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    Jianing was wiping her hair with a towel, and she looked to the side from time to time. She had a strange instinct and felt that it was dangerous today.
    "What are you looking at?" Qin Wei had felt her gaze a long time ago, but hadn't said anything. He wanted to see what she wanted to do, but he didn't expect to be too embarrassed. He didn't even say anything after watching it for several minutes.
    "No..." Jianing lowered her head and continued to wipe her hair. Her hair is long and dense. It usually looks good, but it is troublesome to wash her hair. It is also troublesome to wipe her hair. She has to change two dry towels, just today. When I came here, I saw only one towel in the room. I didn't know where to put the other towel. I could only use it with this one.
    Wiping, Jianing heard the sound of Qin Wei standing up, and paused, pretending not to hear. The next moment, there was an extra towel on his head.
    "Stupid, I don't know how to change one?" Qin Wei said as he took out the piece in her hand that hadn't absorbed water. "This towel doesn't work very well. I'll bring you two good ones when I go back to the county. "
    Okay." Jianing knew what he was talking about. A few days ago, he brought back one, which is better than the towel at home, and let her use it as a bath towel.
    The first time I saw her so behaved at her mercy, Qin Wei wiped her hair, and her mind had long been transferred to another place. After drying it, she threw the towel aside, embraced Jianing and started talking: "Shall we go to sleep?" "
    Okay..." Jianing moved her arms and
    whispered, "Don't be so close." "My wife, what can I do if I don't get closer?" Qin Wei said, thinking that she was troublesome, so he put her on the bed. go.
    "It hurts..." Jianing shrank into a ball in pain, and no one told her that the bridal chamber hurts so much.
    "It'll be all right in a while," Qin Wei was also in pain, distressed, "good."
    "No," Jianing shook his head, tears covering his eyes, shook his head and grabbed Qin Wei's arm, "You go away. "
    "Jianing, I am not a human being if I can go now..." Qin Wei murmured, "Be good tonight, and I will give you all the fate, okay?"
    "Asshole woo woo... Qin Wei, you beast...
    " Good..."
    Jianing didn't know how she fell asleep. When she woke up, she was changed into clothes. She used her toes to figure out who did it. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to get under the covers. In fact, she did it too. Now, cover your face directly.
    "Jianing?" Qin Wei remained vigilant while sleeping. Jianing, the person next to him, woke up immediately, and then found that the person was missing and there was a small drum bag on the bed.
    "Shy?" Knowing why she was hiding, Qin Wei just said it.
    "You shut up." Jianing didn't hide this time, wishing him to stop right away.
    "Okay," the person who ate the meat was in a good mood. She said what she said, "Are you hungry? I'll get you some food, what do you want to eat, do you eat the rice crackers I bought yesterday?" Recently, Qin Wei discovered that he had little knowledge in the past. He only cared about the cakes in the palace. Now he knows that there are mountains outside the mountains and there are many cakes in the palace, but his appetite is actually not as good as these snacks.
    Each place has its own special pastries. Before, Qin Wei grasped the characteristic that it is impossible to transport the pastries so far to sell in the place of origin. Recently, the processing factory has processed several special snacks. They are authentic, but more people have never eaten authentic ones, so naturally they will not be picky.
    Although some pastries are not as good as the local ones, the processing plants of their brigade produce more varieties than the county food factories, and the imitations around can not keep up, so the sales have been good after the year.
    "Is it delicious?" Jianing had heard Duan Mingming mentioned the rice cake, but had never eaten it. The first batch of tastings also cost money to buy, and most of them were rounded up by some people with children at home. The few captains who were set aside took a bit, and Qin Wei brought the rest back. It was not time to taste it yesterday.
    "I haven't eaten it yet, can you help me taste it? I'll count the work points for you when the opinion is good." Qin Wei joked, he has no right to record work points. The batch was not eaten in vain. Not only did it cost money to buy it, but at the end, it had to provide useful advice, otherwise it would not be for someone to eat it.
    Jianing can’t do anything else. He has never lost himself in eating. The two generations have eaten more pastries than Qin Wei. Naturally, he can put forward useful opinions. Because of this, Jianing’s work points this year are more than that of Qin Wei. Many people in the village are suffering from soreness. They are more willing to spend money on tastings, because they also want to cultivate a family who earns work points by "eating".
    "Wait a minute," Jianing shook his head, "I haven't brushed my teeth yet." He said that he would lift the quilt and get out of bed.
    "I'll get something for you, don't move." Qin Wei stopped her quickly, but it was too late.
    Jianing didn't get up just now, not knowing how uncomfortable she was, but now she just moved a bit and didn't sit up, she felt that her waist was not her own, and it was sore and aching.
    "Don't move, I'll help you get up." Qin Wei made a mistake. These are all his sins. He didn't make trouble this time. He gently helped Jianing up and sit down, "I'll get things, you're waiting here."
    After Qin Wei went out, Jianing grabbed the quilt whose face was red like a ripe fruit, couldn't help but move it in, and then took a cold breath.
    "Asshole..." Jianing whispered.
    "What are you talking about?" Qin Wei heard it, deliberately pretending he didn't hear clearly, and handed her the toothbrush. "What else, I'll get it for you."
    Jianing was taken aback by him. Looking at him secretly while brushing his teeth, he suddenly remembered that he didn't curse less yesterday, didn't he have nothing at all in the end, he suddenly became bold and straightened up involuntarily.
    Qin Wei looked in her eyes, raised her eyebrows and said nothing, don't need to ask, she will know what she thinks later.
    "I want to drink water." After washing his face, Jianing instructed people. I said yesterday, and I can do anything today.
    "I'll do it." Qin Wei did it as expected.
    Jianing couldn't help but smiled triumphantly in the room. She would be happier if she wasn't feeling well.
    As expected the day before, Qin Wei was satisfied with what Jianing wanted all day long. Jianing lay on the bed all day, and only went to the next door at about noon. Now the two yards are open, and a door opens in the middle. You don't need to go around outside, just a few steps.
    He didn't do anything except to go to the next door. After instigating people all day, Jianing was a little overwhelmed. At night, Qin Wei went to bed, and Jianing started to be petty.
    "It's too hot, sleep farther." Seeing Qin Wei want to post it, Jianing suddenly remembered what happened last night and started to rush people.
    "What did you say?" Qin Wei's eyes gradually became dangerous, but Jianing didn't know anything.
    "You stay away from me, heat." Heat is just an excuse. The real reason is the pain all over, but Jianing feels hard to tell when he thinks of the cause of the pain.
    "Courageous." Qin Wei didn't expect to start chasing herself on the second day of marriage, and decided to teach her a lesson.
    "I just..."
    "What do you do?" Qin Wei asked.
    "Nothing." Jianing's voice was hoarse, and she was already sleepy and almost falling asleep.
    "Do you dare to drive me away next time?" Qin Wei asked, holding the little unscrupulous arm in his arms.
    "Don't dare..."
    "This is almost the same."
    Ye, it's still long.
    At Xinghua Village at four o'clock in the morning, several shops have already lit candles one after another, and a few people in the morning shift hurried to work in the processing plant. The processing factory in the village is different from the food factory in the town. They decide how much they will sell on the same day. The buyer decides in advance and plans the time. The production will be produced on the same day. June is one of the hottest months. One more day. It's easy to break.
    Granny Qin washed her face, ate something, and went out. When she arrived at the processing point, she wrapped her hair with a towel. This was a requirement set for fear of losing her hair.
    "Today is still 1,300 catties, 420 catties of mung bean cakes, 300 catties of glutinous rice cakes..." Duan Mingming told a few people about the plan discussed in the brigade yesterday. "Mung bean cakes and rice cakes are the first eight in the morning. A pot of mung bean cakes, the rest of the rice cakes.” As
    soon as Duan Mingming finished speaking, everyone knew what to do. One pot was watched by two people, one went to get the utensils, and the other took the paper strips to lead the materials.
    It has been half a year, and the processing plant has begun to take shape. In the summer, it can usually produce a thousand or eight hundred kilograms of cakes every day. In winter, it may be better, but now it is hot and people who are far away usually don't come here. Because the road may be broken.
    However, several towns around did not make less reservations. From the end of the Chinese New Year to the present, the dam in the village has been repaired and the processing plant has been expanded twice. Everyone thinks this is a good day, but Po Qin sees that her son seems to be doing other things. of.
    The busy marriage in the past few days has not continued, and I don’t know how it is going. Mother Qin was worried during the New Year. She felt that her son was so frightened. If he didn’t make money and the village lost money, his family would be a guilty person. The thought really made him play tricks. Now Mrs. Qin doesn't care anymore. It's a big deal to spend some wronged money. If it is done, her village will have an extra income.
    Mrs. Qin is really happy now. Not only is the old man well-connected in the village, but now the son is still capable, and the eldest son and the second son have already learned how to drive. When they have learned how to go out and deliver goods with two people, it is much better than working as a temporary worker outside before. NS.
    The change in one year was so great that Po Qin didn't dare to think about what it would be like in the future. Now the third child is also married, and their family has nothing to worry about.
    Granny Qin was happy here, humming a little tune at work, and Granny Chen, who was with her, asked: "Ms. Wei Zi, why doesn't your daughter-in-law come out? If you get married, you can hide it at home?"
    "The new wife's face is tender, let her come out in a few days, and then talk about what to let her out this day, sweating after two moves, let her stay at home for a few more days." Qin smiled, "It just happens that Weizi is at home. I don’t know where to go for a few days.”
    “That’s why I should rest at home for a few more days.” The same thing happened when Old Lady Chen heard it, “Thanks to Weizi for coming up with this point, otherwise we still count the money at home as before. Live." I'm too busy now, I'm sure I can't be hungry anyway.
    "Where does Weizi do? It's better for big guys to be diligent. Think about the New Year, use plastic sheeting to block the wind and work. If it wasn't for that time, what would you sell to others?"
    "It wasn't before. I’ve never been frozen before, this work can be called freezing, and besides, it’s quite warm in front of the stove. If I say the child should go out for a walk, you see that Weizi understands so much, it makes us think we can’t even think about it. out. " "
    he did not understand, wanted to try, fortunately made good, or I have people ashamed, years ago, can spoil a lot of things. " "
    that's what is called spoil, try to eat and what to see Now everyone is rushing to ask for it when it’s not going back to try it. Speaking of this, I will convince your daughter-in-law. Seeing that it’s not squeamish, I’m not pretending to say anything when I’m working. If you look back, let’s eat. Once the taste is over, people will know what is wrong and how to change it.” Chen's words were full of envy, “I want to have such a daughter-in-law or girl-in-law, and I can’t bear to let her come out on a hot day.”
    “I tasted it or did it. It’s hard to tell what others have told, and we haven’t seen it before. Who knows if a family’s left-handed and right-handed are inverted, deliberately hiding and thinking about earning more work points." Aunt Qin San was next to the two, passing by with things. Hearing someone complimented Qin Wei that he was upset, Yin and Yang said in a weird manner that if he married a widow, he could still take advantage of it. Now that he married an outsider, he couldn't do anything.
    "Who is hiding it, who knows it in his heart. I will ask the village party secretary to post a note. Anyone who goes out from here in the future will find someone to look through it to see what is in the bag. Don't take it in with empty baggage and fill it with it. When I asked, it was clothes. I don’t usually see so many clothes. I feel that others are doing the same when I am sneaking in. What about the thief calling to catch the thief? The prescription that my third child brought over was written by others. How can he hide it without changing a word? The wronged person also finds a good reason
    "Who took the thing?" "The third aunt Qin was at a loss, and she was panicked and angry when she heard this. She was afraid that she would find someone to search for it as if she was really saying what Mrs. Qin said. She took a lot of things.
    "Who knows who takes it. " "Papa Qin put the stick in her hand on the table and began to work.
    Aunt Qin San wanted to say a few more words, but she was guilty and went back to her in a guilty way. Look, the baggage she brought today was half full again, with the top piece of clothing covered. This half baggage was enough to take home for several days. Even if you don't eat it, you can sell it on the black market.
    in case anyone does not go back to check on the ribbon, Qin Aunt looked at the sky outside, too will dawn, think quickly to lift this burden.
    "he Yisow, my stomach hurts, go home, Look at it first, and come later. "
    "Okay. "The little daughter-in-law who was meeting at the table replied without looking back, thinking that she would talk to the captain about the replacement next month.
    "What are you doing?" "Jianing was tossed into the middle of the night. Just when she fell asleep, she heard movement next to her. She opened her eyes in a daze and saw Qin Wei getting dressed.
    "Wake you up?" "Qin Wei touched his nose. He thought he was careful enough. The habit he made before was getting up quickly, but the movement was a bit loud.
    "Yeah. Jianing hummed and agreed.
    "There is something wrong with the processing plant. I'll take a look at it and come back later." "Qin Wei kneaded Jianing, "You continue to sleep, what cakes do you want to eat?" I'll buy you two yuan later. "
    Are there any bean paste buns?" "Jianing closed her eyes and yawned, she was too sleepy.
    "Yes." The daughter-in-law wants to eat, but she has to make it if she doesn't have it.
    "Then eat mung bean cake." He said in a daze and fell asleep.
    Qin Wei just wanted to ask what he was going to eat, but found that his wife was asleep and didn't speak any more, so he crept out for fear of waking her up. Whether it's bean paste buns or mung bean cakes, buy them all, and give them what you want to eat.

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