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   "Why are you looking for him?" After thinking about it, Qin Wei still didn't dare to say something serious.
    Jianing looked at him, always felt like he had seen him somewhere, but couldn't remember how. After struggling for a while, Jianing felt that it was impossible to meet him. She must be familiar with him because the other party was the son of Old Man Qin.
    Ignoring the completely different looks of the other party and Qin Old Man, Jianing walked around him and looked around in the yard: "Is the captain here?" After asking, he stepped back a bit, and left after the other party was sure.
    "No, tell me something." Qin Wei moved his finger. It was a long time since I saw him. He wanted to slap, but he was afraid of scaring her.
    "Is it useful to tell you?" Jianing hesitated and asked, a little disbelief.
    "It's useful. I'll tell him when he comes back. It's faster than you come back." Qin Wei felt a little itchy in his throat, pressed his voice and continued, "Just tell me, I remember." It's been three years, the first time so close. , He feels his hands are shaking.
    "I want to send a letter to my brother." Jianing thought for a while, and decided to give him the letter in his hand, "When will the captain go to town?" My brother said to send it out as soon as possible so that they can help themselves with the mail. Although I don't know what will happen, Jianing is a little looking forward to thinking about the beef jerky for lunch.
    "Go tomorrow. If he doesn't go, I'll post it for you, okay?" Qin Wei walked over. Just about to pick up the letter, she saw the girl's red fingers, a white blister on the back of her hand, and her heartbeat. After half a beat, a trace of distress flashed in his eyes, "What's the matter with the hand?" He regretted it, and even the headache should have passed.
    "Nothing?" Jianing looked at him suspiciously, not knowing what he was talking about.
    "Why is it so red?" Qin Wei lowered his head. It didn't look like it was frozen. The blisters looked hot. Qin Wei felt distressed. "Where did you go this afternoon? Why is there a bubble on his hand?"
    "Go to work." Jianing looked strange, where would he go if he didn't go to work? I lowered my head and glanced at the foam on my hand, as if it was hot in the morning, but the other person asked so much why? Jianing's eyes were defensive, "Would you like to send me the letter?" It is strange that there are so many questions to send a letter.
    "Help." Qin Wei nodded, knowing that she was offending her, and accepted the letter obediently, "What to eat tonight?"
    "What are you asking so much for?" Jianing looked at him defensively, feeling more and more wrong. .
    "Okay, I won't ask." Seeing her really anxious, Qin Wei did not continue to ask, but changed the subject, "There is no address on the envelope, can I write it for you?" There is an address for the letter, just look at it. The handwriting is not like a girl. Qin Wei guessed that it was written by the brother in her mouth. The girl probably didn't know that sending a letter here is not like having a name in a palace. Here you need to fill in the address yourself.
    "Then you can write it for me." Jianing didn't know how to write, and finally said, a little embarrassed after she finished speaking, she was too fierce just now.
    "Okay." Qin Wei nodded and agreed. He wanted to say something more. Hearing movement at the door, he glanced at the sky, and Old Man Qin and Granny Qin were back soon.
    But the sound at the door was not from two people, it seemed to be an unfamiliar one. Qin Wei knew the mouths of the people in the village. He was afraid that they would be seen talking nonsense here, so he asked Jianing to go back before anyone came in: "Go back, I will write down the letter, and I will send it out for you tomorrow." Tell yourself to be patient.
    "Okay." Jianing was immediately happy when he heard his promise, nodded, and jumped off the rock.
    As soon as Jianing left here, before Qin Wei had time to put the letter in his hand, someone came at the door.
    "Yisow, you really have to help me, my family really did not have food."
    Could hear Qin Old Woman speak, but first hear a strange voice, Qin Wei looked toward the door, a woman
    the child was holding Qin Old Woman cry It's miserable, he still knows this person, the daughter-in-law of Old Man Qin's brother.
    "Your family has no food, but my family has food. The third child has only just woke up for two days, and the food in the tank is almost gone. Now the family is still thinking about where to borrow money to buy food." Lady Qin did not expect herself Halfway through, they refused, but the other party chased after him, feeling angry, and the other party was holding on, and his mouth was not polite, "You still care about me asking for food. It's a good thing that I didn't find you. grab my youngest how much to eat? we do not say things in the past, last year you borrow the old man with a couple of pounds when it still? "grain
    Qin Old Woman use more gas, but also how brothers, the something is not Each took care of their own things, the old man was hard-mouthed and soft-hearted. When others cried and made trouble, they borrowed food.
    In the past, all three sons were capable, and there were only two children in the family. The food earned by a few adults was enough to eat, so she didn't say anything to borrow one catty and two catties. But what is the harvest this year? I borrowed two catties of grain for half a year and has not returned it. My third son was injured. The family never came to see him once. Granny Qin didn't expect the other party to give anything, but even if she came over to help her? No, I haven't been here once, let alone take a look, I didn't even ask a question when I saw it on the road.
    It's okay now. Yesterday I heard that my son was awake, and he came to borrow food today. Her face was quite big, and Po Qin's heart beat with anger.
    Mother Qin was upright here. She looked up and saw her son standing in the yard. She felt even more angry: "The third child is still okay when he is on his head. You auntie, don’t give me something. Do you want the food that your son is wounded to heal?" The one who almost didn't name it said that you want to be shameless.
    "Second sister-in-law, isn't it okay for the third son? What a sturdy young man, he will have a skin on his head. It will be fine in two days, but my two grandchildren are not yet full years old. Second sister-in-law, you really bear your heart. Let the two big fat boys be so hungry?” Aunt Qin San looked at Qin Wei and didn’t care. How about the three sons of the second sister-in-law’s family being smarter than the other, not even a grandson. At the beginning, she had two granddaughters. She didn't dare to speak. Now that there are two more grandsons, the old Qin family can count on them in three rooms.
    It’s okay not to mention it. When she mentioned it, Mrs. Qin was even more angry. After the other party hugged her grandson, how many yin and yang said weirdly. Now it’s okay. She is still using her two children as a shield: "Why didn’t you when the two girls were young? Feed good things? What did your two granddaughters ate at that time, and now you can feed them to your grandson. There is no food at home, so you can ask someone to borrow it."
    "Third aunt, you just came here, and the third uncle borrowed twenty yuan from me. When will the money be returned?" Qin Wei listened by the side. He didn't want to talk, but he saw Granny Qin but was very angry with him. He only came back in the second half of the year. I don't know why Mrs. Qin was so angry, but after listening to the two of them, he guessed that he had always been protecting his family, and of course he was on his side at this time.
    "Weizi, the family is very difficult this year, and the money is slow." Qin San Aunt didn't expect Qin Wei to interrupt suddenly. He didn't care about these things before. The father and the two are easier to talk than most people in the village, except for the second sister-in-law. But as long as she waits here until the second brother comes back, even if there is not much food at home, she can still borrow a catty or two. There is only half a tank of food in her family, and she can't change some milk powder for the child.
    "It's hard to build a house at home?" Qin Wei laughed, "Auntie, I remember that my father helped find the job of your brother in the lobby. The location is also worth dozens of dollars. If it doesn't work, change it. People, after the New Year comes back, I won’t have to pass by
    Brother Hall ." "Yes, if you don’t have enough to eat, his third aunt, just let your boss come back and earn work points to support your two fat grandchildren." In the last sentence, Granny Qin said that she was gnashing her teeth and she was a fat grandson. The two children were as skinny as a monkey and she was ashamed to come out and say that she felt that the
    two girls in front were better than the two boys, and the other side thought that the grandson was a treasure. They are two grandsons who keep their mouths open all day long.
    Mrs. Qin was angry when she mentioned this matter. The three places cost the old man how much effort, and it is a gift of favor and gifts. Otherwise, the family will not be so difficult. At any rate, she is a big team leader, and the work points are higher than others. For one thing, he and his son are not lazy people, without this, the family is much richer than this.
    It turned out to be good. I don't know who told this story. The third child came over and was going to leave a quota. The quota was about to go, but he didn't say anything about the money he spent at the beginning.
    "What is Weizi talking about? Your brother in the lobby has done a good job, how can he not let him go." Aunt Qin San was reluctant, and his son just called home two days ago and said that working there is easy. I also earn a lot of money, and I will be back in two days off. She has told people that even if her son is from the city, he will return to buy her new clothes after a while. The two sons will also have milk powder to drink. If the quota is given out, the son will still have to work in the field. How embarrassing to ask.
    "If you don't want to get the quota, you can quickly pay back." Qin Wei was unwilling to talk to her.
    Aunt Qin San felt inexplicably that today's my son was different. She was usually easy to talk and people were good at. Today's hard-speaking voice was very scary, as if she was not allowed to be given a place.
    It felt a bit wrong, but in the end the mentality of taking advantage prevailed: "Weizi, don't pity old auntie, you think about your two elders, they are still under the age, you can't even eat an egg, and your sister-in-law has milk. insufficient, the family did something to Bubu, you'll be good enough, then let's use a couple of dollars to the aunt. let your child drink milk Hen big, and so they are also a big honor you. " "
    What could not afford life? "Qin Wei said in an impatient tone, "It's not my son. I
    care if he is dead or alive?" "How does this child speak." Qin San was immediately upset. She dared not speak loudly when the two grandsons were at home. , It's better here, what life and death, children can't bear such words.
    "The third child is right, his aunt, if you can't afford to raise two children, take us to our house. Although the family can't afford to eat, but the child who can evenly drink two sips of water can drink, there is no food at all." Suddenly, Mrs. Qin knew. How can you hit the opponent and can't afford it? If you can't afford it, don't raise it, just don't know if you are willing.
    "Second sister-in-law, what do you mean by thinking of someone else's family without a grandson?" Aunt Qin looked down on this family. What if there are three sons and no grandson. She didn't want her grandson to come over and help wrestling. She used to think that her second family was jealous of their two grandchildren, so let's be honest.
    "I really didn't think about the two of your family." Mother Qin sneered in her heart, and she felt that her two grandchildren were treasures, and she didn't want to look at them, she didn't know. How to raise a child.
    "Second sister-in-law didn't say that just now. I originally thought that second sister-in-law was a good person and wanted to feed the two children. I didn't expect that your family was thinking about our two children." Qin Sanyi put her hands down, yin and yang weird. Said, "I don't want this food. Second sister-in-law, don't forget that your family doesn't have a grandson. In the future, you want my big treasure and second treasure to do something, don't blame me for not wanting."
    "I really don't need you." Mother Qin was not as angry as she was last year when she heard this. This year, the other party ran her with her grandson dozens of times. She had made up her mind a long time ago, even if they didn't have a grandson when the old couple died. , You don’t have to be a member of the third family in wrestling.
    After speaking, I remembered that the son next to him had been arguing with Qin's family for several years. The first time his son was on his side, Mrs Qin was a little relieved: "The third one, does my head hurt?"
    "It's better." Qin Wei looked surprised Old Woman Qin Yi
    eyes, the memory of the other party does not seem so mild spoken.
    Mother Qin also felt that her tone was wrong just now, and she smiled: "The first time you helped my mother speak, my mother is happy."
    "Yeah." Qin Wei understood. Before, he thought that there was nothing wrong with this, and there was indeed no shortage at home. Food, I didn't care. But now it doesn’t work. He is still thinking about how to make the family's life better. If he starts a head, he will get something at home. Jianing has not eaten it yet, so let others take it away. He is frustrated. .
    "Okay, while the sun hasn't gone down, you will stay in the yard for a while, and I will go to the house to make dumplings." Mother Qin is happy now, she walks with wind, and washes her hands and goes to the house to make dumplings.
    Qin Wei nodded and waited for Granny Qin to take a look next door, and then found that the person he had just thought about came over, standing there looking at him, but his expression seemed a bit wrong.
    "What's wrong?" Qin Wei asked, taking a step forward.
    Jianing looked at him for a while and asked, "You have no food to eat?"
    Qin Wei was taken aback for a moment, and realized that the other party took what he said to Granny Qin just now and nodded and said, "Well, there is no food at home. Now." After speaking, I looked at each other, wanting to see how she reacted.
    Jianing looked at him and the yard where she lived. She lived in the other party's house, and the other party helped her send a letter. After thinking about it, she said, "Wait for me." Take out Jinnian, and then ran to give it to him.
    Qin Wei was taken aback. He thought that the other party had run away again, but he didn't expect to give him food: "Give me all the noodles. What are you going to eat?" The other party is still the same as when he was a child, and he would give away things when he likes to be alone. Now... Just as Qin Wei wanted to say something, Jianing spoke.
    "I still have it." Jianing asked in a low voice after speaking, "The food is given to you, can you send me the letter earlier?" Sending the letter early and picking up the food earlier, Jianing decided to give him a little bit when the time comes. I sent the letter for myself, he is a good person.
    In a word, Qin Wei's feelings were gone. He was moved here. Does the other party want him to send the letter quickly? But even if I feel angry, I can’t say a serious word to this person: "I will send it for you tomorrow morning."
    "Okay!" Jianing was satisfied, and it turned out to be useful to deliver things, "Then I'm going to eat." After jumping down and running, the footsteps were very cheerful.
    Sure enough, it was thrown away when it was used up. Qin Wei looked at the other party's back and decided what the other party wanted next time. He must not easily agree to it. He ran away after agreeing to it, and he couldn't even see a shadow. Make more requests next time and see what happens to the little one with no conscience.
    Jianing didn't know that he had offended the other party because he crossed the river and demolished the bridge. When he went back, Duan Mingming was steaming steamed buns and Wowo: "Obviously, when will it be good?" After busying for an afternoon, she felt a little hungry. If it was still not good, she went to the house. Secretly eat the hidden rice, but feel that I'm sorry for secretly eating Duan Mingming.
    "It's going to be done soon." Duan Mingming calculated the time, "Wait a little longer, are you hungry? If you ask you to eat more at noon, you can't eat so little next time." Duan Mingming finished talking. Nodding her head.
    "Okay." Jianing was not angry after being poked, moved a stool and sat beside her, "Obviously, there is still a piece of meat in the room, shall we eat it?" Yu Peili's hidden dishes can't be taken out, but The noodles and meat are okay, just find a good reason, Jianing has learned to be smart.
    "Meat?" Duan Mingming didn't expect her to bring so many things over, "Would you like to save it until the New Year to eat?" They just came here, and they may not be able to buy meat during the New Year. Since there is meat, it is better to save it until then. If you have leftover noodles at that time, you can also make dumplings. Thinking of the taste of dumplings, Duan Mingming felt that he had to stop, otherwise it would be bad if he drooled in front of Jianing.
    Jianing shook his head ︰ "now
    eat, buy New Year." Meat until the New Year are bad.
    "But we may not be able to get a meat ticket this year. Even if we can get a meat ticket, we are not familiar with it and we can't get it." Duan Mingming sighed in his heart. Jianing really didn't know anything about these things. You can buy it if you want.
    "It's okay, my brother sent me during the Chinese New Year." Jianing said. My brother told her that he would send it for food. She didn't say to send the meat, but she can send the meat from Beibei as her brother. It's enough if others lie to it.
    "Then let's fry a little bit?" Duan Mingming hesitated, seeing that she really wanted to eat, she couldn't bear to refuse.
    "Okay, I'll get it." Jianing said, walked into the room and asked Beibei to take out the remaining pound of meat.
    "How much?" Duan Mingming looked at the piece of meat that Jianing took out
    . It would cost a catty less, "Should we cut a small piece and stew it with yesterday's cabbage?" "It's all stewed." Jianing thought. Small pieces are not enough to eat.
    "It's a pity to eat so many meals." Duan Mingming has a new understanding of Jianing. Such a piece of meat can usually be eaten for half a month when they are at home, when they are still a large family with dozens of people.
    "Eat the rest tomorrow morning." Jianing still insisted on frying.
    "How about I stir up the meat first?" Duan Mingming hesitated and said, so that it would be convenient for the next time to eat. After all, she was still reluctant to eat so much meat after one or two meals.
    "Okay." Jianing nodded, she can't do it, Duan Mingming can do anything, as long as she can eat it at the end.
    Duan Mingming went to the next chopping board and cut the meat into small pieces. This piece of meat is whole, half fat and half thin. The fat half can be boiled for oil. It just so happens that they don’t have oil here, and the thin half puts cabbage. inside. Thinking of this passage, she was a little drooling. To be honest, she hadn't had meat for more than a month before this, and she had eaten two pieces of meat from yesterday's dish.
    I thought that the future would be better than before, but I didn’t expect it to be so much better. Duan Mingming once again rejoiced in his decision to stay in the city and marry. It’s better to live well here. However, thinking of marrying, Duan Mingming Suddenly remembered what Jianing said this morning.
    "Jianing, did the family really tell you to kiss?"
    "Yes." Jianing nodded, her mother said, and she was sure to kiss anyone. This is safe, she remembered these words clearly.
    "So early?" Duan Mingming was really surprised this time. He originally thought that Jianing's reply in the morning was to deal with the other party, but he did not expect to be married. "Then when are you going to get married?" I'm worried, it's not easy for them to return to the city. What if Jianing doesn't go back and the other party changes his mind?
    Jianing is so good, Duan Mingming doesn't want her to be wronged a bit.
    "I don't know." Jianing shook his head. It was originally fake. If you ask, I can't make up. Jianing touched his stomach and started to change the subject, "Obviously, is the steamed bun okay?"
    "Yes, I will forget. Now.” Duan Mingming stood up quickly, the time has come, she just patronized her words without paying attention.
    Jianing patted her chest lightly behind her. It was too difficult to lie. After a few days of learning to write, she had to ask her brother how to answer when someone asked her to kiss her.
    Duan Mingming didn't know what Jianing was doing behind his back. After taking out the steamed bun, he handed it to Jianing: "You eat first."
    "Thank you Mingming." Jianing took it, carefully broke a piece, put it in his mouth, the freshly steamed buns were much better than Wowo, with a hint of sweetness, and the buns were not big. Belly up.
    "Can you still eat it?" Duan Mingming cleaned the pot and was about to put meat in the pot. He turned around and saw that Jianing had finished eating.
    "Do not eat." Jianing shake
    "and so will eat dinner together, obviously, I went to wash cabbage." Head, before my sister pastry is so, just give her a pan first, then two people together eat.
    "Do you know how to wash vegetables? Be careful." Duan Mingming was a little worried, the other party seemed to have never been in the kitchen. Yesterday, I was curious about everything. I couldn’t scoop water. Is it possible to wash vegetables?
    "I will." Jianing has never done washing vegetables, but she has seen a lot of people do it. There is a small kitchen where she and her sister live. When her sister takes her to make pastries, she will see the cook washing and cutting vegetables. Jianing didn't dare to walk, but he could wash the vegetables.
    Washing vegetables is not difficult, except for the cold water at the beginning, and then it will be fine. However, because of the first attempt, the speed was very slow. After Jianing washed the cabbage that Duan Mingming had just cut, Duan Mingming was ready and waited for the cabbage to be cooked.
    "Just put it down, Jianing, you go over there and roast it." Seeing her fingers were red from the cold, Duan Mingming felt a little painful.
    "Okay." Jianing walked over and sat down, stuffing two firewood into it from time to time when he was cooking the fire, it was very warm here.
    "Jianing, is there only one brother in your family?" Duan Mingming asked casually while frying the dishes in the pot.
    "There is also an older sister." Jianing frowned, but this older sister was not good. When she was a child, she used to bully her when the adult was away, so every time she saw her, she was a little scared.
    "How did the family agree with you to come?" This is what Duan Mingming is curious about. According to Jianing's personality, the family should attach great importance to her, and there are older brothers and sisters, how can we let the youngest Jianing come over.
    "The eldest sister secretly wrote my name." Jianing was a little aggrieved, she didn't have to come to work.
    "Huh?" Duan Mingming didn't expect this to be the reason. He felt more distressed for Jianing, and comforted, "It's not bad here too, the captain is very nice, we are lucky to be assigned here, and you just Didn’t you write to your home? Your brother might think of a way to get you back to the city.” It’s not easy to get back to the city, and it’s not completely impossible. It’s just that Duan Mingming feels reluctant to think that the other party might leave at any time.
    She is inexplicably happy where the other party is there. The other party is like a pistachio, and every move can drive the emotions of the people around her.
    "I don't know." Jianing knew that her brother was thinking of a way, but listening to the tone of others knew that it was not easy to return to the city.
    "It's okay, take one step and look one step at a time." Duan Mingming regretted that he had just mentioned it, "Except for work here, everything else is not bad."
    "Yeah." Jianing nodded, and there is no need to make a relationship here. Let her do anything.
    I don't know what Jianing was thinking. After speaking, Duan Mingming looked down and saw that the dishes in the pot were almost ready. He told her that there was no need to add firewood, put the dishes out of the pot, and started cooking porridge.
    It was the same one he drank in the previous few meals. Jianing took a look and became disinterested. He lowered his head and stuffed wood into the bottom of the pot, thinking about when there would be a new reward.
    "Jianing, let's go to the back mountain to collect firewood tomorrow." Duan Mingming saw that there was not much wood behind Jianing. This was still the firewood of the captain's house. They were all running out of fire, so they should be made up quickly.
    Jianing recovered and nodded: "Okay, when will we go?"
    "After work tomorrow, I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow." Duan Mingming said, a little worried that it would be late tomorrow.
    "Good." Jianing obediently agreed.
    The two talked a few more conversations, and the meal in the pot was ready. Because I came back early today, it was still dark after the meal. Duan Mingming glanced at the sky outside and asked Jianing: "How about we now? Go out and pick up some branches and come back?" Do a little more today and you will be relaxed tomorrow.
    "Okay." Jianing listened to her.
    There was a basket in the yard. Old man Qin said yesterday that they could use the things at home as long as they cherish it. The two of them carried one back, locked the door and walked back to the mountain.
    "Chen Zhiqing, where is this going?" Jianing followed Duan Mingming. Before he walked a few steps, he heard someone calling him. Looking back, he found that it was the person who talked to him when he was working in the afternoon. He was well-behaved. Call someone, "Auntie."
    "Hey, where are you two going? Have you finished eating?" The other party agreed and was happy. Several educated youths in the School of Educated Youth looked disdainful when they saw them. This little educated youth is so cute.
    "After eating, go to the back mountain to pick up branches." Jianing was willing to answer when the other party helped him.
    "The two are so hardworking. Go ahead." Hearing what Jianing said, the other party was a little surprised. She had just heard that several new educated youths in the courtyard had fought with old educated youths. It seemed that it was because of eating. Thinking of the same new educated youth, the two here have adapted so quickly.
    Thinking about it, when the two of them left, the man looked at the back of the two and exclaimed: "It's better to be so down-to-earth."
    "Ms. Liu, what are you talking about?" Someone was passing by and was hearing this. In other words, asked casually.
    "I said that the two educated youths who just came this year are the two who live in the captain’s house. They just saw them go to the back mountain with a basket on their backs. They said they were going to pick up branches and burn them. You said the same is the difference between the new arrivals this year. Why is it so big?” Mrs. Liu said with emotion, “When I came here, I heard that there were quarrels in the educated youth academy. I have to come here every other day. Whoever does more and who does less is a matter. It is better to do these two. . " "
    much Ado many people, maybe out of a single home, not so much bad thoughts. "the other side laments," plus a good temper. "
    "That's right, and I have a good temper. I just talked to the educated youth with the surname Chen, and he was behaved when I talked to me. I feel distressed when I talk to me. She came out to work." After Mrs. Liu finished speaking, she felt it was impossible. How could they pamper their daughters with this kind of conditions, they said so nicely, whose daughters would not come to work. It's just that it's different from the people in the village. Mrs. Liu can't tell how it feels, but there is a feeling that the other party is different from the other educated youths.
    "Have you been in the photo?" The other party smiled. Every year, the new educated youths are evaluated by others. This year these educated youths have just arrived. After a few days, the temperament and character of the few people can be found out clearly." I heard that Mrs. Wang wanted to talk to her family dog ​​baby today, but she has already made a marriage."
    "Can her dog baby be worthy of such a good child?" Mrs. Liu pouted, "Farewell, don’t spoil it." Other people's children." What good things do you think.
    "It's not all told as a joke." The other party also found it ridiculous.
    "Harm, when a joke is to kill other girls," Mrs. Liu didn't like this kind of joke. "Okay, I should go home to cook. There are more than a dozen people at home waiting." Let's go on with the reputation of the young educated youth. Do you want more.
    "Okay, I should go back too." The other party saw that she was unhappy and did not continue.
    The two left separately, and Qin Wei walked out with a bowl of dumplings around the corner. Old lady Qin wanted to come and deliver the dumplings and he picked it up. Looking at no one from the next door, she wanted to come and take a look, but she didn't expect to see anyone. , But heard such a thing.
    Qin Wei looked at the closed door and thought of the words of the two people just now. He felt that he had given everything in vain. The little unconscionable adaptation was quite good. He didn't know when he had made a kiss with someone, only he was stupid behind. of.
    It’s just that no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t bear to do anything to her. Qin Wei finally returned with dumplings. As for why the bowl in his hand was safe and sound, he didn’t have the habit of throwing things. The scene where two people shared a bowl of rice when they were young is still alive. In the eyes
    , even if it regenerates qi, it will not take the food to let it go.
    When he was a child, he remembered that the other party was his only warmth in the palace. Without him, there would be no him. In his heart, that girl is always the best no matter what she does.
    Moreover, the other party only agreed to make a marriage, and did not say who to make a marriage with. Qin Wei thought to the advantage, maybe the other party was talking about the emperor's marriage, so he could not help comforting himself, but when he returned home, he heard Po Qin ask why he didn't send it. In the past, Qin Wei felt that the anger in his heart still remained.
    "I'm not at home, I'm up the mountain." Qin Wei put the dumplings on the table.
    "Today it is up to the mountains, this day almost black." Qin Old Woman a little surprised, "dark winter morning, I would go dark, do not be trapped in the mountains."
    "They not stupid, but also do not know after dark Just come back." Old man Qin murmured from the side.
    "Here is different from the city. I heard that there are people outside in the city at night. We are here in the dark. The two have never been up to the mountain before. In case you get a bug or something, it's all things." Don't worry, she is not talking nonsense, these are the things that educated youth have done before.
    "You crow's mouth, how can you get rid of your feet so easily and don't look at the way?" Old man Qin coughed.
    "Aren't these all the things in the past?" Old lady Qin gave him angrily.
    "I'm done." Qin Wei, who was listening to the quarrel between the two, suddenly put down his chopsticks and said, "Go out for a stroll."
    "It's cold, what are you doing out?" Po Qin was uneasy.
    "Walk around at the door." Qin Wei finished speaking and went out.
    "This child." Old lady Qin muttered.
    "It's annoying to lie at home for a few days, just let him go out." Old man Qin said casually, holding a dumpling and putting it in his mouth. He hadn't eaten dumplings for half a year. Even if he was reluctant, he couldn't help but eat two.
    "You can eat a few more." Mother Qin saw that he had eaten two and stopped moving, and pushed the dumplings in front of him. "Today his third aunt came to borrow food, but I didn't give it. Fortunately, she didn't let her see the house. You don’t have enough dumplings. Old man, you also have snacks. You see you usually help one and the other, but who came to help if something happened to our family?"
    "I know, I have said this several times." Old man Qin sighed in his heart. After a sigh of relief, he used to think that it was his own brother, so he couldn't watch the other children's family being hungry, but he didn't expect to borrow a few dollars in the past when his family was in trouble. Does his family really have no money? Old man Qin didn't believe him, he had borrowed a lot of money from his family in the past two years, and he had never repaid it.
    This time the accident with his son also made Old Man Qin see clearly what people's minds are, what kind of brothers and cousins, he puts others on his family, and others take him as a fool.
    "You know it. In the afternoon, everyone from the old family and the second child brought half a basket of eggs. I thought about it and stopped selling. I will cook the third one this morning."
    "Okay, you can figure it out." Old man Qin nodded and agreed.
    On the other side, Jianing followed Duan Mingming to the bottom of the mountain, only to find that there was nothing at the bottom of the mountain, not to mention branches, not even leaves.
    "Everything underneath has been picked up." Duan Mingming reacted. A group of people came to pick up the branches. They must have picked up the branches first. The two of them wanted branches, so they could only climb up.
    "Jianing, can you climb the mountain?" Duan Mingming can do it by herself. She used to fight with others when she was a child, but Jianing was delicate and weak, so she was a little worried.
    "Can climb." Jianing nodded. When she was a child, she climbed the rockery in the imperial garden with others.
    "That's fine, let's go and have a look at halfway up the mountain." Duan Mingming said that the two of them went up together.

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