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   Thinking of this possibility, Jianing didn't dare to speak any more, it would be bad if the other party found out what she said.
    Qin Wei didn't realize that there was something wrong with her. After putting things down, he was afraid that Duan Mingming would come back early and planned to return the same way.
    "I'm leaving." Qin Wei looked at Jianing on the kang and was a little puzzled. Why didn't he feel as happy as before when he got mung bean cake this time? I just knew that I couldn't stay any longer, and finally took a look at Jianing and closed the door and went out.
    When he left, Jianing on the bed breathed a sigh of relief, and then quietly opened the window on one side, and saw the other side stepping over the wall and entering the next door. He was agile, unlike an ordinary villager.
    "King Qin..." Jianing said in a low voice, all signs showed that the other party might really be King Qin.
    Looking at the other party's things on the bedside table, Jianing decided to find an excuse to return it, but not in front of him. Jianing didn't understand King Qin, but according to rumours in the palace, he also knew that the other party was not a good person to get along with.
    Although the other party is in northern Xinjiang, occasionally news comes through. Most of it is not good news. Jianing doesn't know if the other party is really as cruel as everyone said, but it is definitely a bad temper.
    However, looking at how she got along these days, Jianing became uncertain again. Then it occurred to him that he didn't know his identity, so he tested this attitude, if he knew who he was... Jianing shook her head, but she didn't dare to think about the consequences.
    The only way is to prevent the other party from discovering. Jianing wonders if he has been exposed in the past few days. Except for the meat delivered on the first day, he hasn't spoken much in the past two days. Shouldn't he be exposed?
    Jianing was sitting on the kang and thinking wildly, before he came up with a reason, suddenly heard the door swing outside.
    Normally, Jianing didn't feel anything when he heard the sound of the door, but he was thinking about that person, and now he almost stood up when he heard the sound.
    However, thinking that Duan Mingming said yesterday that the gate would be locked, Jianing suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. The gate was locked, and no one would come in, including King Qin.
    Just when she relaxed, she heard footsteps in the yard, and the heart that had been let down came up again, but in the next moment she heard Duan Mingming's voice.
    "Jianing, do your feet still hurt?" Duan Mingming came here to ask the first thing he did when he came back.
    "It's much better than yesterday. Obviously, why come back so early today?"
    "The captain said that you have bad legs and feet. Let me come back soon, plus the work arranged in the morning is not difficult. If you do it quickly, you will be back early." Duan Mingming explained that when he glanced at the plates and bowls in the basket, he knew that the other party had eaten the dishes. "What time do you wake up in the morning? Is the food hot when you wake up?"
    "Hot." Jianing nodded, " Eat after you wake up."
    "That's good, I see you are asleep in the morning, and I can't bear to disturb you." Duan Mingming took out the basket, then poured a glass of water in, "I forgot to bring in the kettle in the morning. , You drink first."
    "Okay." She didn't say anything, Jianing didn't feel like she was, but now when she lifted it up, she felt a little dry in her throat.
    "Jianing, what's on your bedside table?" Duan Mingming helped her pour the water and planned to put the kettle on the bedside table so that Jianing could pour the water by himself, but when he wanted to put it on, he found a A bag I haven't seen before.
    "It's nothing, some are useful. I took it out this morning and forgot to put it in." Jianing didn't dare to say that it was delivered from next door.
    "What am I talking about." Duan Mingming glanced at the bag next to her, "Are you easy to take it yourself? If it's not easy to take, or I can take it for you and put it in?"
    "No need, obviously I will wait when I have time. came alive again, now to put it out. "Romantic thought out as quickly as possible to find a reason
    to go.
    "That's all right, put the kettle here first," Duan Mingming pushed the bag of things in, then put the kettle in his hand on the bedside table, "It's okay, I'll go out to cook first, and the rest will wait for us to finish eating. Let's talk about the meal. "Eating is the most important thing. Duan Mingming is afraid that she will be late when she is waiting. The educated youth who is late today has already started deducting work points. Her work points are not many and can't be deducted anymore.
    "Obviously, do you know the name of the captain's third son?" Jianing saw that the other party was about to leave, and quickly asked the question she had struggled with for a while.
    "It's Qin Wei, don't you know?" Duan Mingming always thought that Jianing knew about this. "Someone spoke to the captain yesterday morning and said this name."
    "I didn't pay attention." Jianing shook his head, then lowered The head concealed the emotion in the eyes, now it is more certain, it is true.
    "Then Jianing, I'm going to cook first. Something is calling me." Duan Mingming said when she saw that she didn't know what she was thinking.
    "Good." Jianing nodded.
    Duan Mingming took the things and went out. Jianing looked at the things Qin Wei had brought over, thought about it, and decided to wait until his feet were ready before making plans.
    It's just that the injury on the foot is a little slow. Jianing thought that he still had two spiritual fruits. If he eats both of them, the feet may be better, but in that case, Beibei will come back to find herself.
    Jianing grabbed the quilt and struggled for a while, and finally decided to eat another one. But what should I do after eating, first deliver the food, and then find a place to live? Or should I find a good place first, and then return the things?
    Duan Mingming's speed was very fast. When Jianing was still struggling with what to do, she had already prepared the meal. Knowing that Jianing could not take the Kang off casually, she directly brought in Jianing's share.
    "Jianing, you sit here to eat, I eat outside, are these enough for you?"
    Jianing glanced at the food, which was the familiar cabbage stew, a big steamed bun.
    "Enough to eat." With so much, she might not be able to finish it yet.
    "That's good, I'll go out first." Duan Mingming went out for dinner.
    Jianing used chopsticks to poke the dishes in the bowl, and there was no taste at all. When she thought of King Qin next door, she felt uncomfortable, and always felt that someone was staring at herself in secret.
    The educated youth academy was already full of people. It would be impossible for her to move there, and she didn't want to go to Tian Yuan and Fang Mingzhen. The only place she could go was the old man Qin said at the time, and those two houses were left.
    Jianing had only been to the mountain once, but there was no thatched hut under the mountain where they went, so the old man Qin was definitely not there.
    Where is the place, Jianing is worried. If the place is too far away, she will be scared. She lives here very comfortably. Duan Mingming will definitely not be able to leave with her, so she is alone.
    I was scared, but when he thought that if he could escape Qin Wei if he moved out, Jianing felt that he had to move as soon as possible.
    Because of these things in my mind, I didn't eat much food in the bowl at all. When Duan Mingming came in again, she still had half a bowl of vegetables in her bowl.
    "Jianing, why don't you eat until it's cold and your stomach hurts." Duan Mingming had already eaten, and he came in to see that Jianing had eaten less than half.
    "Obviously, I lay in bed for a day, and I was not hungry at all." Even if I was hungry, I was scared to lose my appetite.
    "That's right, you haven't gotten off in bed, but you can't move now. If you don't have an appetite, you will eat less. This meal is too little. What if you are hungry until I come back tonight?" Duan Mingming worried.
    "I still have snacks in my bag." Jianing made an excuse. She really couldn't eat anymore.
    "That's okay, I'll take it to the kitchen for you, and when you are hungry in the evening, you will be hot again. When you
    are stimulated by the cold water, your whole body will be shivering.
    "OK, then come back at night and apply again. Duan Mingming nodded, "Jianing, does it hurt if you move slowly?" "It
    doesn't hurt when you move slowly, but it hurts when you put your feet on the ground hard." "
    "Then don't come down yet." Duan Mingming breathed a sigh of relief. In this case, there would be no big problem, just two days of raising.
    "Yeah." Jianing thought the same way, she only went there once today.
    "Put your feet back," Duan Mingming saw that her clothes were too thin and her feet had been cold outside, so he quickly asked her to take it back.
    Jianing opened the quilt again and stretched his legs into the quilt: "Obviously, did you help me burn the kang in the morning?"
    "I'm afraid you will be cold in the house alone." Duan Mingming nodded, "I'll go add some more Firewood, then sleep outside for a while, and then go to work, can you see if I can help you get something?"
    Jianing shook his head: "No."
    "Okay, then I'll go out first."
    Duan Mingming went out. Afterwards, Jianing glanced at the door and made sure that she would not come in again, put the things Qin Wei had just delivered in the room with the medicinal liquor, and put them in the corner, planning to give it to Qin while Duan Mingming was asleep. The old man sent it over.
    After installing it, I ate a spiritual fruit. Jianing felt that his feet did not hurt as much as when he landed on the ground in the morning. He listened carefully to the movement outside until he heard the sound of Duan Mingming sleeping, and then cautiously walked over and put them between the two. The door is bolted, and then go out from the north door.
    I walked quietly into the yard, because my feet were still a little sore, so I walked very slowly, and finally moved to the root of the wall, stepping on the stone and poking out my head to look across.
    It's just that I didn't expect that the old man Qin and the old woman Qin who were at home after work were not there. On the contrary, someone who was at home all day long was still wandering in the yard.

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