are impossible to appear in this place, save only that piece of clothing, and cut it into a few pieces with scissors.
    It's just that the clothes are ready, and there is another problem. Jianing remembered that Beibei used her sister's sewing basket, so she can think of a basket for the puppy.
    It's just that all the things in the yard belong to the Qin family, and it can be used in normal times, but it's definitely not a good idea to make a kennel for the puppies.
    Jianing hesitated, she only had one sewing basket, if it was used up, there would be no more.
    "Woo~" The little milk dog in his arms didn't know the owner's thoughts, and found that he couldn't find a familiar taste, and began to bark.
    Jianing lowered her head to coax, and the little milk dog began to sniff on her. Jianing struggled for a while, and finally decided to take out the sewing basket.
    The sewing basket has been used by her for several years, and the edges are a bit old, but Jianing has not been willing to throw it away, using familiar things is better than new ones.
    Thinking that she might not need it in the future, Jianing touched it carefully. Beibei was not there. She must be careful and careful. There are many things in the palace that can't be seen outside, let alone that this is not the time she lived in. If someone finds out that she is using different things, it may arouse suspicion.
    From small to large, although he did not participate, he had seen countless battles. Jianing was not good at all kinds of fights, but he was good at avoiding, and if he wanted to live, he had to let everything that might cause trouble disappear.
    From the age of six to seventeen, Jianing had hidden three dolls, six unknown boxes, a dozen purses, not to mention various hairpins and bracelets. Every time something unfamiliar suddenly appeared in her house, the harem would make trouble after a while, and when the storm passed, Jianing would secretly find a place to throw those things away.
    Regardless of whether it is a princess or a prince, the chances of surviving are too low. Jianing and her sister can only support each other as much as possible. Fortunately, the final result is not bad.
    Jianing knew that something left inadvertently would attract others' attention, so he can only be very careful.
    Even if the sewing basket is old, it is different from what they usually use. Jianing decided to make it older when he was free. As long as it is broken enough and rags are placed on it, no one will notice a doghouse.
    After I figured it out, Jianing put all the cut rags in the basket and put them away together. Anyway, he left after a while. Let the little milk dog stay outside for a while. It is better to cover up when she is alone.
    As soon as Jianing put away the things in front of him, he heard voices in the yard. After a while, Duan Mingming came in with a bowl of noodles.
    "Jianing, Aunt Qin next door brought it to you. Don't come down and eat it on the kang."
    "Aunt Qin gave it?" Jianing was a little surprised. After she delivered the meat and noodles that day, the other party wanted to give it to her. She didn't ask for the money. Finally, Aunt Qin said that after buying it, she would return it to her. Even if the food was cooked on the same day, she would also bring it to her, and now she gave her noodles.
    "Yes, although you have bad feet, you should eat more." Duan Mingming nodded and put the
    noodles beside her. "Tomorrow I will put this first, and the pot is still boiling. I Go and take a look. You can eat it quickly, and it won’t taste good when Huitao.”
    “Okay.” Jianing nodded, and then saw a large bowl of noodles. She couldn’t finish it at all. “Obviously, you take one. Only the bowl comes."
    "What's the matter?" Duan Mingming asked because of what she was going to do.
    "There are too many noodles, I can't finish it. We are half of them."
    "I'm about to make the meal, and you can eat it yourself." Duan Mingming shook her head. She felt that noodles were not often eaten. Down. Jianing must be embarrassed to eat by herself, but the other party is injured, even if she is greedy, she can't grab her things.
    "I really can't eat, half of it may not be able to eat, you are afraid that you will come over later, it will be inseparable after a while."
    Duan Mingming, I looked at it and saw that her expression did not look like a fake, hesitated Yes, Jin Miao always went to the kitchen to get a paper bowl, but he only dialed a little and left.
    Jianing grabbed her: "Obviously, I really can't eat. After a while, I can't move on the kang. I must have a stomachache."
    "That's OK, how much can you eat?" Duan Mingming asked.
    "You get half of it again." Jianing glanced at the noodles in the bowl. She was almost full after eating half of it.
    "How can you eat so little? The wound will heal faster if you eat more." Duan Mingming disagreed. She had allocated one-third of it, and half of it would eat more than Jianing.
    "I really can't eat it." Jianing shook her head, she was not polite.
    "Let's do it." Duan Mingming sighed, and finally glanced at Jianing. If this goes on, he will lose weight soon.
    Jianing didn't know her thoughts, she saw Duan Mingming halfway out the noodles before picking up the bowl. She would only eat more when she reached what she liked very much, and she didn't usually have much appetite.
    "Jianing, Aunt Qin just asked me to tell you that she will pay you back when the grain comes."
    "Don't worry." Jianing nodded, and decided to talk to Granny Qin next time. It doesn't matter if you don't pay back .
    Duan Mingming sucked the noodles in the bowl, feeling that she hadn't eaten such a good meal for a long time. Since living here, she feels that her life is getting better every day.
    I was just a little worried about whether the food would not be enough to eat like this. Duan Mingming decided to release less food from tomorrow. Jianing had to eat less when his appetite was small enough. He must eat less than before. The food saved in this way, You can save it for later.
    "Jianing, starting tomorrow, we will save more food." After thinking about this, Duan Mingming said to Jianing.
    "Good." Jianing agreed.
    "The captain said that this year’s maturity is not good, and it hasn’t snowed yet. I don’t know what will happen to the wheat next year after the winter has passed. Everyone in the team is afraid that it will be the same as this year. Can help us." Their treatment is quite good, as long as they are not lazy, the food is basically enough. There are still many people in the team starving.
    "Okay." Jianing decided that she would eat less food in the future, so that she could save more. Even if there is a jade pendant, she should keep a little more. Precaution is the best preparation for survival.
    "I hope the snow will catch up with a good time this year." Duan Mingming didn't know when the snow would be good for the young wheat in the ground. He listened to the people in the brigade chatting that too soon and too late would affect the wheat.
    "Obviously, did you help water the ground today?" Jianing remembered that she didn't know what she did today.
    "Yes, but our job is relatively easy. Just wait for them to carry water and just fall down." Duan Mingming explained, "Don't worry, the captain's
    noodles are a bit like white noodles, but the noodles at home are all eaten. Where is the white noodles? , Is it possible that the youngest went to the town to buy it?
    "Noodles given by Chen Zhiqing. "Qin Wei was in the yard, and he heard the question in reply.
    "Chen Zhiqing just gave me two catties of noodles two days ago, and now it is one catty, a total of three catties of noodles, I am afraid that the child has not eaten it? "Papa Qin thought that she had forgotten the other party just now, and she was full of guilt. The other party gave some good things to her home, and she just forgot.
    "It's estimated that the last point was taken out." Qin Wei knew that the other party still had a back hand. If the letter sent to her brother was not mentioned, he would definitely come back to eat, but he deliberately made Jianing a little pitiful, so that Mrs. Qin would feel distressed. NS.
    Sure enough, as soon as Qin Wei's voice fell, Po Qin immediately patted her thigh, and then went to the house and took out two eggs.
    "Wait, one person will give you an egg and two bowls of noodles, each of you will have one bowl." Thinking of boiling eggs for her son every morning, Mrs. Qin decided to boil more eggs tomorrow morning and deliver them to Zhiqing Chen.
    Qin Wei didn't know that his words caused such a big reaction, and was a little surprised when she discovered that Old Lady Qin was about to cook a small stove for Jianing.
    Knowing that the other party's feet were better than yesterday, he called the other party and wouldn't come out, and Qin Wei didn't grab it after Mrs. Qin finished the meal. Sure enough, it was Duan Mingming who came out, and Qin Wei who was standing next to him was a little disappointed.
    The person who was thinking in his heart was absent-minded during the meal. After eating and returning to the house, after refining the things he thought during the day, Qin Wei just wanted to rest when he suddenly heard something next door.

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