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Qin Wei frowned. He couldn't take Jianing to the hospital, and the doctor couldn't come to the village. Neither approach would work. Is there really no way to see the doctor?
    Just like Jianing, waiting like this would definitely not work. Qin Wei thought about it for a few seconds before deciding to go to town to buy medicine.
    "Mother, I'll go to the hospital to get medicine." That's all.
    "Be careful on the road. Slowly, it's okay. Get down on the slippery road and push it slowly." After listening to her son to go to the hospital, Granny Qin didn't stop her and helped Take a cloth out of the house to wipe the water off the bicycle.
    Qin Wei didn't ride out for a long time before the old man Qin went home.
    He was called out early this morning, looked around the dam, found out all the unstable places, and led a group of people to block the collapsed place.
    Fortunately, the rain has stopped now, and the water in the river is not as urgent as it was a few days ago, otherwise the stones and sand are useless at all. He blocked the collapsed hole, and explained that a few people continued to pile some stones on it before returning. As soon as they entered the house, they smelled the scent from the kitchen.
    Thinking that when he went out this morning, his son was ready to go up the mountain with a basket on his back. Old man Qin could guess that he probably got something good on the mountain. The corners of his mouth moved, but in the end he didn't say anything. Since the dam collapsed the previous year, the people in the brigade were so hungry that they couldn't stand it. There were many times more people going up the mountain than before, so the commune didn't ask about it.
    People are iron rice or steel. When you are hungry, you can't let people starve to death. Just let go, and it will be difficult to think about it. In addition, in recent years, the harvest is generally no one cares about going up the mountain. . It’s just that it’s easy to go up the mountain, but there are not many who can hit things back. After all, there are so many things on the mountain, how many people are in a village?
    What's more, the nearby villages often wander around here. The pheasants and hares in the mountains are all stunned, and they run so fast that they want to catch up to the sky. Some people catch one from time to time. In addition to admiring good luck, everyone. Can't say anything.
    After all, except for the lucky ones, no one can do it, and it may not be able to catch it.
    If the son thinks he has the ability to catch it, let him catch it. Old man Qin sighed.
    Mother Qin came out with the basin, and saw the old man staring at the kitchen with a sad face, and she became wary: "What do you want? I tell you, the third child brought this thing back to Jianing. If you dare to take it from someone, I’m working hard with you. The little things that Jianing brought back will help the youngest. If you are really conscientious, you should know who you are close to first."
    The most uncomfortable things in Mother Qin’s life are two things. One is that the old man is. The captain, a few children are more than ten times stricter than that of other families. Second, the old man is bad and good, so he can take something out of the house. Several sons have a good look, and their temperament is also very different from that of the old man.
    Old man Qin wanted to explain that he didn't have that thought, but he couldn't speak when he spoke. He was sorry for the family members. After more than ten years as the captain, he consciously has a clear conscience, but he really didn't care enough for his family. .
    He has never taken advantage of others, even the children on the mountain, when they were young, told them that they could not take it, because the old lady in the family often complained about it.
    In addition, as the captain, his relatives and friends came to borrow food. When others said a few words, they couldn’t help but feel relieved. It made the family's life difficult, haha. It was obvious that the two of them were more diligent than anyone else. In fact, a few children Nothing to eat or drink can compare to others.
    In the end, his younger son got sick a few years ago and made him want to understand. Everyone is ordinary. When his child is sick, he goes out to borrow money. People who usually come to the house to borrow food and talk good things have changed their faces. What did he say to raise so many children without money?
    Does Old Man Qin really have no money in his hands? In fact, I was rich at first, but my relatives came to sell me badly, and they couldn't help but give points, this point, that point, which adds up to a lot, and no matter how much money the family has, they can't help but toss like this.
    What's more, the half-and-half child eats me to death. The three sons of their family are good at work, but they are also scary when they eat. Tight.
    In fact, if he didn't help those relatives, he would still have money left in his hands, but the people who borrowed food at that time had already forgotten about it. Instead, they would hate the thing that they would not want to borrow after borrowing food.
    Qin old man after my heart that cold a half, since then come to see relatives began to divide two people, just to give a few relatives who borrow, but this time the younger son dizzy for several
    days, the younger brother come to home Never been here once. After being chanted several times by the old woman, Old Man Qin finally realized that he was his own, except for his three sons and other relatives. Who cares?
    It's not bad to be able to take care of yourself. I want to understand that in the future, Old Man Qin will not be as easy to talk as before. The affairs of the family are not as in the past as they used to be, the old woman and the son can do whatever they want.
    Smelling the smell of the kitchen this time, Old Man Qin sighed and didn't care where he got it. Anyway, it's okay if you don't steal or snatch it. As for sending it to Didi's house? forget it.
    Granny Qin thought he would say a few words like before, but she didn't expect to enter the house without saying anything this time. She breathed a sigh of relief, but she figured it out.
    "I don't care this time? It will be fine if I continue to do this in the future." Poet Qin poured out the water in the pot and fished out a part of the meat in the pot. These are intended to make steamed buns, and the rest of the meat will be boiled and stewed in the pot. Soup.
    When Qin Wei came back, he saw his parents at home, said hello to his father, and went to the kitchen to find his mother: "Mother, you have bought the medicine. You can send it. Here I will watch."
    Po Qin had already made the stuffing for the buns. , I will be able to pack it later, I heard Qin Wei’s words to take the medicine, and then asked how to eat it before pointing to the small stool in front of the stove and confessing to him: “You do this, it’s warm here, don’t run around, you’re sick. One is fine, but one can't be sick again."
    Qin Wei nodded and sat in front of the stove to burn the fire. He rode outside for nearly two hours, and now his whole body is freezing up and down.
    Jianing drank some hot water in the morning and slept for a short time in the morning. She didn't wake up until noon. When she woke up, she found herself sweating. She wanted to open the quilt and change clothes, but was stopped by Duan Mingming.
    "Jianing, Aunt Qin said you can't see the wind, so lie down and tell me what you want."
    "No." Jianing shook her head. She just lay down and wanted to get more breath. "Obviously, I'll go out for a while. Will it work?"
    "No." Duan Mingming refused.
    "Okay." Jianing also knew that she was making trouble unreasonably, and sat back in shock, but she was still uncomfortable, but it was much better than last night.
    When Mrs. Qin came in, she saw Jianing sitting on the bed without saying a word, looking pitiful, and inexplicably distressed her.
    "Jianing, are you still uncomfortable now?" After he wiped his hands, he didn't reach out to try Jianing's forehead until his hands were warm.
    "It's much better than morning. Take the medicine soon. After the medicine is finished, it will be almost all right. In the afternoon, Auntie will give you buns. I have packed several kinds. Tell Auntie what you want to eat. Auntie will get it for you."
    "Thank you, Auntie. "Jianing cheered up, but didn't want to eat anything. The medicine was a bit bitter, and Jianing felt that his mouth was full of the bitter taste of the medicine, and she felt a little vomiting.
    Mother Qin was relieved when she watched Jianing take the medicine. She just wanted to say that she was going home to work. She frowned when she looked at Jianing, and suddenly remembered something: "Jianing, this is the youngest who went to town to buy medicine and bring it back together. Yes, you quickly take a piece and get rid of the bitter taste in your mouth. The medicine is good, but these are for you to keep and eat slowly."
    "Well," the mouth is really uncomfortable, Jianing took the candy in Madam Qin's hand After receiving it, a dozen fingernail-sized rock candy was packed in the palm-sized paper bag. Jianing opened the paper bag and lifted it up, "Auntie also eats it."
    "Auntie doesn't eat it. My family doesn't like to eat these things. Eat quickly, lie down and sleep after eating, and then get up to eat later."
    "Oh." Jianing took out a piece, then slowly closed the paper bag, put the rock candy in his mouth, "Sweet." Just dilute. The bitter taste in the mouth.
    "Leave the remaining aunt aside." Pozi Qin took the rest. "The buns are already steamed. I'll bring them to you later. You will sweat when you sleep. Don't freeze in a cold day."
    "Okay." Jianing obediently agreed, but she couldn't fall asleep when she lay down. She felt like she was dreaming, because no one but her sister treated her so nicely.
    It's great, Jianing closed her eyes and thought, if she could be Aunt Qin's daughter, it would be great.

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