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   " Second Uncle, let them live in the third brother's house?" Qin Gang couldn't believe it, but it was the house where his third cousin married.
    "Well, idle is also idle, just to live for them." Thinking of his son who was still lying in bed and didn't know when he would wake up, Old Man Qin sighed in his heart, got up and took a few people out, "Er Gang , You take them to the door and wait, I will go to the house to get the key."
    "Ah? OK." Qin Gang reacted, seeing that he had made a decision, and didn't persuade him much. .
    Jianing and Duan Mingming followed them out and walked to a fork. Old man Qin turned south, and Qin Gang led them straight for a while before turning.
    Jianing looked at the surrounding houses curiously. Just on the way to the Educated Youth Academy, she discovered that many of the houses here are made of earthen walls. Jianing is a little worried. Will such walls fall in rainy days?
    "Here." Qin Gang's voice drew Jianing's attention back.
    Jianing glanced forward, and the house in front of them was the newest one around, and it was a stone wall. Several houses next to them are made of earthen walls, and occasionally one of them made of stone is not so new.
    "We live here?" Jianing asked. At the beginning of talking about thatched houses, she was ready to live in thatched houses, but she didn't expect to be better than thatched houses.
    "Yes, this is my third cousin's wedding room. You have to cherish it. After the New Year, my third cousin will marry a wife." Qin Gang confessed and finally emphasized, "You must cherish it."
    "Then he Where do we live after we get married?" Duan Mingming next to him found the problem. Now it is less than two months before the Chinese New Year, where will they move in the future?
    Jianing also looked at him nervously, fearing that he would say a few words back to the educated youth academy in the next moment.
    "This..." Qin Gang was asked by her, "I don't know, I will ask my second uncle later."
    "Ask me what?" Old man Qin walked over from the other end, holding a bunch of keys in his hand, and opened the lock when he walked to the door.
    "Second uncle, they asked me just now, if my third brother gets married, where will they live."
    "Who told you to get married?" Old man Qin unlocked the key on the door.
    "He said." Jianing pointed to Qin Gang very honestly.
    Old man Qin glanced at Yuzi: "Don't worry, I haven't gotten married in the past two years."
    "Oh." Jianing was a little relieved. It would be nice if she could live here for a while. She was worried that she would go back to the Educated Youth Academy once she had no place to live.
    "Hold the key for you. Don't lose it. If you lose it, you won't be able to enter." Old man Qin finally unlocked the key on the door and the door and handed her the key.
    "Good." Jianing reached out and took the key.
    "The wall is my house. Call me if you have anything to do." Old man Qin confessed again. After explaining, he suddenly remembered something, and then said, "It's okay, don't shout." In trouble.
    "Okay." The other party gave her a place to live, and Jianing is very obedient now.
    "The new house, the main room will not be for you two. The east wing is for one person. You can use the kitchen in the west. You have to pick up the firewood by yourself. Pick up the dry branches on the mountain. Don't pick up the wet ones. Grain will be distributed tomorrow. Remember to cook. It’s time to save a little bit and eat for more than half a year. Don’t run out of food at the end.” Old man Qin confessed a few things to the two of them. There are only two of them here, and there are no other educated youths. People told them.
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, she will save food, and she still has more than half of the grain, which is sure to be full.
    Jianing , who felt that she could eat as much food as she wanted, didn't know. She was dumbfounded when she got the food the next day.
    "You are packing your things now, waiting for food to be delivered to you in the afternoon." Old man Qin said a few more words, feeling that he hadn't explained him, and took the remaining keys and went home. Qin Gang followed him and left.
    Jianing and Duan Mingming saw the two people gone and looked at each other. Duan Mingming happily pulled Jianing into the house: "Jianing, this is better than the Educated Youth Academy."
    Jianing nodded and admitted her. According to the statement, here is much better than the Educated Youth Academy, and there are only two of them. Jianing is very satisfied, and there is no need to be as noisy as there.
    "Jianing, which one do you want to live in?" Duan Mingming was happy and began to ask. The old man Qin said that there are two east wing rooms. The kang in the middle is separated by a wall, which is a bit like an educated youth academy.
    "It's okay." Jianing saw that the two houses were exactly the same, so she didn't need to be picky at all.
    "Then you live in the inside room." Duan Mingming took a look and decided to let Jianing live in the inside room.
    "Okay." This time, Jianing was still very good at speaking, and when she heard her, she carried her luggage and went inside.
    "Jianing, we can cook the kang in two days." Duan Mingming touched the kang in the house and was very satisfied. She originally thought that the place where the two of them lived would be worse than the educated youth academy, but she didn't expect it to be better than there. More than doubled.
    There are kangs in the educated youth academies, as well as here. The only downside is that there is no firewood. You will have to wait until tomorrow to get the firewood before you can burn the kang.
    "What is Kang?" Jianing looked curious.
    Duan Mingming was stunned for a moment to realize what she meant, and pointed to the Kang in front of her: "This is, Jianing, have you never lived in a Kang at home?"
    "No." Jianing shook his head, whether it was before or now. , She has never seen it.
    "Kang is..." Duan Mingming was a little entangled in how to tell her, "Just if you light the firewood, it will be warm after a while."
    "Will it be very hot?" Like cooking, it must be very hot, some Jianing. Worry.
    "No, less firewood will not be hot." Duan Mingming shook his head, "You will know when the kang is burned tomorrow. The night will be warm."
    "Okay." Jianing agreed and took it all the way. Put his kettle on a side table, and then began to open his luggage.
    "Jianing, make your bed, I'll go outside." Duan Mingming suddenly thought that the quilt he had brought hadn't been laid, and it would be dark and inconvenient after a while, so he should lay it out now. There was a door between the two rooms, and Duan Mingming helped her close the door easily when he went out.
    Only herself was left in the room. Jianing quietly walked to the door and bolted the door. Fortunately, she still remembered how to bolt the door. Jianing praised herself in her heart, then sat on the kang and started looking for Beibei.
    "Babe, Beibei?" Jianing was a little anxious after not seeing her for a long time.
    "Jianing, I'm here."
    Jianing was yelling, and suddenly heard a voice, and asked her happily: "Babe, where have you been?"
    "I'm on your jade pendant." Beibei's voice was a little excited. .
    Jianing lowered his head and reached out to take out the jade pendant that he had been carrying around his neck. The difference is that there is now a white kitten in the center of the crystal clear jade pendant, which is very similar in color to the jade pendant. If you don’t look closely, it might Was ignored.
    "Babe, why did you run inside?"
    "It's helping me heal my wounds."
    "Then you are inside." Jianing was worried that she was trapped inside and couldn't get out, so she felt relieved when she heard it.
    "Jianing, you are so kind!" Beibei was very happy. Jianing vaguely saw Yu Perry's kitten as if it moved.
    "Baibei, second
    what's the task?" Unlike Beibei's happiness, Jianing has always cared about the task. Only by completing the task can Beibei recover.
    "I'll go and see." Beibei seemed to think of business only now.
    "Babe, you seem to have faded." Not just clear.
    "The injury on my body is still not healed, and my aura will be less and less, and I will have to sleep at that time." Beibei said, watching the task by the way, the next moment she became particularly surprised, "Jianing, the second task is completed! "She didn't expect that when she slept and woke up, both tasks were completed. Seeing the rewards for the two tasks, Beibei became cruel, took two spiritual fruits out, and then distributed one to Jianing.
    "What is this?"
    "Lingli fruit, Jianing, eat it quickly, it will be useless after a while." The longer the time, the lower the spiritual power.
    "You eat it." Jianing shook her head. She didn't know what spiritual power Beibei was talking about, but she knew that it was very important for Beibei. She didn't need spiritual power, so it was best for Beibei to eat.
    "I have eaten, this is yours, Jianing, eat it quickly." Beibei urged.
    "Okay." Jianing listened to her, and put the fruit that was a bit like a fruit but very small that suddenly appeared in her hand and put it in her mouth.
    "So sour—"
    "This is the lowest level, of course it is sour." Little Master Beibei sighed, "When we do more tasks, we can get the advanced ones."
    "Then what's the use of it?" "Jianing was sour that she almost spit out, thinking of the other party's attention just now before giving up.
    "Cure the disease if you have the disease, strengthen the body without the disease, and Baili is harmless." After Beibei finished speaking, she felt uncomfortable. When they can only succeed with the low-level spiritual power fruit.
    In the end, Jianing endured the acid and ate the fruit, only to squeeze the acid in his mouth after drinking several sips of water.
    "Jianing, the next task is to repay the captain." Seeing that she had finished eating, Beibei immediately told her about the next task.
    "How do you thank you?" Jianing was stumped. Since childhood, the mother concubine and the emperor sister have been busy with such things.
    "I don't know either." Beibei didn't understand either.
    The two looked at each other. In the end, Jianing came up with a solution: "Then, give them food?" She remembered that Old Man Qin said that food should be eaten sparingly. important?
    "This is there!" Beibei glanced at the remaining rewards that she had just ignored. "Two catties of white flour, one catty of meat, Jianing, are these enough?" The two missions only have four spiritual powers except for the rewards. Guo, Lingli Guo was eaten by them two, and there were two left.
    "It doesn't seem to be enough." Jianing hesitated. She saw that the emperor sister gave very expensive gifts, even if she was not favored.
    "That..." Beibei was a little distressed, and finally cruel, "Add a spiritual fruit?" No matter how much, Beibei couldn't help complaining in his heart about the clansman who issued the reward, which was really stingy.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded, the spiritual strength is okay, it can strengthen the body and keep Old Man Qin from being so angry.
    The author has something to say: Tomorrow Jianing will know what she has lost... The
    hero will come out in the next chapter.

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