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    Chen Jiarong has not been out at home, and even if he goes out, he will not talk with those three aunts and six poems, so he never knows the gossip outside. Jianing followed Po Qin back and forth. Even if the gossip saw me here, everyone knew to avoid it, and they had never heard of it.
    Only Duan Mingming heard it occasionally, knowing that something was going on between Jianing and Qin Wei, but Chen Jiarong was at home and didn't dare to speak out. It was hard to find an opportunity, and it was the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth lunar month.
    There is no New Year’s Eve this year. Twenty-ninth is New Year’s Eve. Twenty-eight is the last day to prepare things at the end of the year.
    Chen Jiarong felt sorry for her sister's previous life, and wanted to give her sister a complete New Year. Naturally, he was more prepared.
    Early this morning, I saw that there was only one piece of meat left in the kitchen. I took the meat ticket and money and left without saying anything. I also brought a basket with me, planning to buy more.
    After walking around the town, the stall of the supply and marketing agency was at the door when the New Year was approaching. Chen Jiarong was attracted by a touch of red. When he approached, he found that it was a flower head. The flower head was not large, but very delicate, with a few drops in the middle. A plastic bead sprayed with gold powder. Chen Jiarong looked very suitable for her sister, and just about to speak, someone next to her quickly took away her head flower.
    "How much is it?"
    Chen Jiarong heard her voice familiar, and turned her head to see if she was not familiar.
    Qin Wei also saw his future brother-in-law. He didn't want to come, but he felt that the flower head was too suitable for Jianing, and he didn't want to miss it. Now he looks back and knows that he bought it for Jianing too. Fortunately, he grabbed it quickly, or let him take it. Go, I was so happy that I was so heartless, I don't know if I still remember myself when I went back. Xin wanted to go back early to surprise Jianing, and by the way, while Chen Jiarong did not go back, talk to Jianing a few more words. Just thinking about finding out how he was cheating on him, he was obviously pursuing his wife.
    It was just that Chen Jiarong found that it must be causing trouble, and Qin Wei gave the money and went back immediately. No matter what he looks like, it is important to see Jianing early.
    Chen Jiarong saw that Qin Wei paid the money and ignored him, and hurriedly left with the head flower, as if he couldn't wait to see someone, he couldn't help but feel relieved.
    The young man couldn't calm down. It must be someone who stumbled outside. As for the head flower, just take it, as long as you don't pester your sister. Because of this incident, Chen Jiarong was happy, and bought more things before going back.
    Just when he came home, he almost died of anger. Chen Jiarong looked at the flower on her sister's head, and she had to bear it, but she didn't hold her breath: "Jianing,
    where did the flower on your head come from?"
    "Huh?" Jianing raised her head and moved upwards After touching it, I took it off and found that I don't know when there was a flower on my head, and when I don't have any impression of wearing it, he shook his head, "I don't know."
    "Who is here today?" Chen Jiarong frowned.
    "Aunt Qin." Jianing glanced at her brother with a guilty conscience. She didn't tell the truth. Qin Wei came over, but she felt that her brother would be unhappy after she said it.
    This kind of careful thinking can't deceive Chen Jiarong. He sighed and said to his sister earnestly, "Jianing, Qin Wei is not a good person at first sight. I coax you to be happy today, but tomorrow I can't decide what to do outside. people forget you, listen to the words of his brother, the future away from him, or his brother to worry about, okay? " "
    brother, "Jianing hesitated," Qin Wei will not, he ...... "
    if not finished being Chen Jiarong interrupted: "These older brothers know, Jianing, give me the first flower."
    "Okay." Although somewhat reluctant, Jianing passed it.
    "Oh," my sister is like this. Chen Jiarong knows that it's too late to say anything. He thinks that he will leave in a few days and can't help but worry, "Jianing, when brother comes home, you have to wait for me to pick you up, don't mess around. Go out, especially Qin Wei, don't contact him, you know?"
    "Yes." Jianing replied in a low voice, and my brother really didn't like Qin Wei.
    Because I had a meal with my sister at noon, Chen Jiarong deliberately made a few delicious foods and took out the things he bought. Jianing quickly forgot the unhappiness at noon.
    Chen Jiarong saw that she didn't remember anything, and didn't know whether she should be happy or worried for a while, so she could only ask Duan Mingming to take care of her, and then figure out a way to return to the city.
    There is only one place in the brigade for returning to the city. Chen Jiarong knew that it was unlikely that he wanted to rely on this place to get his sister back to the city. The only way to do this was to recommend a university. Chen Jiarong did not expect other methods.
    I plan to go home and discuss it with my parents, and think of a way sooner, so that Jianing can go back sooner. With this idea in mind, Chen Jiarong tried his best to arrange everything in the next few days, emphasizing staying away from Qin Wei.
    Qin Wei asked clearly on the first day he came back, knowing that Chen Jiarong would leave in a few days, and hadn't come out honestly at home for the past two days. Until the morning of the third day of the junior high school, Qin Wei started shouting in the yard as soon as Chen Jiarong left.
    "Jianing, come here."
    "What are you doing?" The elder brother left, Jianing was not happy, and he didn't feel good when he heard Qin Wei's words.
    "So fierce?" Qin Wei raised his eyebrows, "I haven't seen a temperament in a few days
    "You want to take care of it." Before leaving, my brother told him to stay away from Qin Wei. I was happy, and closed the door before entering the house.
    "Huh?" Qin Wei smiled after eating closed doors for the first time, and put away the scarf in his hand, planning to find a little bastard next time to settle accounts. Now he has something to do.
    Taking the details of the goods requested by each commune during this period and the final payment, Qin Wei went to the village branch secretary to live.
    The village party secretary is not from the village, but was transferred from another place. The biggest advantage is that he can speak easily. Also, because he is so easy to speak, Qin Wei is worried about putting the money in his hands. Old man Qin said that this part of the money is used for Those who build dams in the village will have to grind a few times if they know that the money is with the village party secretary. If they say too much, if they are really persuaded, it will be difficult to divide the money and want to come back again.
    The work points of the processing points are not separated from the usual work points. This year does not count as the processing point. The money in the brigade is negative. The processing point has already made a lot of money on the day of the settlement. Several team leaders discussed with the village party secretary and took a part of the account. It’s flat, the remaining big head is left for repairing the dam, and the small head is for everyone to buy something. After all, dam repairing is physical work. Technical work can only be done by professional people. Physical work means leaving every household in the village. , It's not justified not to make up.
    This year’s processing point started too late, plus the lack of results in the previous few days, the real money was only in ten days. The brigade made a total of twelve thousand. Excluding the one hundred and three of the balance sheet, more than one thousand are left for use. Repairing the dam is not enough. But the dam at the entrance of the village was worried by anyone who saw it. More than 1,000 can only be repaired for one section. In the end, everyone discussed a result, that is, the processing point must continue to work.
    Today is the third day of the Lunar New Year. Qin Wei took this part of the money out and planned to save it. Qin Wei didn't think he could guard against the conditions of the family when he was not at home. Rather than being frightened by the whole family, it is better to save it first, but it is definitely not possible to use his account to save money. Either the village party secretary or the old man Qin will do, or else the other captains will do as well. Today is to discuss this matter. When Qin Wei arrives, everyone else will be there.
    "Chancellor Yang, Dad, this is all the purchase price." Qin Wei took out the money, "Remove the part that was taken a year ago, and there are still 1,070."
    "This is not enough to build the dam." Second Captain Worry, whoever looks at the dam in the village knows. The second team member is the place closest to the river. When it rains, he can't sleep in the middle of the night. After getting up and looking at it every other time, he is afraid to hear that the dam has collapsed. The movement.
    "That's a lot." Old man Qin took a breath
    . He saw so much money once he grew up so big. "I didn't have time to add a few more stoves a year ago. This money will be left to buy bricks and pots. Let's add it, the commune. There is no money year after year, we can’t really wait for them to allocate money. I heard that there are a lot of better places than ours here. Money must be used closely there. We have to move on our own, and earn one more point. Yes. Yes, didn’t the third child say to get that popcorn machine? You draw a picture and go to town to find a melting point iron block that can strike iron."
    "How about trimming and processing" the second team leader asked, after all, I still want to repair the dam sooner, so I don't need to be so scared every day. When the weather gets warmer, there will be more rain, and it will be difficult to repair at that time.
    Several team leaders discussed it and decided to do the processing, but the processing point had to be expanded first, because the original place was too small.
    As soon as they said nothing, a few people began to discuss the expansion of the processing point.
    "Cold weather, not cold years ago, it had a few months away from the heat, we can not chilled every day."
    Originally the place is on a piece of land in the village, took a few wooden teams up with plastic sheeting around a It's fine, now it's going to expand, and it can't be the same as before.
    "Build a few earthen huts and use them when the soil dries. You can put them in the house when you finish it, without moving to other people's houses." Old man Qin knocked out the soot. The goods can only be placed in someone’s house and moved out the next day. It takes a lot of trouble and a few earthen huts to build a few earthen huts also saves the trouble, which is not bad.
    "Division of labor after the year, whoever does that kind of decision, I ask them to order in advance, the six uncles on the rice noodles are bothered." Qin Wei said that the sixth uncle is the captain of the fifth team, one year older than the old man, and he is also shrewd. The capable old man worked as a long-term job in someone else's house when he was young, specializing in food, so he is a good hand at looking at food.
    "Medium." The fifth team leader happily agreed, "I'll definitely show it to you."
    Qin Wei was relieved, and arranged other things, from the procurement of raw materials to processing and packaging to subsequent loading and unloading.
    After discussing everything, Qin Wei divided the money into two and used it for expansion. Because it is a soil house, it doesn’t cost much. The remaining 800 is ready to be saved. Don’t worry about the money for rice noodles. , Because the commune gave it a convenience, allowing them to settle once a month in the village.
    Finally, the question is back to the original point, who should put the money.
    "Leave the captain," the village party secretary said. He also knows his temper and doesn't want a group of people to make trouble in front of the door every day.
    "I won't take it." Old man Qin shook his head. "The third child is my son. I avoid suspicion. Any of you can take it, but I can't."
    "We don't pay attention to this. Who is in charge?" After the dam repair was settled, the second team leader felt that the big rock in his heart was finally gone, and began to talk.
    "That won't work either." Old man Qin firmly disagreed.

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