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    "Jianing just mentioned it to me. Thank you aunt for taking care of Aunt Jianing during this time." Chen Jiarong thanked her politely.
    "It's not worth it." When she saw someone coming out, Po Qin said in her heart. She knew that Jianing's conditions were good, and her son liked this child as Gao Pan. Now she saw Jianing's family coming, and she was even more worried. Especially when she saw her son coming out of the house the next moment, Po Qin had a few spins in her heart and didn't know what to say.
    "Mother." Qin Wei followed Chen Jiarong out. The two of them didn't say anything in the room, but they both knew what the other was thinking.
    Qin Wei did not expect that Jianing's elder brother in his previous life was unreliable, but his elder brother in this life cared about his sister. You just really care about your sister, would you put her in such a place?
    Qin Wei didn't believe him. He always felt that the Chen family didn't look so good. Jianing is still not an adult, and he is really spoiled, so he would be willing to send it down.
    I am afraid that no matter how much distress is, it is just talking about it. They don't feel sorry for their distress, and Qin Wei has made up his mind to marry someone home early. As for Chen Jiarong, Qin Wei was disdainful, but he showed respect to the future brother-in-law. If he had a bad attitude, he would not want to marry a wife in this life.
    In the countless days and nights that followed, Qin Wei thanked the decision now, although he was only respectful, he did not offend anyone anyhow.
    However, Qin Wei has a slight worry. After all, they are related by blood, and they are brothers and sisters of the same father and mother. Unlike in the previous life, there are many sisters in the palace. Family affection is not a matter of concern. In this era, every household has only a few children and is closer. .
    What's more, people like Chen Jiarong seem to fool people the most, and Qin Wei is afraid that Jianing will be deceived.
    Qin Wei is guarding Chen Jiarong here, and Chen Jiarong is also guarding him.
    Although it was not a decision made by the whole family to see my sister, I was prepared for more than a day and everything was ready. Only after getting off the train with excitement, I realized something was wrong. His distressed sister was blocked in his hand. Under the tree.
    It was far away, and Chen Jiarong did not see what the two did, but it was definitely not a good thing based on his understanding of his sister. What's more, after I came here, my sister secretly glanced at the other person from time to time, and Chen Jiarong knew something was wrong.
    What kind of character his own sister, Chen Jiarong crystal clear mind, if two people really does not matter, Jianing will not go there to look at each other, so inject
    heavy each other, even without saying a word, he knows things simple.
    It's just that he doesn't think that person is a reliable person. If nothing else, what does it mean to block the girl under a tree in the hall?
    Chen Jiarong was holding her breath in her heart. For the sake of her sister's reputation, she couldn't say anything outside and could only take her home. When I got to the yard, I started talking, but I started to feel distressed after a few hard words.
    The words have already been spoken, and I can't take it back. Chen Jiarong heard the movement outside while thinking about how to go down the steps. He was relieved at first, but now he heard Qin Wei's name, Chen Jiarong's face changed.
    He originally thought it was the man next door who was simple and helpful to his sister, but now it seems that a family partnered to bully his sister. I originally thought that Po Qin was a good old lady, but now that I knew the relationship between the two, I always felt that both of them had ulterior motives.
    Especially after knowing that this house belonged to the other party, Chen Jiarong's expression became even more ugly.
    "Jianing, come here." After taking a few deep breaths to prevent him from being pissed off, Chen Jiarong took his sister aside and asked about the matter from beginning to end, asking her to make it clear.
    Jianing was a little tangled, tugging at the clothes, and finally seeing that her brother's face was not right, only to say what happened during this period of time. From sitting in the wrong place when I got off the bus, I had a fever yesterday, and it just happened today.
    After hearing Jianing's words, Chen Jiarong was distressed besides being distressed, and what she hated most now was that she had no ability to take her sister home.
    Chen Jiarong looked at her sister and thought for a while: "Jianing, I will stay with you this year for the New Year." Since there is no way to bring her sister home, she can only stay and watch. Chen Jiarong felt that she had made a mistake. She used to think that her sister had been at home and would not go out, so she did not pay attention to a lot of things. Now it comes to the negligence of a few of them.
    The younger sister is old, there are always places that they can’t see. They can’t keep watching the girl for a whole life, but there are some things that must be paid attention to. The younger sister can marry, but such a person must not be the kind of shameless rascal. people.
    Yes, in Chen Jiarong's mind, Qin Wei is just a little gangster wandering around in the village. Otherwise, why other people are working in the field, he strays in the village and stopped his sister.
    I don’t know what his brother’s position is for Qin Wei. Jianing heard that he was not only happy but still happy when he planned. He originally thought that this year’s New Year would have to be spent by himself. It was uncomfortable for a long time, but he didn’t expect the surprise to come so suddenly.
    The New Year has been a big day since ancient times.
    When she was in the palace , she and her sister were together. The New Year was the only day to be full. Later, the conditions were good, and I never forgot about the New Year. Every New Year is the happiest time for the two of them.
    After the sister got married, the two exchanged letters. Years after the year, when the letters were the most, the two often recalled themselves in their childhood. For Jianing, the happiness that the New Year brings her is irreparable to other festivals.
    What's more, this year is different from previous years. There are relatives by his side. Although he has not been in contact with Chen Jiarong for a long time, he is the brother who has always protected himself with his memory. Thinking of him being there, Jianing felt extremely relieved.
    "Brother, I'm so happy." Happy, Jianing said directly.
    Seeing her sister happy, Chen Jiarong felt a little bit of happiness again, but there was one thing that must be asked clearly. Qin Wei didn't ask him just now, and now she must make it clear.
    "What's the matter with Qin Wei today?" The name was told by his younger sister. He seemed to have called it more than once. The more Chen Jiarong thought about it, the more frustrated he became. Everyone was not by his sister's side, and someone came over.
    "What's going on?" I knew what my brother was asking, but Jianing didn't want to say that he decided to play stupid.
    "Speak clearly, or I'll spend it here today." Chen Jiarong could tell her negative thoughts at a glance.
    "Nothing." Jianing lowered her head, not knowing where to start.
    "Why did you meet? How many people have you met? Why is he stopping you over there today? Tell me everything clearly." Chen Jiarong asked one sentence after another.
    "That's..." Jianing struggled, and finally decided to start from the beginning, "When I first came here, Mingming and I got lost and Qin Wei found it. Then I got sick and he helped me take medicine."
    "Just these two things?" Chen Jiarong didn't believe the look in the two people's eyes, it didn't look like they had just met.
    "Just these two things." Except for two people, no one else knew about other things, so Jianing decided not to say anything about it.
    "Okay." Chen Jiarong nodded, it was cold outside, she was not willing to let her freeze outside, "Enter the house, I will cook." I don't know why, the other educated youth who was with his sister never came back.
    "Oh." Jianing turned back to the house obediently.
    Chen Jiarong followed her into the house, first took apart the baggage she brought back, took out the food inside and put it on the table: "What your sister-in-law brought you, you will bring it back to the house later. Don’t eat it while eating. and so hungry, eat. " "
    good. "Jianing nod, he brought back
    to the things he say what is what, but said go, do not do their own might not be.
    Chen Jiarong didn't know what she thought, but even if he knew it, he couldn't do anything about it. He only came back to his senses now, and finally remembered what was wrong today. My sister was not like this when she was at home. Although it was not obvious, her reaction was always slow. Now she looks like a normal person.
    "Jianing, when are you okay?" My sister behaved so normal that he didn't even think of it for the first time.
    "I..." Chen Jiarong asked about the idea, Jianing was stunned for a moment, a panic flashed through his eyes, and finally lowered his head and replied in a low voice, "It's just on the way."
    Jianing suddenly remembered, if the other party knew I'm not his own sister, and the real Jianing doesn't know where to go anymore. How will he react? Will you catch her as a monster? Or ask his sister with a look of disgust?
    Thinking of this, Jianing grasped what was in his hand, as if he could hold something like this.
    "I'll put things in the house first, and then come out and talk slowly." Thinking that she was uncomfortable holding a pile of things, Chen Jiarong carried the baggage in one hand and took out the things in Jianing's arms with the other hand. We walked into the house together, "My parents will be very happy to know that you are better."
    From the time Jianing was a few years old, the whole family thought she would be better, including Chen Jiarong herself, but as time passed, everyone felt Expectations are getting smaller and smaller, especially in the past few years. They have lost hope. They didn't expect to turn around. When each of them didn't expect it, their sister suddenly got better.
    Chen Jiarong used to think that fate was unfair. How could she get sick because her little sister is so well-behaved? But now I feel that the rewards are good, and their efforts for so many years have not been in vain.
    My sister is fine, now she looks exactly like a normal person, there is nothing wrong, so that no one will laugh at her, and no one will bully her.
    Chen Jiarong felt her nose a little sore, closed her eyes, put the things down, and then took her sister out.
    "Jianing, do you hate your brother?" Chen Jiarong asked this first after sitting down.
    "Huh?" Jianing raised her head with a confused look. She thought that she was greeted by questioning, but she didn't expect the first sentence to be like this.
    "Brother doesn't have the ability, you let you come to such a place to endure hardship." Chen Jiarong pulled a few hairs on her forehead to the back, "Bad brother?"
    "No." Jianing shook his head, remembering some of the previous things. Going to the countryside has nothing to do with my brother. Everything is because of Chen Jialing.
    "Jianing, brother is at fault." Chen Jiarong whispered, "Don't worry, after the Chinese New Year, I will find a way as soon as possible." The more Chen Jiarong thinks about it, the more he feels that his younger sister can't stay here anymore. You can eat and drink here. Nowhere is as good as at home, not to mention that there is an eye-catching person next door.

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