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    Po Qin went to the yard, put the cooked rice in the bowl and brought it out, then walked to the root of the wall and started shouting: "Chen Zhiqing, Duan Zhiqing, supper Okay, come and pick it up."
    Duan Mingming was outside and ran to the side when he heard the movement: "Come on, auntie, thank you for bringing it here." She didn't expect the meal to be delivered so quickly. I ate half a packet of biscuits, and I am not hungry yet.
    "What's the matter?" Possession Qin smiled, "Education Chen, and rice, you can't
    handle it yourself." "I'll take the soup first." Duan Mingming took the soup in Possession Qin's hand and walked to the door. The room shouted, "Jianing, come out quickly, Aunt Qin is here to deliver food."
    "This is coming!" Jianing was discussing the issue of rewards with Beibei, and when he heard the voice, he hurriedly stuffed Yu Pei into his arms and ran. Go out to serve food.
    "Aunt Qin is waiting at the wall. Go get it." Duan Mingming put the basin down and rubbed his hands. The iron basin was too hot and his fingers were hot and painful after he brought it in.
    "Okay." Jianing agreed, and then walked to the place where he had just given old man Qin something. When he saw the person on the other side of the wall shouting obediently, "Auntie."
    "Hey!" Old lady Qin agreed happily, "Is it Jianing? I heard your uncle say, how is it? Is it accustomed to sitting in the room?"
    "Accustomed." Jianing was caught off guard by the other's over-enthusiastic attitude, and nodded in a daze.
    "It's accustomed to it. There is Wowotou in your bag. You two will eat at night. I specially brought you a few more. You can eat the rest until tomorrow morning. The money is for the piece of meat and You keep the money for the noodles." Po Qin said, handing over the baggage and money together.
    Jianing took the burden from her hand, didn't take the money, shook his head and said, "That's for Captain Qin, I don't want it."
    "We didn't help you much. We can't leave your things for nothing, dear boy, hurry up. There is nothing to give you at my aunt's house. You should keep the money first, and then return it to you when my aunt buys the meat. "Papa Qin knew that these educated youths had plenty of money when they first came down, and they would starve soon. In a few days, the brigade will issue meat tickets and sugar tickets. If you buy meat and then return it, the other party will be able to eat it.
    "No." Jianing shook her head and said that she didn't want the money in her hand for anything, "You keep it, I'll go to eat." After saying this, she carried a baggage into the house without waiting for the other party to reply, although she just ate a lot of food. But she felt that she could continue to eat.
    "This child..." Mother Qin sighed in her heart as she looked at the girl's back running into the house happily. Such a good child doesn't know whose house will be cheaper in the future, it is too generous.
    After sighing and looking at the money in her hand, Po Qin looked distressed and pretended to have the money. Her son spent a lot of money on medical treatment, and now there is not much money left in the family. of.
    After collecting the money, Mrs. Qin went to the kitchen and covered the rest of the pot. This was for her son. Although the son was faint, the doctor said that he would feed him every day.
    But she couldn't do it herself, she had to wait for the old man to come back.
    People without talking, Qin Old Woman about to finish this thing, I heard movement outside of the old man, casually asked one ︰ "is back?"
    "Back, just the will to take over the calculation of the list, next to the two youth rice Have you sent it there?" Old man Qin took out the dry tobacco, a habit he had cultivated for decades, and wanted to take two mouthfuls when he was worried.
    "It's over, old man, I just wanted to give Chen Zhiqing money, and the kid doesn't want it. I thought about this bit of meat or left it to make up for the old third, and then return it when our family buys it."
    "Eat eggs ." That's it, what kind of
    meat you eat, and when you eat it, you can buy it and return it back?" If it's something else, it won't work if you just have a ticket, you have to be able to grab it. During the Chinese New Year, people from a commune would go to grab the meat over there, how could they be able to grab it? Even if you can grab the one you can buy, it will change the corners, which is incomparable with today's one.
    "My children are like this, you still feel sorry for this bit of meat." Old lady Qin was annoyed, "Why is the youngest injured, you don't have any points in your heart? If it wasn't for the brigade, he could fight with the people from the Houhu family brigade." I don’t blame you if the child is like this. If you don’t feel sorry for the child, I feel sorry for the child. I also said that the piece of meat will be paid for the Chinese New Year, but you still don’t want to. This life is over when you come here.
    "Okay, I can't tell you, you can stay if you want." When the call fell, Old Man Qin couldn't find a place to refute, because the old woman was telling the truth, but the first time I kept someone else's things, I still felt that awkward.
    But there is something wrong, who doesn't feel bad about your children? Too lazy to say more in the yard, old man Qin went to see his son in the house. When I entered the room and saw my son who had been lying on the kang for three days, his heart felt uncomfortable. The doctor said that the later the later, the harder it would be to wake up: "San'er, I think about my father and mother, hurry up."
    After speaking, he sighed . , Walked to the pit and tucked the quilt for his son: "Wake up, Dad will be the master for you, alas, Dad will get you the meal." He said that he put a few papers that he had been holding on the table and went out to serve the meal. .
    There was no one in the room, and the young man lying on the kang frowned and struggled for a while, and finally slowly opened his eyes and wanted to sit up. As a result, he felt dizzy as soon as he raised his head. After a while, he slowly sat up.
    "Hiss——" Feeling a headache, Qin Wei stretched out his hand and touched it, touched the bandaged wound, and took a breath.
    Putting down his hands, Qin Wei sat up slowly when the wound on his head didn't hurt so much, glanced at the surrounding environment, closed his eyes and thought about what was going on.
    Last night, he was supposed to be waiting in the palace to welcome his relatives. In order to marry Jianing, he rushed to the capital from Northern Xinjiang with his guards. However, news suddenly came from the palace in the middle of the night that Princess Jianing was missing.
    Qin Wei intuitively felt that the Dog Emperor had moved his mind again, but he hadn't noticed any abnormality in the eyeliner he had placed in the palace. The Dog Emperor had no such ability to hide from the sky, so he hadn't found out where the problem was.
    The last moment of his memory was when he arranged for manpower to investigate the people who entered and exited the palace in the past two days, while preparing to enter the palace. There is no memory in the future, but there are more memories that do not belong to me.
    Qin Wei rubbed his eyebrows. He seemed to have robbed someone else's body. The owner of the body had the same name as him, but based on his memory, his childhood was completely opposite to his own.
    This Qin Wei has only three brothers, and his parents love their children. Even in the difficult years, they didn't let them be wronged, not to mention that he was the youngest.
    After being an adult, I worked as a soldier for two years and came back with a salary of several hundred yuan. I built a house and planned to get married. It was just that the married people hadn't found them yet, because of the problem of watering the wheat fields in the brigade, they fought with others.
    It didn't take long for Qin Wei to sort out all the memories in his mind, and finally took note of the person who hurt him, regardless of whether it was him when he was hit, because it hurt him anyway.
    The wound on his head was too painful to make any big movements. Qin Wei didn't force him to sit on the kang thinking about another person.
    Jianing, Qin Wei said silently in his heart, Jianing hasn't found it yet, so he has to go back quickly. He promised to give the dog king one hundred thousand military horses, requesting that after getting married, he would take Jianing back to northern Xinjiang.
    Qin Wei didn't know if the squeamish girl could adapt to life in northern Xinjiang, but this was the best way. The princess in the palace had gone seven or eight in three years, and it was her turn soon.
    He knew that his behavior was despicable, but he didn't
    regret it. The only thing he regretted was not protecting her well, making her lost, and he came here before he found her.
    In my memory, this is a completely different place from his previous life. There is no emperor, no slaves, and all people are equal. It seems that there was an emperor hundreds of years ago, but it was abolished later.
    "It's great." Qin Wei sighed. Without the emperor, no one would rack their brains to fight for that position, let alone make a bet with his own sister.
    "Jianing." Thinking of this name still can't help but feel heartache. If he moves faster, will Jianing not disappear?
    Qin Wei closed his eyes and opened them slowly, trying to find a way to go back.
    Before that, he heard someone say something in his ear, but he couldn't wake up anyway, and he left after a short time. I don't know how long someone will come again. Qin Wei barely heard what the other party said. After hearing that, he tried to open his eyes, but he really woke up.
    Qin Wei didn't understand why he could go to such a strange place while sleeping. There was a pair of shoes on the ground. Qin Wei slowly helped the Kang cabinet to get up, and wanted to go out and have a look. The next moment I suddenly saw a piece of paper on the table.
    The paper was not what attracted him, it was the name above that caught his attention.
    "Jianing?" Qin Wei suspected that he was wrong for a moment. He stood up and walked forward, ignoring the pain of his body. After picking up the paper, he felt pain all over his body and sat down on the table.
    Chen Jianing, the royal surname Chen, has exactly the same name, every word is not bad, Qin Wei does not believe it is a coincidence.
    Jianing is also...Qin Wei calms down. If this is the case, he can't act rashly. If Jianing is here, why should he go back? This place in my memory is safer than the palace.
    "Jianing, Jianing." Qin Wei said two times in silence, rubbing the three words above with his fingers. After a while, I remembered that this was not written by Jianing. Jianing didn't know simplified characters. He could understand it because he remembered. .
    Putting down the paper in his hand, Qin Wei knew that the father of the body brought it over. The opponent is the captain of the Xinghuacun brigade. He does everything by himself. This list should be used recently.
    We must first determine where the person is. Qin Wei thought about the girl who couldn't stand the slightest grievance. It was not like a palace, and someone arranged for him to secretly take care of it. In my memory, everyone has to work. The girl has never suffered a bit since she was a child, and she must be aggrieved here.
    Looking at the name in his hand, Qin Wei began to think about how to tap the old man Qin sideways. Just before he thought about it, he suddenly heard someone talking in the yard.
    The voice was familiar, it was the parents of this body. Hearing the news, Qin Wei looked down at the paper in his hand, then looked at the quilt on the kang, and immediately lay down on the kang, receiving the list in his arms.
    "Hiss——" The action was too fast, and Qin Wei didn't care about the wound on his head. He hid the list and didn't feel relieved when he was sure that others couldn't find it.

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